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And so, Lelouch won.

His plan actually worked and that sick bastard won.


People of all races felt fear and anger towards him.

He took the Black Knights and anyone else tat opposed him as today was they day they were to be exicuted.

"Look here he comes. . . . ."

"I cant belive HE'S the ruler. It's just wrong."

"SHHH~ If the gaurds hear you they'll snipper you!"

Mindless followeres marched down the streets of Japan as Lelouch was leading them to the dock to fly the Black Knights so they could be exicuted.

Yes today was the day I'ld probably never see Kallen, Ogie and the others again.

Isabella. . . . .

In the shadows of my bedroom, looking out the window with the raidio on I was.

Alone, Cold and Broken i felt.

I never left my house for those 2 months Lelouch ruled.

In my room I stayed.

With all my hurt, it was hurting others.

Hurting the little family i had and hurting more.

But for some reason, i wasnt realizing it.

Martha: Child, he's here.

Looking up at Martha with Hiroshi in her arms, I nodded once as she sets a cup of tea by me.

Hiroshi: Ma.

I turned to Hiroshi, looking away from the window as he was holding a stuffed toy.

I rose my arms to him as he qucikly scampers to me. I lifted him to my lap as he snuggles against me closely. I hugged him dearly and he was hugging his toy.

Martha: *bows* I'll be right back, M'lady.

I nodded as I held Hiroshi close to me as he snuggles to me. I began to sip my tea as I merly looked out my window.

Hiroshi: Mmmm--

I looked down at Hiroshi, I ran my finger tips on his baby soft cheecks as he fusses.

Me: Here then. . . .

I set him down as he began to look around, wonder, things he did. I took my cup in my hands and kept of drinking it.


Hiroshi looks up as I lowered my cup from my lips.

Me: Enter.

The door creeks open as Hiroshi's face fell, i lowered my cup as I sighed looking down at my son.

Me: You have some nerve*turn face* to come to my home, snake.

Lelouch smirks walking in with his white royal outfit.

Lelouch: Still bitter about Suzaku.

I gripped my fist.


Lelouch: Today.

I glared at him.

Lelouch: Today, is the day I'll die; Isabella.

Me: It better be.

Lelouch: I'ld think a friend like you would feel more, sympathedic for me. No?

I then got up from my seat as I glared at him.

Me: Not when you let my husband die like a disposible tool!

Lelouch: I see your expectiing again.

I stopped. He merly smirks.

Lelouch: Know the sex yet?

I gripped my hands as I glared at him.


Lelouch: I really hope its a girl*smiles* she'll be quite pretty. Like her mother.

Me:*scream* I SAID GET OUT!!

Just as I screamed a slight pain ran through my right side as I gasped holding it.

Lelouch: Careful there*smiles* might go into labor early.

I glared at him.

Me: Why are you here?*huff* IDC if you die today, tommorrow, NOW*shake head* I'll still hate you for the rest of MY life!! NOW LEAVE MY HOUSE!!
Lelouch:*raises hands* Fine Fine, I--*pulls out envelope* just came here to give you THIS. . . .

I stopped;

My name was written on the front with a cat head by it as I gasped. I looked up at Lelouch as he gave me a soft smile. I took it in my hands as I gulped.

Me: Is it--

He nods.

Lelouch: Suzaku's will.

I closed my eyes gentally taking it in then opening them sighing heavly.

Me: But why---

Lelouch: That's all I brought for you Isabella*turns around* now bye--

Me: Wait!
He stops at the door as he looks at me. I lowered my hand as I gave him a concerned look.

Me: Are you. . . . .really going to die, today Lelouch?

He smirks.

Lelouch: Only GOD knows tat, Isabella. . . . goodbye.

He opens my door, leaving when--

"I love you Lelouch."

Hesitating Lelouch smirks and then leaves my room, I couldnt help but smile sighing slightly.

I watched him leave, I looked down at the unopened envelope; was he lieing to me? was Lelouch really going to die today? But why would he know if he was. . . . .

Well that didnt matter anymore, i wanted to ripp open the envelope in my hands and egarly read the letter inside. I sat down as Hiroshi walks to my legs hugging them digging his face into my dress.

Me:*low* Suzaku. . . .

I turned the envelope over as I curled my lips;

Fear of what it was going to say in it ran through my body.

Then i opened it.

I quickly took it out and unfolded the paper as something fell out of it. I paused looking down at my feet as Hiroshi goes on his butt and grabs it.

Me: Baby let mommie see--

Too late.

Hiroshi had a tendosy of putting things in his mouth :| He was teething. I gasped picking his up.

Me: Baby give me tat!!
I dug my finger in his mouth as he fussed refusing to give up w/e was in his mouth.

Me: Child give me it!!

I gasped looking down at the floor as the item.

Hiroshi's fussing pouts echoed in my ear drums as I coudlnt believe my eyes.

Me:*Low* My ring. . . .

I lowered my hand as my finger tips touched the cool sliver of the ring as I picked it up setting Hiroshi down.

Me: But. . . .I threw it. . . . at him. . . .

I held the ring dearly in my hand as I hugged it to my heart sighing heavily.

Me: Oh Suzaku, you kept it all this time. . . . .

Then my attention went to the letter, I gulped taking it to my hands. They began to tremble as I gripped the paper gently.

Me: Oh my.


My dearest love Im sorry. If your reading this, it means I have died in battle today. I cant think of what your going through but please dont morn for me. As long as you and Hiroshi are safe and fine after this horrible battle that occured I'll forever rest in peace. Again I'm sorry for leaving you in such a delicate time, please move on; find someone that'll love you like I never could. For your happiness was all i ever wanted Isabella.

I'll love you forever Love,

Suzaku Kururgi.

My eyes were filled with warm tears as I set the paper down and made a face.

Hiroshi: Ma. . . .

He reached up to me as I crossed my arms diggin my head into them,

I began to cry hysterically.

Even after death Suzaku knew how to make everything better in my life.

And he was gone?

I couldnt deal with it.

I began to hyperventilate as a huge pain ran through my chest and heart.

Was this how it felt to truely be heart broken I thought.

My breath was short and un-sync when someone comes through the door.

Martha: Child I heard you crying are--

Martha stops as she gasps.

Martha: ISABELLA!!
She runs to my side as she nudges my shoulders but I didnt budge as my right hand was gripping my dress over my chest part and my left the note Suzaku left me.

Martha: Isabella look at me!! Whats wrong--your going to upset the child!!

But I couldnt stop, I couldnt stop crying, couldnt try to catch my breath, i couldnt bare to live without Suzaku.

Martha: Isabella look at me!!

She rips my face up to look at her as tear ran down my face.

Me: But Martha--!!

I gasped as my face was to the left my hair covering my face.

Silence fell on us, my crying stopped. I turned my face slowly to her as my hand went up to my cheeck.

Me:*low* Martha?

Martha: Im sorry, but it was the only way to get you to your SENSES child.

I looked down at the ring in my hand with the crumbled up note. I hung my head as my hair covered my whole face as I leaned foward a bit.

Me:*low* He's really gone, isnt he Martha. . . .

She sighs heavily.

Martha: Now do you regret it? Regret all the time you spent argueing with him, figthing with him, making stupid excuses NOT to be with him.

I looked up at her, my tears still running like an endless stream and in a low whince I answered her.

Me: Yess. . . .

She sighs again.

Martha: Well, it's too late child.

I closed my eyes in hurt as Martha swoops up Hiroshi giving me her back.

Martha: Its too late and there's nothing you can do about it, let it go.

Me: I dont want to.

Martha: You dont have a CHOICE Isabella.

I looked up at her with madd face as I stood.
Me: How could you say this to me, now out of all times!!!--

Just then, a sharp pain ran in my gut as I gasped.

Martha: I say it cuz it's TRUE Isabella--

I turned away from her, gasping again as I gripped the edge of the table by me.

Martha: Isabella ignoring me wont solve your problems!!
I shook my head as I couldnt breathe resulting to gasping still.
Me: Martha--I--I--

Martha: I knw it's hard for you Isabella dear but you have two WONDERFUL children and--

I grabbed her arm in a tight grip as she looks at me.

Me: Martha*gasp* somethings WRONG--

Her eyes went wide when--


We both gasped looking down, then back at eachother.

Me:*eyes diaolate* Oh no--

Martha: ISABELLA!!

That was the last thing I heard before faiting to my side.






"Hurry get her to the emergency room!!"

I gasped opening my eyes wide frantically looking around. I was being rushed in a hospital hallway as I looked aorund.

Me: What--?

Doc: Oh there you are, your going into early labor Mrs. Kururugi--were rushing up to a delivery room.

I shook my head frantically as I was in shock.

Me: No-No! My--My baby isnt due till next month!
Doc: Well it's coming out NOW!!

The doors slammed aside as I was rushed in a room.

Doc: Get her ready! NURSE!!
I frantically looked around as everyone was running in high speed around me as if I was just another case of early brith giving.

Nurse: Your arm Mrs. Kururugi.

I shook my head.

Me: No! I cant be in la--AAAHHHH!!!

I crouched foward as a sharp pain ran in my gut as the Doc and Nurses looked at me, then one another. Just as I let out a small yell of pain that same disgusting sound of something wet was heard as a gasped went around.

Me:*gasp* What was that?!

Nurse: Doctor!
Doc: I knw I knw*slips on gloves* someone get her IV's in!! HURRY PEOPLE!!

The Nurses went back to their thigns as some were helping the doctor get ready to delievery my kid as they cleaned my arms and stuck needles in my arm.

Me: AH!! *glare* THAT HURTS!!
Nurse: Sorry Mrs. but we need to hurry and get your IV's in or the baby might get sick.

Me: This isnt HAPPENEING--!! AH!!

Nurse: Another one sir!

Doc: Damn, she's having her contractions to soon!! Someone hurry up!

They still ran around like headless chickens as I laid back down as the morphine was taking it's effect on me. Then the worry hit me, was my baby really in danger?

Me: Doctor whats happening?

He stops and looks at me as a nurse was fixing his coat.

Doc: Your going into early delivery Mrs. Kururugi due to sever stress. So we must get her out before she dies in your whomb.

I gasped.

Me:*low* It's a girl. . . . .

The doctor smiles at me warmly with a nodd.

Doc: Yes she is, now sit up and get ready to push Mrs. Kururugi.

Just then a nurse came at my side and helped me up as I huffed.

Me: It hurts so bad--!!

Doc: Acourse it does, your not suppose to be in labor till next month.

I glared at him as he looks away focusing at my legs.

Doc: Alright Mrs. Kururugi, PUSH--!!


"And here we are folks! Emperor Lelouch is making his way through the whole Japanese country as he'll soon take his leave to the main lands to exicute the Black Knights and those who oppose him."

Some where in the country of Japan was Lelouch in a huge float on his thrown as Kallen, Oggie, Toto, and the other Black Knights were in white outfits bolted to rods at the side down of Lelouch's high throne. On the bottom was young Nunnally in a red dress and in chains as Lelouch sat in his high throne above them all. Soliders held the towns people at a orderly side line as whispers went around.

"How could this little boy rule the world."

"Shhhh!~ The soilders'll sniper you if you oppose the Emperor."

"I think it was better rule under that Emperor Charles."


As the towns people glares and whispered harsh hatrade towards Lelouch he merly smriked looking down at them. They all looked away in fear and shame. Lelouch turns his face to the horizon as he smiles to himeself.

Lelouch: It's time.

Jeremiah: Everyone in stance.

Soliders: YES MY LORD!

Jeremiah then looks up at Lelouch as he nods once, with a smirk Jeremiah turned back to the horizon as well.

Ogie: So this is it?

Kallen: Take it like a man.

Ogie and the guy looked up at Kallen as she held a feirce face looking down.

Ogie: Kallen, and Isabella? Have they gotten her as well?

Kallen then turned her head to the side, away from the two.

Kallen: I rather not speak of tat traitor.

Ogie narrowed his eyes as the other guy gasped.

Guy: traitor?! Isabella?! NOW WAY--!!

Ogie: She had her reasons Kallen, at least you WON--

Kallen:*yells* THAT'S NOT THE POINT!!
Ogie stopped as he looked at Kallens tear glazed eyes as she scrunches her face in sadness.

Kallen: All he ever DID was hurt her, and all she ever did was stick by his side*glares at ground* and she STILL strived to asure he survived, she went even so far as to define me during battle.

Ogie: Technically she didnt step in till it was already over.

Kallen:*glares at sky* Yea but if she had come sooner, she wouldve stopped us--


Kallen looks at him.

Ogie: Isabella lost the love of her life and now you wish she were here to suffer the same fate are us, is tat it Kallen. . . . .

Kallen looked away.

Kallen: Acourse not Ogie, never.

Ogie huffed looking ahead in a feirce stare.

Ogie: Then let us pray her and her son stay well here in Japan, where ever they all.

Guy:*nods* Yea.

Kallen lifted her face back to the blue sky as her eyes fell low.

Kallen: Yea. . . .


The screech of tieres echoed in the streets as the towns people gasped.

Kallen: What the--!!

Ogie: IT CANT BE!!

Jeremiah:*smirks* Finally. . . .

Guy: Is tat--

Woman: I thought he was dead--!!

Then in a huge uproar the town's people all yelled.

Towns People: IT'S ZERO!!

Lelouch's gaze rose up to the end of the streets, he then stood tall and feirce as his right hand flickered to the right.

Lelouch: GET HIM.




Doc: Come on Mrs. Kururugi PUSH!!
I let out a screech of pain as I went to collaspe to my back but two nurses held my back up sitting me back up.

Nurse: Sir she's losing pulse!

Nurse#2: Heart rate's increasing!!

Doc: Were not going to make it--

I huffed looking at him as he went to stand as I gasped.

Me: Wait--*huff-huff* Whats goinging to happen!?!

Doc: Were going to have to go into surgery--

I gasped.

Me: WHAT?!

He nods, I got scared as the thought of a knife SLICING my skin scared me stiff.

It actually made me wanna push.

The doctor paused as he looked at the nurses as they nodded, he got back to kneeling as he looks at me.

Doc: Alright now PUSH--!!!



The masked man, known as Zero raced arcoss the pavement;

Eliminating any who stood in his way. Soliders got in his way as he pushes them away with ease.

At the same time, i was in a hospital screaming and yelling from pain for a new life; All while one was about to end.




Jeremiah: I'll get him your majesty!!

Jeremiah races to him as he lifts his blade to him, Zero merly jumps on his shoulders with ease as if childs play as he kicks him away.

Jeremiah:*Go on, masked knight.*

Everyone was in a gasp as people's fear rose; this masked Zero jumps past the Black Knights as Kallen gasps. She watched him ran in speed past them by Nunnally and then to the top.

Kallen:*low gasp* It cant be. . . . .

Lelouch: You dare define me--!!
He lifts a gun out of his robes as it was slapped away by a sword Zero held.

Time shiffted to slow-mo.

In my hospital nurses nodded slowly as I was letting out a long screech, my hair a mess as I gripped the rail of my hospitaly bed. The doctor's eyes widen with a gasp.

At the same momment people's eyes widened at the scene they watched happen in front of them.

There, alone stood Zero and Emperor Lelouch.

Then as all was going slow, it quickly sped up.



Kallen: NO WAIT--!!!



I gasped.

Doc: It's a girl!!

My breath, uneven. My hair, a sweaty mess. My face, flushed from work.

There infront of me was my new baby girl. her hair was dark brown but her eyes I didnt know yet.

Doc: Now lets get her cleaned up no. . . .

My eyes warmed as a smiled flashed to my face then breathlessly I managed to say.

Me: Yes.


At that momment, my momment of happiness i didnt even know history was chaing itself.

Trickle-Trickle. . . .

The color of red stained the memories of all as Emperor Lelouch was the one tat was tainted in it. to match his blood, a red sword was the object periceing him through his chest. Slowly Lelouch rose his bloody hand to the masked man known as Zero. And with a smile, he spoke to him soft words.

Lelouch:*low* Now you must always wear this mask, this burden i place upon you will haunt you for the rest of your life--

Then his bloody finger clentch the side of the mask as best as he could.

Lelouch:*Soft* Forgive me, friend, for the pain I have caused you. . . . . . and now--

HIs hand then slowly dropped as Zero slides the sword out his chest, Lelouch's blood flickered from the blade staining the cloths of both him and Zero. Zero then took a step aside as Lelouch gripp his chest where his wound was. He began to make small steps to the edge as he rose his left hand to the emptyness of the space infront of him as his eyes grew dull from blood loss as he fell.

The Great Emperor Lelouch FELL.

Everyone was in shock as they watched his body slide down the tall throne leaving a huge streak of blood behind him. Then his body fell to the side of his beloved sister Nunnally.

She gasps as she scotts to his side, she rose her hand to his hesitating with yet another gasp.

Nunnally: Brother?

She weakly grabs his bloody right hand in hers as she stares at his face; his violet eyes losing their bright color.

Nunnally: No--you--you cant be--

She rose his hand to her face as she gasped;

The touch from his hand revealed his deep plan to clean the world and she couldnt believe it. Tears streamed her face as she hugged his hand dearly to her face. Then for the last time in the world Lelouch closed his eyes, forever.

Nunnaly gasped.

Nunnaly:*screams* BROTHER?!! BROTHER YOU CANT DIE!!*wheeps* YOU CANT!!*strokes hand to her face* I LOVE YOU!! PLEASE!! COME BACK!!

Just then from the side Corneillia *sp* stands tall as she raises her right hand out.


Kallen's face fell as well as she couldnt beilieve it either.

Then everyones eyes fell upon Zero,

the TRUE holder of justice.











Me: Hmm?

Hiroshi: Sis.

I smiled warmly.

Me: She's riight here.

Half a year past by since everything.

Since the birth of my new baby girl,

and the death of one of my dearest friends, Lelouch.

A long long half year it was.

Everything in Japan and the world changed.

Everyone got their powers for their own countries back, and everyone in the world signed a peace treaty for the mean time. Japan even had a democratic rule with their own president.

Life was better.

Kallen and the Black Knights dissappeared and went their seperate ways;

Ogie even got married and was expecting soon.

Kallen was going back to skool to get her degree.

Milly was a full time news reporter.

Nina became a scientist with Lloyd and Ms. Saciel.

Rival became part of Milly's camera crew.

Even Gino and Anya went to skool as well, Gino more for Kallen then his education; but tat was ok.

Yes, everyone went of with life like nothing bad ever happened in the past.

All except me.

I was still a bit bitter towards my life but for my children I didnt show it at all.

Hiroshi: Ma, juice.

I smiled.

Me: Ok Ok.

He smiles as he looks over at his baby sister.

Hiroshi: Sis--

He pokes her as I was getting his juice, i turned and gasped.

Me: No Hiroshi you'll--!!

Just as I pulled him away from her her face scrunched up as he jade eyes peirced open in a made pout.

Me: Oh no--

Her eyes glazed with tears as she bagan to whale. I rolled mine in a sigh as I gave Hiroshi in sippy cup.

Me: See what you've done Hiroshi.

Hiroshi merly drinks his sippy cup watching me as I swooped up the crying infant in my arms as I began to sway her.

Me: Yaa-Yaa, its ok baby shh-shh-shh.

Just as I stood Hiroshi stands too as he waddles to my legs and hugs them tugging on my dress.

Hiroshi:*takes sippy out* Ma.

I looked down at him as he rose his arms to me.

Me: I cant baby, mom's got sissy memeber. Sorry--

Me: Shh-Shh--

Hiroshi lowered his arms as he looks around, then pauses. Just then he drops his sippy and begins to walk away from me.

Me: Baby! You better not be walking to Martha she wont pick you up ei--

I turned around as I gasped.

Hiroshi walked up to someone as he rose his arms to them.

Hiroshi: Pa. . . .

He was picked up gentally as I was in shock.

Me: No*shake head* you cant be--your--your--I watched you--I--

I couldnt believe it;

There infront of me stood Suzaku.

MY DEAD Suzaku.

I thought I had lost my mind.

Then, he smiles at me as it broke my heart yet again.

I didnt notice it but I was already crying just like the baby was.

Suzaku: Hello, Isabella.

I then fell to my knees hugging the baby close to me as I shook my head.
Me: No--No--Your not real--Your not--

"Geez, if I knew you'ld react like this I would've came later."

I gasped looking up as he standing riight infront of me. Again i couldnt help but shake my head.

Me: But--but--your--

He extends his left hand to me, I looked at it as I gasped lightly.

He was still wearing the wedding ring. I then looked up at him as he smiles warmly to me.

Suzaku: It's ok love, I'm here.

Tears ran down my face as I took his hand; slowly sobbing he lifts me up to him and hugs me to him as I was still holding our crying baby.

But now we were both crying.

Suzaku: Shh Shh--*hugs us* I'm here, its ok. . . .

I then clinged my right arm around him as I gripped the back of his shirt.

Me: I cant believe your here. . . .*gasp/whince* I thought you were really dead. . . . .

He then kisses my head gentally as a huge wave of relief washed through my body making me hug him tighter.

Suzaku: Let me see the baby love.

I looked up at him as he smiles at me warmly.

Suzaku: Please, i heard so much about her. . . .

I couldnt help but smile as I pulled back a little revealing the baby as she was still whaling.

Suzaku: She's a cry baby*smirks* like her mother.

I didnt even playfully hit him like I would before as I couldnt take my eyes off him. I then dared to raise my right hand to his face. As my finger tips touched his face his jade eyes flashed to mine as I smiled.

Me: Babe, your really here.

He smiles grabbing my hand and kissing it as it sent chilles through my body.

Suzaku: I'm here, and I'll never leave you ever again Isabella.

I chocked up a bit as I was gonna start crying again as he smiles.

Suzaku: Here, lemme see her. . . .

I nodded as I sniffed and whiped my tears as he hands me Hiroshi and I slipped him the baby.

Then some freak miracle happened;

She stopped.

Me: What--

Suzaku smirks.

Suzaku: Looks like she shuts up with me too.

I let out a laugh as I looked to the side holding Hiroshi in my arms. Suzaku smiles as he then goes back to the baby as he began to rock her.

Suzkau: Hello baby. . . . .oh your so beautiful. . . .

I smiled warmly as I looked at her as well.

Me: Guess what I named her.

He looks at me as his face flashed in curiosity.

Suzaku: What?

I walked riight by him as I set my head on his shoulder, Hiroshi did the same to me as it rested in the crane of my right shoulder/neck.

Me: Shirley, Shirley Kururugi. . . . .

He gasps lightly as her eyes opened looking up Suzaku.

Suzaku:*breathlessly* Shirley. . . .*smiles* I love it.

I smiled yet again.

Me: I do too. . . .

Suzaku then grabs her little-baby hand and kisses it lightly. She then giggles lightly.

Me:*smirk* She's such a copy-cat.

He smirks.

Suzaku: You knw I rather make you giggle with my kisses.

I laughed looking to the side as he kisses my head.


Me and Suzaku then looked up to Martha as she gasped.

Me: Look who's back. . . . .

Martha rose her hand to her mouth as she was a bit away from us. Suzaku turns fully around as he smiles warmly.

Suzaku: Hello again, Martha.

Martha: Is tat really you dear?

He nods.

Martha then chockes up as well as she waves her hand to her face wakling to us.

Martha: Boy I should kill you for putting this family what it's been through.

He smirks.

Suzaku: I knw I knw, thanks for taking care of them while I was gone.

She smiles.

Martha: You knw I do*huffs* Oh look at me now getting all emotional uhh--

She whipes her eyes lightly as me and Suzaku laughed lightly.

Martha: well come come, dinners ready lets go.

I set down Hiroshi as he grabs his sippy drinking it as Martha takes Shirley form his arms as she grabs Hiroshi's hand and walks off.

Suzaku: Come on love.

I nodded as he goes on infront of me. I stood there as I couldnt help but keep repeating in my head," He's back. He's back." I was still in a bit of shock.


I looked up as Suzaku held a concerned face almost a couple yards from me.

Suzaku: You coming?

I nodded with a smile as I sprinted to him. As I got to him as I jumped into his arms as he catches me. I wrapped my legs around him as I hugged him around his neck and he grabs my legs.

Me:*low* Never leave me Suzaku, not ever again.

He hugs me to him as he digs his face to my hair that was in the crane of my neck.

Suzaku: Never.

I pulled off him as I smiled setting my hands on his face.

Me: Your really here babe?

He merly smiles as I leaned in and gave him a kiss.

The burning feeling I used to feel in my stomach returned as it made me feel more alive then i felt in those past 6 months. Suzaku kissed me back as he pulls away.

Suzaku:*breathlessly* I missed you Isabella.

Me: Yea? Well atleast you didnt think I was dead.

He smirks.

Suzaku: Sorry.

Me: I forgive you.

I kissed him again as he smirks.

Suzaku: Come on Love, lets go have a normal life together.

I smirked.

Me: We'll never have a normal life.

Suzaku: Now we will.

Me: But you knw, i would never change a single second of our lives together. . . . .

Suzaku: Even the pain I caused you?

I shook my head.

Me: Not even those. NOTHING. I'll always love you Suzaku.

He smirks looking at my eyes.

Suzaku: I love you too, Isabella.

I kissed him again as he turns around as we walked back inside.

And from then on we did live a normal life, for a very very long time.