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When Amu woke that morning, she was surprised to find herself alone. Ikuto…wasn't there…? She glanced at her Chara, they were on the floor, sleeping soundly. She didn't see Yoru snuggled up against Miki…then it clicked in her head. Ikuto and Yoru weren't here; it was the perfect chance to take a shower!

She leapt out of bed, grabbed her Charas, earning a surprised squeak from them and ran to the bathroom.

Amu walked out with a content sigh, feeling relieved. Her Charas floated after her, all in a daze. "Well that was…unexpected," Dia mused as she blinked the daze away. Ran snapped out of it quickly, "Why did you do that Amu! Grabbing us like that and scrubbing us with a sponge! Amu is mean! Amu is mean!"

"That was really uncalled for," Miki scowled.

Su just floated along in a daze.

"Sorry guys, but I decided to take this chance and get rid of the smell," Amu explained as she went to her room. She wrinkled her nose; there was still a smell of mint in the room. Changing into her school cloths, she went down stairs, her scowling Charas following.

"Hey mom," Amu asked as she sat down at the kitchen table.

"Yes?" her mother looked up at her curiously.

"Can you wash my sheets?" Amu asked, looking at her endearingly.

Midori blinked a couple of time before she smiled brightly, "Of course!"

"Thanks," Amu said as she got up.

"Hey Amu! Do you need daddy to give you a ride?" her father asked, suddenly appearing in front of her.

Amu frowned. "No dad, it's perfectly fine. Besides, why now do you offer?" Amu asked, raising an eye brow.

"Daddy saw Amu get chased by a boy yesterday!" Ami piped up.

Her mother gasped while her father twitched. "Really? Tell me Amu, was he tall, dark, and handsome?" her mother asked, leaping to her side.


"MIDORI! WE MUSTN'T ENCOURAGE THIS BEHAVIOR!" Tsumugu snapped, looking for scary at the moment.

"Aw Tsumugu, calm down. Amu is at that age. I think it's great that Amu is being chased by boys! Especially the tall, dark, and handsome!" Midori sighed contently, a dreamy look on her face. "Oh I can just picture it! Amu walking down the alter in a beautiful white dress, her husband standing on the alter, wearing black. Ami following as the flower girl in a cute white dress!" Midori squealed.

"Mom, I think you're over exaggerating," Amu mumbled, blushing, but her mom didn't hear since she was too busy fantasizing.

"FINE! Be that way! I'm LEAVING!" Tsumugu snapped before stopping off to grow mushrooms in the bathroom.

"Amu, what's wrong with mommy and daddy?" Ami asked, cocking her head curiously.

Amu sighed and turned to her sister. "They're just being paranoid, don't pay any attention to them," Amu answered, quickly leaving. Ami shrugged; her parents were always paranoid. Good thing you get use to it.

Amu was very happy to know that there were no cats following her today. Except for the occasional mews in greeting, no cats followed. School was fine as well; the teacher that was allergic to cats came back, after some persuasion from the principle.

Now Amu was heading towards the Royal Gardens. She tried to open the door, but found it locked. Strange. She knocked, "Guys, let me in!" she shouted through the doors.

"Don't worry Amu! Yaya will get you!" She heard Yaya shout, then rapid steps. "STOP HER!" someone shouted. Sounded suspiciously like Tadase…

There was a yelp and a crash. Amu and her Chara sweatdropped a little. What was going on in there? The door open a little, she saw Tadase peeking out. "Let me in, Tadase," Amu said, sounding very tired.

"Are you alone?" Tadase asked. "Yes."

Tadase opened the door widely, a huge grin on his face, "Then welcome!"

Amu sweatdropped again.

"AMU!" Yaya shouted as she glomped Amu. "Yaya?!" Amu grunted, struggling to keep her balance. "Tadase is so MEAN! He ordered Yaya not to let you IN! MEANIE! MEANIE! MEANIE!"

Tadase ignored her as he dragged Amu away. "So tell us what in the world happened yesterday?" Kukai demanded.

"Basically, Utau came over, gave some soap that smelled like catnip, and Ikuto and the other cats went wild."


"Uh, Tadase, she said it was Utau, not Ikuto," Kukai pointed out, slightly amused.


"Uh, but I said it was Utau…" Amu said.

"WHO IS ELOPE WITHT HAT CAT!" Amu sighed and rolled her eyes as Tadase burned a fueling flame around him.

"Amu," Yaya turned to her. Amu glanced at Yaya, "Yes Yaya?"

"No cats?"

"Nope, I don't smell like catnip anymore, so no cats today," Amu answered, very relieved. But Yaya wasn't happy though.

"YAYA WANT'S CATS! TADASE YOU MEANIE!" Yaya shouted, pointing an accusing finger at Tadase.

Kiseke rolled his eyes, "Grow up commoner, if you want to hang out with those strays so much, then I'm not stopping you."

Yaya pouted, "Fine! I think I will!"

"And miss my cookies?" Nagihiko asked, looking slightly hurt. A meeting in the Royal Garden wasn't a meeting if Yaya wasn't here.

At that moment, Yaya looked torn. She wanted Nagihiko's cookies, but she also wanted to play with the cats…what to do?

"Could Yaya take some cookies with her?" she asked. Nagi shook his head no. and so the meeting about whatever boring subject started as Yaya grumbled, going into a corner, she grew mushrooms.

Amu sighed tiredly as she headed home. That meeting took quite some time. What it was about, she couldn't recall. But it was nothing special, she knew that.

She yawned, listening to the boring conversation almost put her to sleep. If it weren't for Dia and Miki, she might have fallen asleep. The first thing she planned to do was go to bed and sleep the rest of the night away.

Barely awake, she walked down the streets slowly, yawning every five minutes.

MAD: damnit Amu! You're making me yawn!

Amu: sorry! Not my fault! I'm totally worn out!

Ikuto: if you're so tired, we could snuggle in someone's bed ;3


Ikuto:…well it wouldn't be as comfortable, but we could snuggle there as well, better be a big box though.

Amu: MAD!


Amu and Ikuto: …….

Amu: she actually fell asleep…!

Ikuto: fine with me, I get to write it my way…

Amu: NO! MAD! WAKE UP! Starts poking MAD

Ikuto stood with a smirk as he watched the tired Amu from below. It was time. Amu would be his. With an evil chuckle, he leapt down and landed in front of her.

Amu jumped back, "I-IkUTO!"

Before she could react, he grabbed her and pulled her into a passionate kiss. After a minute of shock, Amu responded with a moan; wrapping her arms around. Ikuto purred when he felt her run her fingers through his hair.

His hand found their way to her waist; he started to lifted the shirt. "Ikuto," Amu moaned. Ikuto smirk and gave a playful growl before nipping her ear. The shirt was almost at her—

Amu: MAD!

MAD: huh?

Amu: Ikuto—computer—porn!

MAD: …Ikuto's watching porn on my computer…?

Amu: typing—amuto—porn!

MAD looks and gasp! Ikuto was on her computer!


MAD grabs Ikuto and throws him into a cage

Amu: where did the cage come from?

MAD: it has always been there, you haven't noticed?

Amu: if I did, I would have thrown him in there a long time ago and toss the key.

MAD: that's cruel Amu

Amu: I know, but so is he

MAD: true

Ikuto: hate to interrupt, but, uh, THIS IS CAT ABUSE!


Ikuto pouts

MAD: jeez, cat boys these days—hey! What is this?! Ikuto! Were you trying to write a lemon?!


MAD: headdesk

Ikuto stood on a pole in a crouch, watching as Amu walked down the streets slowly. He frowned when she swayed a little. His frown became even deeper when she yawned. Leaping into the air, he landed in front of Amu. Amu looked up in surprise when she walked up into a chest. Amu blinked and looked up.

"Ikuto?" Amu said, obviously surprised. He smirked at her. "Why are you so tired Amu?"

She sighed, " Just a long boring meeting," she muttered. Ikuto arced an eye brow. He knew meetings could bore people to death, but this was a little over exaggerated. He narrowed his eyes. Was there another reaon?

He looked up at her Charas, Su was giggling. Dia was shaking her head sadly, and Ran was rolling around in the air, laughing. He frowned; what was so funny? Then he spotted the cause and smirked. Miki was zooming around, shouting something about 'fur ball' and 'away'. Yoru was chasing her, a smirk on his feature.

Her Charas were normal, so Amu must have been fine as well. He was surprised to find that she was gone. When he looked up, she was walking away, her back to him. He quickly caught up to her.

"Amu, there's something I need to ask you," Ikuto said, staring at her. Amu looked up at him curiously, "What?"

"What happened yesterday? I have no memory of it. It's all a blur," Ikuto said with a frown.

Amu sighed, "Maybe later Ikuto, but right now I need a nap."



"Wanna sleep together?" he asked with a smirk.

That did it. Amu was beat red, "ARE YOU CRAZY! YOU PERVERT!" Her face still beat red, Amu ran to her house. Her Charas following close behind. Though Miki was being slowed by Yoru glomping her.

"Miki! You never pay attention to me!" Yoru whined. He still felt a tad jealous by the fact that she had time for other cats than him.

"Yoru…I have a very sharp pencil," Miki warned, annoyance biting her words.

"Miki!" Yoru whined, ignoring her. She sighed, "What do you want then?"

Yoru was quiet for a minute. He didn't expect her to submit so easily. Maybe she was just as tired as pinky…


"You don't even know what kind of attention you want?"


Miki sighed, she'd have to improvise then. Leaning over, she gave Yoru a quick peck on the cheek before she flew after Amu, a light pink on her cheeks.

Yoru floated there in a daze. Then a huge grin came to his face when he fell to the ground with a thud. "Wow."

"Not fair, you got kissed before me," Ikuto grumbld. But he couldn't help but smirk. "Come on Yoru, we're going to Amu's."

"Ok," Yoru purred, following Ikuto in a happy daze. Ikuto rolled his eyes, first timers.

Amu woke contently, happy to find that she was warm and comfortable. She opened her eyes and glanced at the clock. It was twelve pm. She glanced at her eggs, she was surprised to see five there. Why were their five?

She was about to rise and get a closer look when she realized that there was something wrapped tightly around her. She twisted around and mentally groaned; Iktuo was there, sleeping peacefully.

"It really is scary by the fact that I'm getting use to seeing him in my bed," she muttered. She tried to unwrap his arm, but he wouldn't budge. "Ikuto," she said in a warning voice.

He groaned in response, tightening his hold, snuggling closer. Amu sat there silently, trying to think of a way to get Ikuto to let go.

She turned to him and pinched his ear, hard. His flew open and he yowled loudly. Leaping up, he hissed, glaring at Amu. She coolly met his gaze.

"What was that for?" he snarled calming down some. Reaching, he started to rub his ear softly. Feeling slightly sorry, Amu reached and gently rubbed his ear. Ikuto paused and closed his eyes, leaning into the rub, purring softly.

"Sorry, but I had to wake you up somehow," she whispered, glancing at the eggs to see if they were awoken. They lay still in their basket.

Ikuto looked at her with one eye open, "You could have just kissed me," he answered. Amu instantly went from rubbing heaven to smacking hell. Ikuto rubbed his abused head, muttering curses; wincing slightly.

"Your own fault for being a pervert," Amu muttered. "Well, would you rather wake up with a kiss, or a pinch?" Ikuto asked, glaring.

"A pinch," Amu answered, glaring right back.

"All right."

Ikuto pinched Amu on the nose, mentally smirking; he waited for her to open her mouth. It was time for him to get a kiss as well. She did open her mouth, but before he could lean in, she bit down on his hand, earning a loud yowl form Ikuto.

MAD: for the love of mother and child! Amu, you are being very violent!

Amu: it's his fault for being a pervert!

MAD: good point, Ikuto, you may live a longer life if left Amu alone.

Ikuto: I'd rather die!

PD: aw, your love for her is that strong!

Ikuto: no, it just would be very fun if I left Amu alone.

Amu: …

MAD: …

Ikuto: …what?

MAD: …never mind, go die.

Ikuto: what I do?


Ikuto: …of course I love Amu, and I would risk my life for her, but I don't love her more than life.


Ikuto: look who's talking.

Amu ignores: moving on. -_-

Ikuto hissed, nursing his hand, shooting glares at Amu. She was busy wiping her mouth. "Now tell me, what are you doing here?"

"To get answers," Ikuto stated, wincing when he saw marks.

"About what?"


Amu stared at him for one hard minute. Yesterday…yesterday…oh yesterday! She flinched. Why would he want to know about yesterday! She paled slightly. "Amu?" Ikuto asked, "Are you sick?"


Ikuto stared at her hard. Amu shifted uneasily under his gaze, "Uh, what?"

"What is going on?" Ikuto asked.

Amu was quiet for a bit. Should she tell him? Guess he had a right to know…

"To put it simple, you weren't yourself yesterday."

"How so?"

Amu was quiet, before she spoke again, "Utau dropped by my house and gave me soap that smelled like catnip."

"Ah, so…I went crazy," Ikuto mused.

"Pretty much," Amu answered, eyeing him.

"That's a pity."


"Imagine all the fun I had and I missed it!"


Ikuto chuckled; he really wished he did remember though. Amu's expression would have been hilarious. Amu glared at him.

"Seeing that you're satisfied, then go. I'm gonna go back to sleep."

But Ikuto did not leave. He laid down next to her and pulled her to him, "Ikuto," she warned. "Hey, you can't blame me Amu, I'm going to need to remember something."

Before she could respond, Ikuto captured her lips. Amu sat in a startled daze. Ikuto drew back and smirked at her dazed expression before he ran his tongue along her jaw line. Then he got up and went to the door.

"Thank you Amu, we should do that more often. Whether I'm conscious of not," Ikuto said with a smirk before he disappeared into the night.

Amu sat there, not really sure what happened. Before she ran to the balcony, "YOU PERVERT! BASTARD! JERK! IDIOT! DON'T YOU EVER SHOW YOUR FACE HERE AGAIN!"

Amu backed away, feeling better. But the warmth of his lips were still there. She blushed and covered them. "I hate it when he's right," she muttered. And no matter how hard she tried to hide it, there was a small smile on her lips.

"Damnit!" Utau swore as she stomped down the street, fuming. "The stench is still here!" she screeched, passing by hissing cats.

"Or they just don't like you," Iru mused.

"You're not helping Iru! How many more baths do I need to take! I already took six in a row! And the water's cold now!"

Iru shrugged, "You scrubbed that bar so hard, I wouldn't be surprised if it was your natural scent now."

Utau groaned loudly. How was she going to get close to Ikuto if he was going to try and kill her every time he was a foot away?

Wait a minute, how come he was so sweet to Amu and not her? She growled under her breath. What did that flat chest have she didn't?!

As if reading her thoughts, Ikuto appeared with a feral growl; eyeing her coldly. "Utau," he said in a cold voice, his eyes looked murderous.

Utau looked horrified, screaming bloody murder, she bolt, Iru following close behind.

Ikuto stood silently; before he smirked. Note: catnip is the best way to keep Utau away and to get close to Amu (as well as annoy her). Now all that's left it to steal it from Utau and not get too crazed by the scent.

He smirked, maybe it was a good thing to have a crazy sister at times.

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