PD: I'm back!

Amu: hi PD!

Ikuot: ……………

PD: are you still mad?

Ikuto: ………..yes

PD: why

Ikuto: thanks to you and your story, Ami is Scary, everyone thinks I'm scared of a five year old!

PD: aren't you?

Ikuto hisses

Amu and PD smirk

Amu: so what's this one PD?


Ikuto and Amu: huh?

PD: …sorry if I thought the title alone made it painfully obvious.

Amu pales

Ikuto: …

Amu: so…Ikuto is going to be catnip-ed…?


Amu: WHY?!

PD: because I think… what's the word…Ikuto should be more …CAT LIKE!

Ikuto: that's two

PD: whatever any who, enjoy!

Amu: I know I won't.

Ikuto: for me…maybe

Amu was sitting on the couch, boredly watching TV. Mythbusters was on and they were blowing up a piano at the moment. Ami sat not too far from her, staring at the screen with wide eyes. "Amu," Ami whispered.

"Yes Ami?"

"I'm gonna be a Mythbuster when I grow up!"

"Good for you."

With a sigh, Amu got up and went to her balcony. Unlike TV, night gazing never got boring, no matter how many times you stared up at the moon or into the stars. With a small smile, she climbed the stairs.

Her Charas were asleep in their eggs, twitching every now and then. She smiled fondly at them before going outside. The night was brisk and cool compared to her cozy house. She wrapped her arms around, watching her breath fly into the endless sky.

"Nice night, isn't it?"

Surprised, Amu turned to see a girl with violet eyes and long blonde hair tied in pigtails. She wore a black dress and had bat wings from her back.


"Shhhh," Utau shushed. Amu blinked in surprise, what was she up to? She narrowed her eyes at her and tensed. It was never good when Utau was here.

"Here," she said, passing her a small green and white bag. "Huh?" was the only response Amu could give. "What's this?"

When she looked up, Utau was gone. Curiously, she looked in, there was a note.

Dear Amu,

I hope you enjoy. I know I would.



"Uh…ok." Tossing the card into the trash bin, Amu took out Utau's unexpected gift. It was…a bar of soap. It was very pale lime green sort of color with bits of pink scattered around it.

"Why…in the world would Utau give me this?"

Frowning, Amu sniffed it, it had a minty smell, but she could faintly smell a mix of strawberries from it. She shrugged and put in her bathroom. She knows better than to trust Utau, but what damage can a bar of soap do?

Utau laughed like the maniac she is as she flew.

"Yes, you better enjoy it while it last Amu. For too much of a good thing is bad. And then, Ikuto shall be mine, you'll reject him for sure!" she mused as she disappeared into the night.

The next morning, Amu woke and went for the showers. She eyed the soap Utau got her, with a small shrug; she grabbed it and used it. It was different and a little rough on her skin, but other than that, it seemed pretty normal.

When Amu got to the table for breakfast, her dad leaned over and sniffed.

"Dad! That's creepy!" Amu yelped, leaning away from them.

"You sure do smell minty, Amu. Did you get a new bar of soap?"


"Oh! Let me smell!"

"Me too!"

Amu sat there in annoyance as her mother and Ami sniffed her.

"You're right, she does smell minty," her mother mused.

"And strawberry too!" Ami chirped.

Amu sighed, grabbing her toast; she quickly left her family for school. Sweatdropping when she heard them scream "SO COOL!"

The way to school was…peculiar. Everywhere Amu turned, there were cats (which made her very uncomfortable of course). Amu glanced at Miki; Su, Ran, and Dai were with Ami and helping her pick out clothes since the lucky girl didn't have any school today; so as of now, the only Chara Amu had with her was Miki.

"Any ideas on what's going on Miki?" Amu asked, meeting the gazes of hungry cats.

Miki shrugged, "My best guess this is Yoru's doing, probably trying to scare us or something."

"I hope your right."

Trying their best to ignore the hungry stares, Amu and Miki hurried on, a trail of mewing felines following them.

She'd admit that she has had better days. But it was now after school, and she and Miki were stalked nonstop by cats! They hovered near the window of her classroom; making teachers shift uncomfortably. This one teacher that was apparently allergic to quickly ran off screaming bloody murder when he saw them hover at the window. A little freaked out, the class enjoyed their free time with the teacher gone.

And now, they were in the royal garden, and of course, the cats somehow found their way in.

Amu sat there uncomfortably. Cats crowded around her, purring, their tails swaying back and forth. Sure, it was bad that she was a cat boy magnet, but now she was a magnet for actual cats! She looked up and watched everyone else's expression.

Tadase was…not pleased. Cats kept hissing sourly at him, swiping each and every time he came near. They glared at him with glints in their eyes. Amu had a feeling if Ikuto really was a cat and he lived by the same instinct, he would probably be the same as them to Tadase. And to make matter worse, it looked like the king was being forced out of the building. Cats drew nearer to him, Tadase would back up. They were getting closer and closer to the door.

His Chara, Kiseke, wasn't haven't any better luck either. The mini king got the same treatment as Tadase; except he was fighting back. You often heard him shout "LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU BLASTED FELINE!" In response, they became even more vicious.

But as for everyone else, they were going gaga over them; especially Yaya. She was practically covered in cats! Amu glanced at Miki. The little artist was doing fine; she seemed to be getting the same gentle treatment Amu was getting.

Cat crowded around her as well, purring and licking her. Miki kept frowning at this treatment, obviously annoyed. Amu could only smile softly. Her Charas were so cute!

"Um, Amu…" She turned in surprise to see Tadase coming towards her, or at least trying to. The cats hissed and swiped at him angrily.

"Yes?" she asked, epically failing as she tried to shoo the cats away, but they ignored her.

"Um, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"What!? Why?" Amu asked, slightly hurt and caught off guard. Everyone in the room looked up in surprise.

"Well…you see, these cats are…very distracting…and–"

Just then, Kiseke flew next to Tadase, glaring at Amu. "We're supposed to be having a meeting here. Any distraction; such as these; then we are not having a meeting. Are we?"

"Um no but–"

"There you have, now if you please, Miki, Amu, leave."

Miki slammed her sketchbook closed. She floated over to Kiseke with a scowl on her face. "Look Kiseke, I know that you seem to think you're royalty, but since we are members of the Guardians, you have no right to force us out."

"Excuse! Are you talking back to me! The KING!"

"Yes I am."

"Why you little—" Kiseke glared at Miki, she met his glare easily.

"But Yaya doesn't want the kitties to go!" Yaya whined; earning a glare from Kiseke. "They go." Tadase nodded mutely in agreement.

Kukai laughed, "What's the matter Tadase? Kiseke? Not feeling the love?" Daichi chuckled; both ignored the glares sent their way.

Amu rose, "It's ok guys. We need to head home anyway. Come on Miki." With that, Amu left, fuming silently, Miki followed. Mewing in surprise, the cats followed them, stampeding over both Tadase and Kiseke.

Both prince and king lay, twitching. "This is why I hate cats…" Tadase muttered. Kiseke groaned in agreement. Groaning, Tadase looked up, "I just know that thieving cat has something to do with this," he muttered.

Amu was worried. Everywhere she went, the cats were close behind. What about when she got home? "Hey Miki, any idea how to get rid of these guys? I know Ami would love to have them, but its mom and dad I'm worried about…" Amu trailed off. Miki frowned. She didn't know what to do either.

Amu bent down and fondly caressed one of the cats. Miki mimicked her, smiling as the cat purred contently.

There was an angry hiss from above. The cats fled, Amu and Miki looked up in surprised. Ikuto and Yoru were floating above them, a frown on their faces. "That's mean, Amu, you'd pet a cat, but why not me?" he whined, a smirk on his face. Yoru still looked annoyed, glaring down at them (cough cough Miki cough cough)

Miki glanced over at Amu, "Hey Amu?"

"Yes Miki?'

"Cats have been following us all day, right?"


"Aren't Ikuto and Yoru cats…?"

Amu paled. Miki was right. And having Ikuto try and snuggle her was the last thing she wanted. So she did the only thing that came to mind. She bolted; Miki following close behind.

"Sorry Ikuto! But in a hurry!" Amu shouted at him.

Ikuto and Yoru stood glanced curiously at each other.

"What was that about, nya?"

"I don't know. It's odd that Amu would have time for a cat, but not me," Ikuto mused, pouting.

"Are we going after them, nya?" Yoru asked, a glint in his eyes.

Ikuto smirked, "Of course."

Amu slowed into a stop, panting. Where was Ran when you needed her? "I think we lost them Amu," Miki called from above.

"Good," Amu sighed. But before the two could relax, Yoru appeared. "Nya, found ya pinky! Miki!"

PD: OMG! That rhymes!

Ikuto: Keeping going.

PD: but!

Ikuto: now.

PD: aw, yes sir.

Ikuto: see, now was that so hard, why can't you be more like that Amu?

Amu glares

They tensed as Yoru floated closer. "Why are you guys in such a hur—" he never finished his sentence when he stopped and sniffed. Then his eyes widen.

"Here it comes," Miki mumbled, tensing.

"MIKI!" Yoru shouted before tackling the artist.

"Miki! Are you alright?!" Amu asked, watching as her Chara and Yoru rolled about in the air.

"GET THIS FURBALL OFF ME!" Miki shouted as she struggled to free herself. Yoru purred happily, nuzzling, licking, and nipping her. "What in the world is Yoru doing?"

When Amu turned, there was Ikuto, staring up at the duo.

Amu blinked in surprise. Yoru was reacting, but why wasn't Ikuto? He was like five feet away from her! (Not that she wanted him too.)

Why hasn't he reacted yet? Isn't he a cat? Or maybe he's more human than I thought, Amu mused. Alas, just as she was about to relax, the wind blew, sending her scent towards Ikuto.

Amu closed her eyes and tried to control her flying hair, the wind wasn't helping much. But her eyes flared open when she heard an excited purr not too far away. She dare looked up. Ikuto stood with his usual playful smirk, but what made her even more uncomfortable was the fact that he was staring at her hungrily. So she did the first she could; she ran as if the devil himself was chasing her. And so he was.



Miki groaned as she gave a backwards glance. Amu was now running from a very hyper Ikuto. Just their luck. She squirmed in Yoru's grip. "By Gods Yoru, if you don't let me go now, I swear I'm gonna poke you hard with a really sharp pencil!"

But at the moment, Yoru didn't seem to care and happily nipped her ear; earning a scream from the artist. Like boy, like Chara.

As for Amu…without Ran's help, she was easily caught by the hyper cat boy. She groaned when she found herself pinned on the ground, glaring ahead at the road. Ikuto was purring triumphantly before he bent down her.

She struggled under his grip, but no avil. She sighed and let herself go limp in his grip. Ikuto purred happily when he found his prey give up, he started to nuzzle her neck. Amu tensed under it. "I-Ikuto!"

"Stop you thieving cat!" everyone looked up to see a very angry Kiseke and Tadase. "What is the world are you doing!" they shouted. Yoru and Ikuto hissed angrily before they became the Black Lynx. Before Tadase or Kiseke could change, Ikuto pounced on them.



She looked up to see Miki hover over her. "We better go while they are fighting. This is probably our only chance."

Amu nodded in agreement and followed Miki. They were close to home, almost there, but then Ikuto appeared, still as the Black Lynx, pouncing on her. "NO!" Amu shouted, squirming in the cat boy's grip.

"Amu!" Miki and Amu both looked up to see Ran zooming towards them. "Ran! Character Change!"

"Got it! Run, Skip, JUMP!"

In a flash, the x on her hair tie changed into a heart. Amu freed herself from Ikuto and ran. Ikuto mewed in surprise and went after her, clearly enjoying the chase. Ran followed closely behind, shouting instructions to Amu.

Su and Dia flew towards Miki. "Have you two been pursued by cats as well?" Miki asked. They nodded. Su turned and watched the show. "I've always known that Ikuto liked Amu, but I never thought he'd go this far. This is like, beyond stalker mode!"

"SU! I'll have you know that neither Ikuto nor Yoru have been acting like themselves!" Miki scowled. Su gave her a knowing smile, while Dia frowned. "I always knew Yoru liked you. It's great that he is finally showing his true feelings!"


Su only smiled cutely.


"Huh?" Both Su and Miki turned to Dia.

"What?" asked Miki.

"Pardon?" Su cocked her head curiously.

"The bar of soap Utau gave to Amu, I think it was made from catnip or something like that. Catnip does smell minty and it does attract a lot of cats. So I think Utau gave us catnip," Dia explained.

"Oh great," Miki said sarcastically.

"Well, at least Ikuto and Yoru are able to show their feelings freely," Su exclaimed with a smile. Then she noticed that Dia and Miki were glaring at her. "I think I'm going to make something," Su said quickly before she darted away from her scowling sisters.

Amu was never much of a runner, but when the situation called for it, she ran! Just like she was doing now.

"Go away! Leave me alone!" Amu shouted as she ran, Ikuto hot on her tail. "Go Amu! Go Amu!" Ran shouted over and over again. That really wasn't helping though.

Amu ran, taking every twist and turn she came across, Ikuto easily keeping up. Amu quickly found herself at a lake, with poles sticking up out of the water. Leaping into the air, she landed gracefully on the closest pole.

Ikuto stopped right there, hissing angrily. He rose till he was standing up. (Yes, he has been on his fours all along. Now he is standing up.) He glared at them till a smirk came to his features, he eyes excited yet again.

"And for a minute there, I thought I was going to be safe," Amu muttered, tensing.

Ikuto leapt into the air, looking like he was about to land on them. Amu jumped away onto the next pole. Ikuto landed on the one she was on earlier. With an excited smirk, he crouched as Amu leapt away. They continued this game of cat and mouse till Amu was cornered on the last pole.

"Be careful Amu!" Ran shouted. Amu tensed, it seems Ikuto also realized she had nowhere else to run, with a smirk, leapt into the air, ready to pounce on her. Amu stood her ground as Ikuto came closer.

"AMU!" Ran shouted. Amu then kicked off the pole she was standing on; going straight up into the air. Ikuto landed in her place, looking confused. Amu came back down, slamming her feet against the back of his head.

Ikuto yowled in surprise, falling head first into the lake as Amu gracefully landed back on the pole, a smirk on her features.

"Wow! That was amazing Amu!" Ran shouted, waving her pom-poms back and forth excitedly. Amu nodded, "Let's go Ran, I don't want to be here when Ikuto surfaces."

Ikuto burst to the surface, a terrified and disgusted frown on his handsome features. "WATER!" Yoru yelped, bursting out of the water, clinging to the wooden pole. Ikuto swam toward the pole, his frown deepening when he saw Amu jumping pole to pole, away from them and to the shore.

Why was he at the lake? In the water. And Amu is jumping away from him…

"Yoru, do you remember what happened?" Ikuto asked. Yoru frowned, "No, not really. I know we were going to play Miki and pinky, but when I got close, it's all blank."

"Me too," Ikuto mused.

"What are we going to do?"

"We are going to Amu's to find out what happened and what is going on."

Yoru nodded in agreement. With that being decided, the two left for Amu's house. But… maybe a nap in the sun first; better to be dry and smelly than wet and smelly.

Iru could not stop laughing. This was the most fun she had in eons! Watching Ikuto chase Amu around town was great. Too bad she didn't have any popcorn that was perfect for the event. "Iru…"

She turned to see Utau, twitching behind her. "Yeah?" she asked, she didn't want to be interrupted.

"Your plan is brilliant and all—" Utau started an edge in her voice.

"I know!"

"But you're forgetting one important little fact."





"Details, details. With Ikuto chasing Amu 24/7, she'll hate him. Then he'll be all depressed and all that. Then he's yours for the taking."

"I'M STILL NOT HAPPY!" Utau shouted.





As Iru went back to her little show, Utau stomped off, back to Amu's house.

Amu gave a tired sigh as she strolled into her house. Her parents were busy getting excited on who got to bathe with Ami. Rolling her eyes, she tiredly went up the steps to her room.

"Hey, Miki, Su, Dia," Amu said as she flopped down on her bed. Closing her eyes, she almost fell asleep when Dia poked over.

"What is it Dia?" Amu asked, trying hard not to yawn.



"The bar of soap Utau gave, it's scent is catnip."


There was a laugh on her balcony. They turned to see Utau there, a smirk spread across her face. But you could see that her eye was twitching slightly.

"UTAU! Why are you here! Didn't you torture me enough!" Amu shouted. Her Charas nodded in agreement.

Utau smirk, "There is never enough torture for you, Amu, but I'm here to see if you have learned your lesson. If you have, I'll take my soap back."

"Take it!" Amu scowled. Going to her bathroom, she came back with the soap and threw it at her. Utau caught it easily. She smirked, "Maybe now you realize to stay away from Ikuto," she said before she disappeared. Au sweatdropped, at the moment, it was Ikuto that needed to stay away from her.

Amu fell back on her bed with another tired sigh. She was very tired now and really wanted to go to sleep. "Utau is weird."

Her Charas could only nod in agreement. As Ran, Dia, and Su went into their eggs for bed. Miki pulled out her sketchbook and started to sketch Amu while she was still asleep. Least she could stand still now. All that's left is for Ran to stand still for her.

Soon Miki also fell asleep, her picture of Amu sleeping done, her other was of Yoru with his typical playful grin.

Ikuto pulled the balcony door open as he and Yoru strode in. A soft smell came to his lips as he stared at her sleeping figure. "Ready to wake them up?" Ikuto asked. Yoru nodded excitedly. With smirks on their faces, they drew closer. Only to lose their senses when they sniffed them.

Forgetting that were suppose to wake them. Both Yoru and Ikuto quickly snuggled up next to them. Purring as their tails swayed back and forth peacefully. Amu and Miki smiled softly in their sleep. They too snuggled up against the sleeping cat boys.

Whether they realize it or not, morning was going to be a bit unpleasant.

Amu woke with a yawn. She blinked dazedly as she stared at the sleeping face of Ikuto. "Morning Ikuto," she mumbled as she ran her fingers through his hair. A smile graced on his sleeping face as he purred. She smiled and slowly got out of bed so not to disturb him.

She turned and smiled when she saw Miki snuggled up with Yoru. She was about to get her clothes out, when realization hit her like a brick wall.

She whirled around, "IKUTO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED!"

He opened one sleepy eye and smiled. He rose and stretched like a cat. She leaned on her bed and glared at him, "What are you doing on my bed?!"

He mewed at her happily, and, leaning over, he licked her cheek. She yelped and crawled back away. He cocked his head curiously, purring, and naïve smile on his lips. Amu started to sweat a little. He looked so cute! He really was like a big cat now! It was very hard not to try and glomp him. But as of now, she had to focus on the way he was acting and why was he in her room. And in her bed!

Then she remembered; the soap of catnip! Damn that Utau! She sighed. What was she going to do now? She glanced at her Charas, three of them in their eggs, one out, snuggled with a cat Chara.

"Miki," she whispered, poking the artist lightly. Miki stirred, but woke Yoru. He hissed at her, earning an angry hiss from Ikuto. She rolled her eyes and flicked Yoru away. He yowled and glared at her; but she paid little mind to him.

She heard Ikuto snicker in the background and Yoru hissed at him. "Hey!" she hissed, they looked at her curiously. "Shush!"

Ikuto did the opposite. He mewed innocently, smiling, cocking his head. She tensed, especially after hearing a tired 'Amu'. Quickly, she grabbed Yorua and Ikuto and threw them into her closet, earning a yelp from both of them.

"Y-yes Ami?" Amu asked as Ami walked, looking around the room with sleepy eyes. "I thought I heard a cat," Ami said sleepily. "No cats in here, just me and my Charas."

"Oh, ok, good night," Ami mumbled before going back to bed. Amu frowned and looked at the clock; it was five in the morning! Damnit Ikuto!

She felt pressure on her leg moving back and forth. She looked down to see that Ikuto was on all fours again and was rubbing his head against her leg. She sighed and rubbed his head. He purred and leaned into her rub. "What am I going to do with you?" she mused.

She glanced at her golden egg, would Dia have any more ideas? Ikuto mewed, wanting more attention. "Sorry," she said sarcastically as she scratched his ear. He gave a really loud purr that time.

"Needy," she muttered before walking out of the room, Ikuto at her heels. As for Yoru, he went back to Miki's side, dozing away.

Amu walked down the vacant streets. People were still sleeping at the time so it was ok to have Ikuto follow on his fours; his tail swaying; ears moving in every direction. She stopped in front of a doughnut shop that was open at this ungodly hour. She glanced down Ikuto, he looked up with a happy smile.

She wanted a doughnut, but cats weren't really allowed, then again, Ikuto wasn't really cat... who was she kidding, thanks to Utau, he was in ultra cat mode. For how long, she didn't know.

"Ikuto," she said sternly. He mewed in response. "Stay." He cocked his head curiously. Eyeing him, she went in, closing the door behind her. Just as she expected, he tried to get in, and was now pawing the door, wanting in.

The cashier looked at Ikuto, then at her; raising an eye brow. "Uh, needy boyfriend, very weird in the early morning" the cashier shrugged, seemed good enough to him. "What'll you have?" he asked. She bent down and studied her choices.

She smiled brightly, "I have two slices of chocolate cake please!" Screw the doughnut, cake was better! He nodded and got her two slices. "Thank you and have a nice morning," she said as she payed him. "You too," was the last thing she heard when she went out.

Ikuto was on to her the minute she stepped out. He eyed and pawed the bag, mewing curiously. "We're going to eat this at the park," Amu told him. He only looked at her, as if trying to figure out what she just said. She only laughed. Maybe it wasn't so bad. She sort of liked this Ikuto better, more mild-mannered.

She strolled towards the park, Ikuto patting right beside her. When they reached the park, she sat down on a bench, Ikuto jumped up. He landed on the bench and placed his head on her lap. She smiled and scratched his ear. He purred.

Digging into her bag, she placed a slice of cake in front of and started to eat hers. Ikuto eagerly dug into his, he was finished in like three minutes and was still hungry! He looked up to see that Amu still had some. Smirking, he started to nibble on hers.

But Amu noticed. "No Ikuto! You had yours, this is mine!" Amu exclaimed. Ikuto mewed, annoyed. He quickly nipped off another piece. "HEY!" Amu pushed him away, a scowl on her face as she quickly finished her cake. Ikuto sat there with a pout, glaring at her.

Never mind, this was still the same Ikuto, no matter how innocent he acted.

"Oh Ikuto," a voice sang. Amu and Ikuto looked up. Utau strolled towards them. Amu wrinkled her nose. There was an overwhelming smell of mint. Then it dawned on to Amu, So that's why Utau took the soap back… she couldn't stand the fact that Ikuto was giving all his attention to her. Amu was torn into two; she was relieved that she wouldn't have a perverted cat following her, but she felt sad in a way. Ikuto would always pay attention to Utau.

But the reaction Ikuto gave shocked both of them. Ikuto hissed angrily, leaping up, he landed protectively in front of Amu before charging, baring his fangs and claws at her. Utau screamed before bolting. Ikuto hot on her tail this time.

Amu sat there, blinking dazedly. Ok…what?

When Amu got home, Yoru was still in her room, refusing to let Miki go, much to the little blue Chara's annoyance. "Where's Ikuto?" Su asked. "Chasing Utau," Amu answered dazedly. "That's too bad, I had some great fish for him," Su sighed, before tossing the fish at Yoru.

Yoru quickly let go of Miki and pounced on the fish, chomping away. Miki took this chance and escaped into her egg. Yoru noticed this and floated over, still eating the fish. He sat down by her egg and ate his fish. You could hear Miki groan in the inside of her shell. Smiling slightly, Amu got ready for school.


Iru couldn't stop laughing. Utau ran as fast as she could, Ikuto chasing her, snarling like an angry tiger. "Happy now?" Iru shouted.

"NO!" Utau snapped.

"BUT I THOUGHT YOU WANTED THIS?" Iru shouted over the wind as she flew next to Utau. "I WANT HIM TO CHASE WITH LUST AND AFFECTION! NOT THE DESIRE TO KILL ME!" Utau shouted.

Ikuto leapt, his claws grazing the air above her head. Utau squeaked, "GET ME OUT OF HERE IRU!"

"Ok ok, no need to shout," Iru scowled as she Character Changed with Utau. Using her bat wings, Utau flew away and out of Ikuto's grasp. She cringed when she heard his furious roar. She had to get rid of the minty scent of catnip quick, or avoid Ikuto for the rest of her life. And you know that couldn't handle that!

The day went quickly, which Amu was thankful for. Apparently, Ikuto had badly scratched Tadase on the cheek, but he'll live. When she asked him, he said he was fine. He was just happy that he didn't have to put up with any cats today.

Amu smiled, but before she could respond, Yoru appeared and bit down hard on Tadase's ear. She tried to apologize as Miki pulled You's ears. He yowled angrily, but didn't make any signs to scratch her. As for Tadase, he waved it off, giving her a charming smile before storming off, muttering something about 'damn cats'. Amu was pretty sure Yoru heard, because the cat Chara was even angrier, hissing at Tadase's fading back.

Now Amu was walking home, her Chara flowted about her, Yoru keeping close to Miki, much to her annoyance. Amu stopped when she heard echoing footsteps, she turned around and saw a man standing not too far away, hiccupping a fools hardy smile on his lips.

"Whatsa cutie like you doin' walkin' home alone, eh?" he hiccupped. Amu narrowed her eyes before moving on. Her Charas paid close attention to the man, turning around every so often. (Excluding Yoru, he was too busy glomping Miki.)

Imagine everyone's surprise when Amu was grabbed by the shoulder and slammed into a wall. When she looked up, the man looked over. She wrinkled her nose when she smelled the alcohol in his breath.

"Now now cutie, whatda say we have some fun?" the man asked. Her Charas gasped. The only thought that went through Amu's mind at the moment was Oh crap.

Ikuto was bored. Not only did the annoying girl that kept asking to be his mate escape him, but he couldn't find his Amu anywhere. His human side was still asleep somewhere inside him so now he was pure instinct.

He saw many people as he roamed about, most stared at him, muttering something like 'weirdo'. He only shrugged it off, right now; his only focus was finding Amu.

He stopped and became very excited, not only did he smell Amu, but she was close! Mewing excitedly, he ran towards her.

Turning the corner, Ikuto spotted his Amu…with another man! Anger swept through his veins, hissing and snarling angrily, he pounced at the man. The man screamed and Ikuto scratched and bit him. He would make him remember to never touch his Amu.

"Ikuto!" He froze and glanced at Amu, she was staring at him with surprise and horror. He turned his attention back to the man and stared at him in disgust. But the damage was done, this man would never touch Amu again.

Standing up, Ikuto scooped up Amu in his arms ran, her Chara following close behind. He ran and ran till they were in her room. He jumped into bed, on top of Amu. He heard her gasp and he quickly nuzzled her neck, breathing in her scent. He felt his anger slowly drain away, his body relaxed.

He lazily licked her neck, nipping her skin. He could feel her twitch under him. But he paid no mind. Blood drew from the small wound. He licked that up as well. Satisfied, he snuggled next to her, falling into a peaceful sleep.

Amu could only sit there in pure shock. Ikuto came out of nowhere and beat the crap out of the drunkard, nearly killing him! Then he spirited her away to her room and basically marked her his!

She rose, feeling the mark done by his fangs. She glared at him and fumed. "P-pervert," she muttered, smacking him. He twitched, but didn't wake. She glanced at her Charas, they floated in a still position, staring at her with wide eyes, jaws hanging open.

PD: if you're wondering, go back to the episode where Ikuto nipped her ear. Her Charas' expression were sssoooooooooo funny!

(that's there expression now.) XD

Ikuto:………..so I just claim Amu mine……..

PD: sort of.

Amu: ………………..O.O


PD: what it the world is going through your head?!

Ikuto: you don't want to know…….

Sighing, Amu rose and decided to take a shower. She walked by her Charas and went in. After a nice long bath, she came back to her room, her Chars were in the same position with the same expressions. Ikuto was still asleep. The only one that did seem alive was Yoru; who was going through Miki's bag.

She sighed, kicking Ikuto off her bed, she turned the lights off, her Chara didn't budge. "Night guys," she told them before going to sleep.

When Ikuto woke that early morning, he groaned, his body slightly sore. He rose to find himself in Amu's room. He frowned, he recalled that he and Yoru had gone there to tease them, but he didn't recall falling asleep. And on the floor no less! If he was going to fall asleep, the least he could have done was snuggle up with Amu!

He shrugged it off ad rose, stretching. He groaned silently, before looking for Yoru. He found him the desk, he glanced at her eggs, surprised to find her Chara eggs empty. He turned to look for them, he was surprised to find that he wasn't the only that slept on the floor.

He shook his head. With Yoru in hand, he left Amu's room and went into the night.

The rising dawn stretched across the sleeping city as Ikuto moved about. He frowned; he forgot to ask Amu what was going on. Oh well, he'll have to catch up to her later.

He looked to the side and spotted Utau and all her glory, staring up and the sinking moon. "What are you doing here Utau?" Ikuto asked. Utau jumped and turned to him with wide eyes. Ikuto arched an eye brow. "Utau?" he asked.

Utau screamed bloody murder before she darted off. Leaving a very confused Ikuto. She didn't glomp him? He shrugged, he wasn't complaining though. Besides, crazy sisters do crazy things.

The only thing left for him to do now was to ask Amu what was going on. Will she answer, that's the big question.




PD:………well that was agonizing.

Ikuto: how? Don't you enjoy writing stories about us?

PD: I do, but this is 12 whole pages!

Ikuto: congratulations.

PD glares

Ikuto: oh yeah, one question.

PD: what?

Ikuto: how come I don't have any memory of this?

PD: I can't let you have all the fun. I'm taking pity on Amu, you don't need to tease her about this.


PD: Amu, you haven't said a word. What do you think?


PD: Amu?


PD: oh my god Ikuto! I think she's is shock!

Ikuto: what do you suggest?

PD shrugs: hit her with a random bat? (hold up a random bat)

Ikuto sweatdrop: I'll handle it.

Ikuto walks over to Amu, bends down and whispers: Amu. (Bites her ear. De javu!)



PD: wow Amu, you have one dirty mouth.


PD: nice going Ikuto. Now she's mad.

Ikuto: well you said do something.

PD: I didn't mean you had to bite her ear! Not that I didn't enjoy it.

Ikuto: PD

PD: yeah

Ikuto: you better run.

PD: why?

Ikuto: because Amu has your bat and looks like she plans to kill you


Ikuto: ……………………. (watches PD run from Amu, both sreaming like banshees)

Ikuto: I think I'll go for a little cat nap. Oh! r&r