Mr Rock N Roll

Chapter One

Tainted Love

He was the arrogant jerk of a rockstar and I was the obsessive fan who came to all of his shows, how did he not love me.

Authors Note: So this is my first Chuck and Blair fic, so be nice I'm not the best writer in the world but I do try my best, this story has been written from me getting bored,also it took me a couple of hours to draft this then get it on here, reviews are appreichated too :), this chapter will be kinda short but don;t worry they get longer, enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, maybe an odd one there and here will be mine but most of them I assure you won't be mine I thank the author of gossip girl for them, but the idea is mine so yay I'm happy about that.

Have you ever wished you was going out with someone who's the complete opposite of you. I'm the good girl, kinda bossy here and then, but I'm naturally a A student. Where as Chuck Bass is the worlds most best rocker who kinda turns me on by his sexy badness. I mean he is a celebrity and I'm just that normal girl from Manhattan, but a girl can dream right?. But I personally think were destined to be together. My friend Jenny says I'm too obsessed but I'm not, I 'only' go to all of his concerts and have a huge poster of him on my wall nothing major. Okay I'm wrong I am obsessed but have you saw him, he's sexy and very stylish for a boy all girls love boys with good style. Right now I'm at one of his concerts too. The musics loud but you can hear him and his band singing there hearts out, mostly him. The crowd are going wild, why wouldn't they, shame most of them are girls.

''Blair how many more concerts are we going to, aren't you bored of listeneing to there same songs over and over again'' Jenny whined. I knew she would she always does, she never feels the passion like me, but she has no choice in not coming because I'm Blair Waldorf and I always get my own way.

''We have only been too 78 concerts Jenny, it's not a crime, I thought you would be feeling the magic with me, besides look how hot Chuck is looking you can't say he aint a fine peace of hotness'' She looked at me with a funny look and then went back to drinking her coco cola.

''Blair your 18 years of age and you still have crushes, when are you going to grow up like the rest of us'' Jenny asked. Throwing her coke on the floor.

''You can't just throw little on the floor people like you are ruining the environment and to answer your question I'm still in school what's wrong with having a celebrity crush, it;s like you have a obsession with Pirate of the Caribbean, and that films crap I prefer Breakfast at Tiffany's, also I don't tell you off for it, and we watch that crappy film every time were at yours'' I told her. Jenny just rolled her eyes.

''But Johnny depps cute'' She gushed. God this girl irrates me sometimes.

''Your such a hypocrite Jen, maybe you should stop watching the movie''

''No I can't I like it too much, maybe your right about having a celebrity crush can't do no harm right'' I smile at her I knew I would win this argument, I always do in the end.

''Sometimes you should just agree with me the first time, instead of having a pointless discussion about it'' I say.

After the band had finished playing I decided to have a late coffee, and as Jenny didn't wanna come I ended up going on my own. The nearest coffee place from the concert was brooklyn, which meant I had to go down that dark, damp, scary alley which I hated. The once I fell in the gutter I smelt horrible when I got home. There I was walking down there in my 5 inch heels and now I'm getting scared again because I don't wanna do another trip to the gutter. Luckily I turn the corner, happy to see the coffee shop accross the road, I didn't realise where I was going until I hit into hard muscle. Looking up I thought I was going to pass out, maybe I was in a dream or something because my head was spinning, I was irrupted from dream fantasy when he spoke to me.

''Are you going to get the fuck out of my way or what, little girl'' He spat out. Oh no I did not know he was a jerk, I thought Chuck Bass was like my destined husband to be or something, but the boy I'm seeing now is nothing like I imagined, and calling me little girl how dare he. I'm actually 18 years old I wanted to shout back at him, but no being the complete obsessed fan I am I walked away letting him get back to what he was doing. God he ruined my night thanks Chuck Asshole.

I feel I've got to run away
I've got to get away
From the pain
You drove into the heart of me
The love we share
Seems to go nowhere
I think I've lost my light
For I toss and turn
I can't sleep at night

Once I ran to you (I ran)
Now I run from you
This tainted love you've given
Give you all a girl could give you
Take my tears
And that's not nearly all - Tainted Love [Pussy Cat Dolls]