I've been reading some Phoenix Wright monster stories so I decided to make my own. Still romantic however. Hope no one thinks that vampires in this case are unoriginal. I actually wish this happened to me! Also this story has very little relevance to other Phoenix Wright games the story is from pure scratch.

Phoenix walked gloomily towards Ivy University. It seemed that everything that happened to him was pure bad luck.

He had the worst teachers, Worst classes, most of his friends went to a different College, and to top it of his parents kicked him out the house and he was living at a crappy apartment.

"Why do I even bother to go to school? Nothing there is awaiting me" Phoenix thought.

He stopped and considered turning around and heading back home but nothing was waiting him their either.

He had no other choice but to keep walking towards the college.

He kicked a stone a cursed. "Why does this happen to me!?"

However he then heard a faint sound. Something like a bicycle.

He turned around only to get smacked in his head by the bicycle.

Phoenix rubbed his head in pain. "What was that?"

He then realized a strange soft feeling on his other hand.

He turned around to see his hand was in the thigh of a pretty girl. She had silky black hair, pure violet eyes, and was wearing what looked like a purple acolyte's outfit.

At first Phoenix didn't know what to do. Her eyes were locked with his and she was blushing.

Phoenix then pulled his hands away and had a ferocious nose bleed.

"Gah!" My nose!" Phoenix then pulled out a tissue and began to wipe off the blood.

"Oh No blood!" the girl exclaimed.

Phoenix turned his head in confusion.

The girl then was walking towards him with a seductive look.

Phoenix blushed at the sight. She slowly walked towards him and started to lean against him. She began to mutter some words.

"I'm sorry it's just when I smell blood I can't resist,"

"What?" Phoenix asked in confusion.

However he felt a strange pain in his neck and noticed the girl's lips were latched on to his neck.

Phoenix didn't know what to do stop her or embrace it.

She then pulled her lips away from his neck and looked into his eyes.

"Thanks for the treat!" she said cheerfully.

Phoenix then noticed he was bleeding from his neck and figured what had happened.

"AHHH you just sucked blood from my neck what the heck are you some kind of vampire!?" he screamed flailing.

The girl put on a sad face. "So you don't like vampires?"

Phoenix noticed her sad expression and felt a bit guilty for some reason.

"Um no I don't mind vampires," he said rubbing his neck.

The girls face then lit up and she gave a cheerful smile.

"Really! That's great most humans I meet normally run away from me or attack me but you're different!" she said smiling.

Phoenix was perplexed by her words. "So you're not human?"

"Nope full blooded vampire!" she cheerfully said.

"Sure you're not," Phoenix said sarcastically.

The girl pouted at his sarcasm. "I am a vampire!"

"Prove it then," Phoenix argued.

"Isn't the fact I sucked your blood enough?" she asked pointing to his neck.

Phoenix stumbled and tried to think of an explanation.

"Err if you're a vampire and you did suck my blood what blood type am I?" he asked.

"That's easy O- and I must admit your blood is by far the best I have ever tasted! Can I have more!?" she asked leaning towards him and licking her lips.

"Hey no you sucked enough of my blood today I don't want to be dead by the end of the day," he said pushing her back.

"Fine then," she pouted. "So what's your name?" she asked.

"Phoenix Wright and yours?"

"Iris Fey," she said happily.

Phoenix looked at his watch and noticed he was late for class.

"Oh man got to go Iris!" he said before dashing off.

However he could feel a strong tug on his shirt and could feel himself getting pulled in Iris's direction.

"Hey could you let go of me I need to get to class!" he said trying to flail out of her grip.

"I just want to ask a question," she started blushing. I never really had any human friends so I was wondering would you be my friend Phoenix Wright?"

Phoenix was going to answer yes but when he looked at Iris's cute face he needed something more charming.

"Of course I'll be your first human friend!" he said hugging her.

"Thank you Phoenix for these things," she said.

Phoenix was confused by the words these and things.

"What do you mean by these?" he asked.

He as answered when he felt another sharp pain in his neck and could feel his blood getting sucked out of him.

Phoenix started to blush. Although the blood sucking was painful and annoying, he felt a certain bond between them whenever she did it.

Iris then pulled her lips off of him and waved him to him goodbye.

Phoenix knew this was going to be the start of a great relationship.

Aw don't you think a couple is cuter when one of them is a vampire I think so and so should you. Also I will continue to update my other story to I just wanted to try this one out as well. I'm also new to the monster community so anyone with ideas that can help me improve go ahead and help me out.

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