I Need You Like A Bad Habit!(Code Geass:Suzaku Kururugi)

"Mother NO!"



Me: NO!!

I looked around in my room as my breath was uneven; it was another dream

Hi my name is Isabella Zuzuki**Note: Light Brown hair and eyes* I'm a Britannian. . . .My father the General of the Britannian Army as for my mother she was just my mother. Both full blood making me a full Britannian. . . .but I was alone. My father died by a 11 and my mother killed herself after; I was 10 at the time. Now I'm 16 and in skool to keep my mind at bay. I guess you can say I hated the 11's with a passion but, I never really cared for revenge nor did I like SOCIALIZING. . . . .I was the outsider, but at home I was quiet alive and kind. Most gave me respect for my parents legecy but I paid no attetnion. I also had all the money most would dream, almost as much as the royals but I used none. I mostly gave it to the poor if I was bored and wanted something to do but that made me look like I gave pity to the 11's and the Britannians hated me as well as the 11's for giving them pity. So I gave to the children only, they always loved seeing me. Oh me screaming "No!" outta no where?? Just having flash backs, very painfull.

Me: Man fuck this shit.

I got up from bed as I sighed and got up as I grabbed my skool uniform as I grabbed my pills as I took them. They'ld help me with my flash backs, I think they were anit-depressions but IDK.

Me:*press button* Martha, is my breakfast ready?

Martha: Yes M'Lady! So glad you gave me SOMETHING to do today!
Me: Yes, I'll be done in a second.

Marth: Yes M'Lady.

Martha, she was my maid since I was a child but now that I'm older I told her to stop treating me like she needed to serve me. She never did such. She'ld always do EVERYTHING as soon as I went to skool. She naggs about being bored or something but w/e made her happy.

Martha: There you are!
Me: Yes yes, thrilling to see me I guess.

Martha: ACOURSE M'Lady now I--

Me:*sit down/sigh* How many times must I tell you Martha its Isabella, or Izzy.

Martha: Now now M'Lady*sets plate* if you wont let me SERVE you like I should atleast allow me to adress you in the respect you deserve.

Me: But I do NOTHING for such respect Martha.

Martha: Try telling those Japanese children that.

I laughed as Martha sat by me as she was having some coffee with bread.

Me:*finish* Well time to go Martha, see you later.

Martha: You have soccer practice today right?

Me: Yes'um Martha*grab backpack* be home by dinner time! BYE!

Martha: Wait your--

I closed the door as Martha sighed.

Martha: You forgot your lunch money. . . . oh darn tat child.


Me: Oh rats I'm going to be late! Oh man!!

I ran towards the bus as I turned the cornor and gasped. The bus was leaving.

As I reached the bus stop it was already gone.

Me: UGH!! Sckat!

I stomped my right foot as I huffed and sat down as I folded my arms with a pout.

Me: Darn it I knew playing that video game last night would make me wake up late. UGH!

I leaned over as I huffed more and more as I set my head between my knees as I ran my fingers threw my hair.

"Oh no dont tell me the bus left already."

Me:*lift head lightly/looking ahead* Yea you just--

I went to face the person I was speaking to as I met their gaze, I gasped.

Guy: Oh man really? Darn it, my fourth time this month. Not my day.

I shook my head as I looked away from the stranger.

Me: What a shame sir.

The guy chuckles as I felt him sit down by me.

Guy: Not your day either I suppose?

Me: No sir.

Guy: Oh no miss, its Suzaku Kururugi. But please, just Suzaku.

I paused as I looked at this new found guy as he gave me a warm smile as I narrowed my eyes.

Me: I know who you are now.

He paused as his smile faded.

Me: Your father was mayor, no?

The guy, or I should say Suzaku now, looked away as I bit my tongue and looked away.

Me: Sorry I umm. . . . .I have a tendousy of--

Suzaku: And what's your name miss?

I paused as I looked at him as he had the same warm smile.

Me: Oh umm*look away* you dont wanna know that*look at him* just call me Izzy.

Suzaku: Izzy? Is it short for the name Isabel?

Me: Isabella but--

Suzaku: Then that's what I will adress you miss, Isabella.

Me: Now wait a second--

Just then the bus came as I paused and got up as the doors opened I walked up the stairs as I paid when I paused and looked behind me as Suzaku just gave me a smile.

Me: Arent you coming?

Suzaku: Nope*smiles* just wanted to get your name miss.

I paused as the bus door closed as I gasped and went to a window as I opened it.

Suzaku: Till our paths cross again Miss Isabella.

He bows as I gave him a face.
Me: Hey wait! You were waiting here just for my name??

He nods as I blushed a bit as the bus began to leave.

Me: Wait! Your just a kid! Dont you have skool like I?

Suzaku: Not I miss*smiles* not I. . . .

Me:*Bus leaves* Hey--Hey wait!!

Before I knew it I lost sight of that Suzaku man, I sat down and a grunt as I folded my arms.

Me: Stupid man. . . .

"Ashford Acadamey, next stop!"

Me: Oh.

I pulled the rain as I got off, I looked at my cell as I sighed.

Me: Made it--

Me: Oh no!

I ran for the life of me towards my first class praying my teacher was still getting his mail so not to be late, again.

"Open your books to page--"

I was in math now as the day went by in a blurr, all I could think about was tat guy; Suzaku. . . . why??

Me: Ugh!

I paused as I looked around as the whole class looked at me.

Teach: Are you ALLRIGHT Miss Zuzuki??

The class snickered as I blushed in emberresment as I looked down.

Me: Yes sir.

The class roared as the bell for lunch rang as I quickly grabbed my backpack and stormed out as I went towards my locker.

Me: Stupid me*open locker* that's why I stay quiet in there. . . .

I closed my locker as I walked towards the lunch room. As I did I heard the slam of lockers as I turned the cornor as a a group of Japanese kids were hollaring with posters and flags.

Guy: The text book is wrong!!

I sighed as it was the riot of the Japanese people, again.

Guy: You Britannian scum leave! This is OUR skool!!
Me:*low* Cry me a river. . . . .

"What was that?!"

My eyes widened as I covered my mouth with my right hand as I turned around as I was faced with the guy in the front of the riot as he grabs my arm.

Guy: What you say.

Me: Nuu-nothing. . . . .*struggle* let--let go of me or else---

Guy:*tightens grip/pulls me to face* Or else what?

I paused as I stopped playing dumb as I glared at the guy as he paused at my stare.

Me:* Low harsh* Before I kick your Japanese ass BOY. . . .

Guy: *grips arm more* What was that?!


I froze as the guy let go of my arm as I took it back as I gasped.

Me: You?

Suzaku: How DARE you attack a girl *tosses him aside* your no better then they are. Now STOP IT!


Suzaku: That doesnt give me a reason to HURT others. . . .


Me: *gasp*

Guy: You shut up! You--You DOG!!
The guy went to punch him once again as I gripped my hands as I ran to his side as everyone gasped at what happened next. I had grabbed the guys hand as I twisted it behind his back as I had him in a head lock.

Me: *low* Now, youll take yourself and your happy lil group OUT of here before I get SERIOUS with you ALL. . . .

Guy: How DARE you---you Britannian SCUM--

Me: And what of it, your words mean NOTHING to me*toss him aside* weak fool.

The guy narrowed his eyes as he gets up.

Guy: Lets go.

They began to scatter as I sighed and looked at Suzaku at the cornor of my eye as I walked away.

Suzaku: Hey wait Is--


I paused as I looked back, at Suzaku's side was Lelouch something, never really cared for his last name but I knew his background well enough.

Lelouch: You allright??

I sighed as I walked off towards outside as I lost my appitite and beside, I had no money :(

I was outside in the skool court yard near the soccer feild as I was sitting on the benches as I sighed.


Me: Oh shut up stomach*sigh* its your fault I forgot my food money. . . . .

"There you are."
I looked up as Suzaku was there with his warm smile as I narrowed my eyes as I looked away. I heard him sigh as he walks up infront of me as I stayed the same.

Me: Yes?

Suzaku: Are you ok?

I paused as I looked up at Suzaku as I had the same face still.

Me: Fine, you?

Suzaku: Fine.

Me: *look away* I had it under control, no one told you to step in fool.

Suzaku: I knw*sits by me* I wanted to step in.

Me: I thought you said you didnt go to skool.

Suzaku: Sorry*grins* I tend to fib a bit Miss Isabella.

Me: Call me Izzy.

Suzaku: Sure Miss Isa--

I gave him a pissed off look as he chuckels.

Suzaku: I mean, Izzy.

Me: There you go*get up* well I'm off.

Suzaku: Off? To where??

Me: Gotta phone for food*pause/look at him* you wanna umm, join me?

Suzaku nodded as he got up as we walked down. We began to head for the caff area when someone came in.

Lelouch: Suzaku!

We stopped as Suzaku narrowed his eyes and sighed.

Lelouch: We need to TALK.

Suzaku: I'm busy Lelouch sir--

Me: Oh no Suzaku*look at Lelouch* Lulu must need to talk buisness if he cuts you from me. . . .

Lulu: Well Miss Isabella Zuzuki I could care LESS what you were going to do with him, I need to talk to him.

A gasp came from Suzaku as I paused and looked at him as he quickly bowed to me.

Suzaku: I'm sorry M'Lady! I didnt know!

Me:*lightly set hand on face* Oh brother.

Lulu: Why give her respect*sly eyes* she doesnt give it back.

Me: What was that?! You wanna go Lulu??

Lulu: Oh hush girl--

Suzaku: Lelouch!

We both paused as we looked at Suzaku.

Lulu: What?

Suzaku: How can you show no respect for her!

Me: Huh?? Lelouch?? Ah never!*narrow eyes* He's scum to me.

Lulu: Ditto.

We paused as we began to laugh as Suzaku sat there with a confused face.

Lulu: Dont worry Suzaku*smiles* me and Isabella go back.

Me: Yea, I always go over and talk with his sister Nunnally.

Suzaku: So you know eachother?

Me: Unfortuanly. . . .

Lelouch lightly pushes me as I groaned as Suzaku smiled when a beeping sound went off.

Me: Not me.

Lulu: Me neither.

We looked at Suzaku as he quickly put something in his chest pocket in his uniform as we rosed a brow.

Suzaku: Sorry you two*bows to me* M'Lady, I must go.

Lulu: Wait! Thats what I wanted to talk to you about! Your always never around anymore, why?

Suzaku:*smiles to me* Bye M'Lady*looks at Lulu* Lelouch.

Suzaku then quickly walks away as Lelouch followed hollaring questions as I sighed.

Me: Guess I better grab SOMETHING to eat. Ugh.

I walked along as soon lunch was over then class once again.



Lulu: Yep we got on the wrong stop again.

Me: UGH!!

Me and Lelouch were going home together due to me coming over to his palce for dinner but we got off on the wrong bus on the wrong stop again.

Me: Ugh I hate it when they change up the buss order everyone day!

Lulu: Come on I think the roads this--

Just then a huge WOOOSH sound was heard as me and Lelouch looked and gasped.

Me: Its a plane?


Me: Wait*walk a bit towards it* its too low*gasp/look at Lelouch* Lelouch! Its going to crash!!

Lulu: Let go!
I nodded as we ran off towards the plane as the crash sound was heard as we followed the smoke as we got to a burned-broken down building.

Me:*cough/cough* Ugh this is it for sure.

Lulu: Look there.

I paused as the smoke cleared to show a huge gas capsule. Lelouch got near it as I gasped and grabbed his arm.

Lelouch: What?!
Lulu: So your the old Generals daughter, theyll listen to you--

Me:*Yank at him* No they wont!

Lulu: Move, I wanna know what in it--

I got in front of Lelouch as I blocked him.

Me: Lets just go and--

Before I could finish Lelouch pushed me against the capsul as I gasped as a light shunned as I backed up to Lelouch as we gapsed. There in the capsule as it opened was a girl?! But this girls hair was GREEN and her eyes orange/yellow.

Me: What the--

Just then the girl looked at us as we froze, she blinked once as she then fell back as she went unconsious.

Lulu: What the hell?

Me: Thats what I wanted to say.

Lulu: But why is a human GIRL in a machine??

Lelouch kneeled down by her as I sniffed and gasped.

Me: Get her!

Lulu: What? Why?

Me: The planes leeking gas come on!
Lulu: Oh.

Lelouch then swoops the girl as we got out the builing as sure enought the crashed plane exploded.

Lulu: You ok?

I nodded as we looked at the green haird girl as Lelouch set her aside.

Me: What now?

Lulu: I dont knw.

Me: Oh look*kneel by her* she's all tied up.

I began to un-do the clip locks on the newly found girls arms and legs as Lelouch stood at my side when two clicks were heard. We froze but with ease as we looked at the cornor of our eyes as there stood the Britannian Army.

Me:*Narrow eyes* Why are they here?

Guy: And who are you kids?

Me: I am the Loyal Daughter of General Zuzuki now lower your guns men.

The men did as such as the main guy smirked.

Guy: I remember you you little BRAT, now what are you doing so far away form home??

Me: First*narrow eyes* why is a MILITARY plane carrying a GIRL in LOCKS in a gas chamber??

Guy*Smirks* Now see*raises gun as everyone else does too* you've seen too much and now*clicks it* your going to have to die.

Me: What?!
Lulu: You cant kill us! Were Britannians.

Guy:*Laughs* Well just blam it on some 11's no big deal.

Me:*growl like* You son of a---

Guy: Ah Ah Ah Ah, bit your tongue ungrateful child.

Me: Why your going to kill us anyways so*stick out tongue*

Guy: WHY YOU!!

Just then he clicks it once more as I gasped as Lelouch covered me when the sound of the shot was heard. I gasped as I looked down as I had no wound. I then looked at Lelouch, nothing; that's when I looked up, I gasped.

Guy: What is it you FOOL!
A solider had stopped the man from fireing as Lelouch let me go.

Solider: Please dont kill them!

Guy: You! Take off your helmet!

Me and Lelouch paused at our saviour as he took off his helmet as we gasped.

Me: Suzaku. . . .

Suzaku: Theyre my friends. . . . . .

Lulu: Suzaku?! Why are you in the MILITARY?!

Guy:*Smirks* Your friends you say??

He then grabs me as Lelouch went to stop him as he pointed the gun to him so he stopped.

Guy: Move back son.

Lelouch did as told as I glared at the man.

Me: When I find out who you are I SWEAR that I'll make your life LIVING HELL you scum!!
Guy: Hush girl!! Now* looks at Suzaku* you*hands gun* kill her. . . .

Suzaku: What?!

Guy: Are you questioning my ORDER?! *shuves gun to Suzaku* did you NOT pledge loyalty to the Britannian Military boy?!

Suzaku: Yes---

I looked down.

"But I wont. . . "

I gasped as I looked up at Suzaku as he smiles at me.

Suzaku: I cant kill nor shot*smiles* her beautiful face. . . .nor will I shot my friend, my commrad. . . .

Me:*low* Suzaku?

He smiles more as I was about to smile back when the guy smirked.

Guy: Then youll die.

Me: What?! NO!!

Just then Suzaku's body fell.

Me: SUZAKU!!*struggle* LET ME GO!!
I kneeled down as Lelouch came at my side as i picked up Suzaku's body.

Me: Suzaku??*tap his face* Stay with me Suzaku!

Suzaku: I'm sorry M'Lady Zuzuki. . . .I--I couldnt protect you. . . . .

Me: Shh Shh*crule lips* save your energy, dont worry I'll get help and and. . . .

Just then Suzaku smiles as his eyes began to fade.

Me: Suzaku??*pause* SUZKAU?!!

Guy: *Smirks/clicks gun* Come on girly he was dead weight and besides*points gun to me* youll see him soon.

Just then a explosion went off as everyone went down for cover.

Lulu: Isabella!! LETS GO!!
He swopps up the girl as he runs to my side and grabs my arm.

Lulu: Come on!!
Me: NO!! Suzaku!!

Lulu: If you stay his death would have ment nothing now come on!!
I gasped as Lelouch dragged me up as I looked at Suzaku's dead body as I cringed. Someone I just met and they were already dead, IN MY ARMS!! We ran towards a far away building as Lelouch set the girl down as I closed the door.

Lulu: Now, who are you--

Lelouch paused as I went up to the girl as I grabbed her by the collar shirt as I pulled her up off her feet as I slammed her against the wall.

Me: Due to YOU Suzaku DIED TODAY!! WHY?!! *pause* Why his life for yours!!

Lulu: Isabella!

Me: You stay out of this!!*look at her* Who are you!!

"In here!"

Lelouch: Shit.

We grabbed the girl as we went behind some cargo as we stayed silent.

Guy: They gotta be in here! Search high and low damn it!!
We froze as it was dead silent when---

"Ding Ding! Ding Ding!!"

Me:* NO!*

Before Lelouch could GRAB his cell the clicks of guys were heard as I gasped. We were caught.

Guy: Get the girl.

Damn it, that's all I could think of a time like tat. Now what??