"Your mother left us because of you! You're not good for anything!"

Life is often described as unfair.

"It's your fault. You stupid kid!"

"Daddy, please! Don't hit me..."

"Get over here and get the punishment you deserve!"

What an understatement.

And just when I thought I'd never have to relive my nightmares, it happened. Something worse than my worst fears occurred, and I was powerless to stop it.

I allowed myself to hope.

And hoping really wasn't in my best interest. Because nothing in my world lasted forever. It had to leave someday. My mother had left, and, after realizing how broken I really was, he would leave, too. He being my miracle, my savior—the cause of the impossible hope.

But how had the hope appeared, suddenly out of nowhere? I didn't know. I had every odd stacked against me...

"I wish she had taken you with her! You're just a stupid kid! That's probably why she didn't want you. Nobody does!"

And yet, a decade later, against all odds, I felt hope. I had somehow survived a dark, dreary past, and now I was feeling hope. And not only that, but in another person.

So as unfair as life often is, some of it, surprisingly, is the opposite. Fair, being the miracle that I would rather die than be without.

Unfair, being the five inch, moon-shaped scar on my forearm.

A/N: Ok, hopefully that made some sense. If it didn't, well, it will soon, I promise. And this will probably be the most angsty thing I've ever written, but it won't be too bad. I suck at angst, to be quite honest. Also this is my first all human so please please please tell me what you think!!!!