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I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time,
Always the last one in a long line,
Waiting for something to turn out right, right.

--Just my luck - McFly


The solar eclipse had just begun, the sun disappearing behind a large black orb in the sky. The surrounding area was quiet and still except for the two lone figures standing at the edge of the town park, just past the cherry bushes and the oak trees.


A bright light flashed, illuminating a tall, chestnut haired man with kabuki paint on his face and narrow eyes. He looked through the lens of the camera and adjusted the stand into the right position before stepping aside as the timer went off and the camera flashed again.

"Kankurou," said the tall blonde who was leaning against the green railings that extended around the park. Her hair was tied in four ponytails at the back of her head and the flash of the camera revealed her piercing teal eyes. "Hurry up. I have a job to do early in the morning and you're just wasting time." He looked at her with bored eyes. She hadn't stopped complaining since they had arrived and he was growing impatient.

"I haven't gotten the right picture yet and besides, you don't even know what your next job is so shut your mouth and keep quiet. I can't concentrate." Temari scoffed. Concentrate, my ass. She pushed herself off of the railings with her leg and walked to where her brother was standing, still tinkering with the stand and trying to angle the camera. Her khaki pants ruffled slightly as she stopped, only feeling the breeze now that she had left the shade that the bushes and trees provided. She grabbed the camera from its stand, put the lens to her eye and looked up at the sky.


Another flash of blinding white light and the picture was taken, absolutely flawlessly. Kankurou rolled his eyes. Show off. He packed up the stand and the other equipment and put them in their respective containers.

"You know, it's bad luck to take a direct photo of the eclipse, don't you?" he said, pulling the black straps of the case onto his back as he did so. She scoffed again before walking back down the road in the direction of her car.

"I'm head photographer for "Illustrations" magazine, I have clients piling up on my desk at the office and best of all, I just had an interview with a critic the other day. He was really pleased with my work." She listed the things off on her fingers as she continued babbling on about her achievements, most of which Kankurou only half listened to. She smirked at his vacant expression and rooted her keys from her pocket.

"Bad luck doesn't exist in my world."

Kankurou shook his head as he watched her car spin into reverse before disappearing down the road. Tsk Tsk, Temari. When will you ever learn?

"You've just jinxed yourself," he said to the night, smiling as he made his way to his own car.