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Oh, here's the disclaimer:

Me: I own Twilight!

Rosalie: No you don't

Me: Yes I do!

Vampire Kitty (AKA my BFF Natalia): Yes she does! *Pokes Rosalie with a stick*

Rosalie: You don't own twilight!

*Damon Salvatore enters the room*

Me: *Puts on a sad face* Damon, Rosalie's being mean to me and saying I don't own twilight…

Damon: *Walks over to me and puts an arm around my shoulder* What do you want me to do about it?

Me: I don't know, just do something!

Damon: *He cursed in Italian under his breath and then he turned to Rosalie* What's your deal?

Vampire Kitty: Her deal is that she's a hateful witch and doesn't care about anyone but herself.

Rosalie: Shut up, freak.

Me: Don't talk to my BFF like that!

Rosalie: Make. Me.

Vampire Kitty: Oh no you didn't!

Damon: *shaking his head at us* And so it begins…

Rosalie: Yes. I did. Now, tell them you don't own twilight!

Damon: Who are you to talk about my inamorata like that?

Rosalie: I'm Rosalie Hale.

Damon: *growls* Listen, veggie. I don't know what the hell is your problem, but you better get out of here right now before I tear you to shreds.

Vampire Kitty: Fo show!

Me: *sticks her tongue out at Rosalie* *In a sing song voice* You're a loser, 'cause you're a vegan…

Rosalie: *smirks* Tanya…

Me: Oh, please! Dear God! Nooo!!!

*Tanya comes into the room*

Me: *Grabs a bottle of holy water and throws water at Tanya* The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!...Dear God, why isn't she melting?!

Tanya: *Sneers* Tell them you don't own twilight, and I'll leave.

Me: Fine, Fine! I don't own Twilight! Just leave! *runs behind Damon*

*Tanya and Rosalie both strutted out of the room, satisfied*

Vampire Kitty: Talk about a bitchy pair…


Chapter 24: Wolves Return Part II: Blonde Jokes Part 1 of 2


"What did you just say, Seth?" Sam growled.

"I said that Jacob would make a better leader, because he actually has leadership running in his blood." Seth answered quietly.

"I think so too." Leah, Seth's older sister, said.

Quil looked hesitant put after a while, he finally gathered up the courage to say, "Me too."

"Me three," Embry agreed. The four of them strode over to where Jacob was standing, in front of me.

"Ugh, I can't believe I'm actually protecting vampires." Leah muttered under her breath. I frowned.

"It's still five against eleven." Sam said, "You're not going to stop us."

I heard some murmurs go through the pack. Sam looked at them suspiciously. I saw at least four of them come up to Sam and say, "I think we should believe them. Why are we going to kill a human life when there is no supernatural threat?"

"There is a supernatural threat!" Sam shouted. "Do you expect me to believe their lies?"

"Maybe they're not lying." Seth said. (A/N: Go team Seth! lol.)

"We don't know that." Sam argued.

"You can trust us." Carlisle spoke up.

"Trust leeches?" Sam snorted. "I don't think so."

"Sam, you really have to give them a chance. What if they're telling the truth? And you're okay with the fact that you just murdered a human for no reason?" Jacob argued.

I felt someone behind me take my hand and made me walk backwards slowly.

"What-?" I started to ask, but someone covered my mouth with their hand.

"Shhh." Esme said in my ear. "A fight is going to start. Edward told me to get you out of there."

To be Continued…

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She wanted to make up her mind.

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