Bella P.O.V

I opened the door enthusiastically, beaming once I saw the inside. This was my new dorm. The dorm looked like a fantasy inn. Finally, something good came up.

My parents had forced me to go to boarding school in Seattle, because they thought I would gain more 'self discipline', and 'responsibility'. The only good thing that came out of this was I was miles away from my parents. On the other hand, I had left all my wonderful friends behind, and would surely miss them. Suddenly, I frowned. I was sure I wouldn't fit in with anybody here. I heard that most of the girls were snobby and annoying.

"Who are you?" a smooth velvet voice asked.

I gasped, then quickly turned around to see a boy. He wasn't just any ordinary boy; he was the most beautiful boy I've ever seen. His bronze hair looked like it had been blown, but it looked good on him. His green eyes were intense, and the gold specks in his eye showed indifference.

Edward P.O.V

Right when I was walking back from the grocery store and came in my room, there was a girl. In my room. When I asked her who she was, she gasped, turning around.

She was like an angel. Her skin silky and smooth, her heart shaped face fitting perfectly with her big chocolate eyes. Her brown curls hung down, allowing me to smell freesias even though I was three foot away.

Bella P.O.V

"Who are you?" I asked, repeating his question. My voice came out uneven, scared almost.

He grinned at me, a crooked grin, revealing his flashy white teeth; the one you saw in toothpaste commercials. "My name is Edward," he said. "And this is my room."

My eyes widened at what he said.

His room.

"Wait," I murmured, taking my schedule out from my coat. "It says right here that I was assigned this room. This is 206, right?"

"Right…" he mumbled, nodding his head, looking anxious. Quickly, the expression on his face changed, and he smiled. "Well, I guess I'm your roommate."

I raised my eyebrow in surprise. This school let girls room with boys? Unless…maybe Edward was gay…

"So you're gay?" I accidentally blurted out. I gasped, realizing what I just said, then covered my hand over my mouth.

Edward gave me a bewildered look, then scoffed. "No, of course not. Why do you ask that?" He showed no anger.


"Oh," he breathed realizing what I was thinking. "This school's principal is a pig when it comes to money. See, some girls here want their own rooms, so in order to get that, they force their parents to pay an extra hundred dollars, and bam."

"So…what… I mean, don't…wouldn't the girl and the boy start having…"

"Yeah," he muttered, chuckling. "Sometimes at night when you walk down the halls, you might hear something."

I scowled in disgust, then shook my head. "So how am I supposed to share this room with you?"

I was the luckiest girl to room with Edward.

"You get that bed," he told me, pointing at the one that was made and looked like it's never been touched. "And I promise to be a gentleman and won't invade your privacy."

He was beautiful, and a gentleman. I swooned for a few seconds, but then regained my conscious. "So we share the same restroom?"

He nodded, then laughed gently. "I promise I'll try to keep everything clean too," he said. "But, you do keep your own closet, which I think you would need the most considering you're a girl."

I smiled. "Right."

"Do you need help with that?" he questioned, pointing at my two fat luggage bag standing next to me. Before I could answer, he picked both of them up, setting them on my bed. Oh god, he was strong too. "I'll help you unpack all your stuff."

I walked over, shrugging. "I'm sure you have better things to do."

He chuckled. "I don't, trust me."

"You can start with the blue one," I said. "That has all books and stuff like pictures."

I wanted to unpack the red one myself, because that had all my clothes in it, including my underwear and bra.

"So, since I'm your roommate and stuff, shouldn't we get to know each other?"

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