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It all started with a button...

Just a simple button.

A red button.

A simple little red button that no one was supposed to touch. None knew that fact better than Komui himself because he'd been the one to invent it. The only problem was... he couldn't quite remember what the darn thing was for... if by 'quite' one meant not at all.

'Hmm.' He continued to stare at it, transfixed. It was alluring if only for the fact that he had no clue what would happen if pushed and wasn't there a saying about cats and curiosity? But he wasn't a cat, he was a scientist... in some ways though maybe that was worse because the more he looked at it the more he wanted to push it.

'What's the worse that could happen?' He asked himself and while the question might have sent glaring red flags and warning bells of all kinds flaring in the minds of countless others- Komui had a special sort of perspective.

'Well, I did invent it so it can't possibly be that dangerous.'

A special perspective indeed.

Several broken potion bottles, a few red lights, three sirens, two smoke bombs, and an hour later...

Reever and a few of the other scientists were still trying to pry open the door with the help of a disgruntled Kanda and an unfortunate Lavi who just happened to be some of the unlucky souls caught in the science department when all hell broke loose.

The whole building had gone under a lock down of sorts. Bars and hidden metal sheets falling over all exits and windows while various alerts rang out obnoxiously over the premises- not that anyone would hear them all the way out here and even if they did it didn't look like anyone was going to be getting in anytime soon.

Komui, the cause of said situation, was currently moping in a corner far out of the reach of Kanda and everyone else who was threatening to kill him when he every so cheerfully declared "Oh, now I remember what that button was for!" as the last lock slid into place.

The entire department turned to him, glaring.

Hi blinked, once, twice, and again before sheepishly waving it off. "Well, at least I remembered to leave a way for air to get into the building in the second version."

They continued to stare at him blankly, many wondering if they were at fault for leaving him in charge in the first place and if his first attempt to cheer them up didn't get him killed...

"Don't worry. I'm sure I'll remember how to reset the system before the air ways are blocked off too."

...then his second attempt was sure to do it.

A second hour later and...

Kanda was ready to kill something.


Just for the hell of it.

They'd broken a crow-bar on the door for crying out loud!

A third hour later and...

Lavi had an idea.

Given, it wasn't a very nice one but it was long past lunch time and he was hungry.

"Gee, I hope Allen and Lenalee are alright."

At the very mention of his sister's name the scientist seemed to perk right up, carefully though so as not to leave the safety of his corner. Kanda merely grunted, still starring at the door as if his glare could melt it right off the hinges.

"They probably got locked up together." The bookman continued, pointedly trying to get the other exorcist's attention. "In the same room. Alone."

Kanda's eyes shifted towards his suddenly, catching the not so subtle hint. The red haired boy merely inclined his head towards the scientist the provided in the first place, trying to convey his silent plan.

"That's right." The other said slowly. "He was going to see her about something wasn't he."

"Yup, and now they're stuck together. I wonder what they'll do to pass the time."

Komui's eyes widened a fraction of an inch before he frantically started going through various files and piles of papers in hopes of finding the one, or mismatched twelve, that would tell him how to crash his own system.

A fourth hour later and...

Komui had all but given up hope and was now back to sitting in the recently declared 'pouting corner', no doubt imagining all the horrible things a big brother could when their little sister was nowhere in sight.

So, they decided to step things up.

A little bit.

"Hey, Yuu, how far do you think Allen's gotten with Lenalee by now?"

Kanda looked at him, a mask of disinterest and boredom crossing his features before he caught the evil glint passing through the red head's eyes. "What the hell are you jabbering about?"

"Well, they've been trapped together for about four hours now. You don't think they're just sitting around playing cards or something stupid, do you?"

Komui perked up from the pouting corner, his ears intent on the conversation as he stared into space, his mind bringing forth all the rabid conclusions such a statement could mislead one to follow.

Lavi smiled mentally, trying hard not to let it show through, though- this was Komui. Where his sister's involved he probably wouldn't notice a little subtle, let alone not so subtle, manipulation.

The blue haired exorcist followed the gaze from the corner of his eye and quirked up and eyebrow, playing along for now if only because he had nothing better to do and the scientist deserved a little torment after getting them all locked down here. Seriously, weren't people like him supposed to be ingenious or something?

"Yeah. He's probably long past third base by now."

Lavi's eyes widened a fraction before he caught himself. 'Geeze. Way to go in for the kill, Kanda.' He tried not to feel too much pity when he saw Komui's hands slowly form into into fists.

"You think? I mean, Lenalee's a strong willed girl but you know Allen- I heard his master, General Cross, was a womanizer of sorts and that's a long time for any girl not to give in to some kind of pressure..."

"Yep. Bean sprout. Womanizer. It all fits together."

This time Lavi did gasp, turning to Komui in a hurry- only half surprised to see him still sitting there, fists shaking. Was Kanda trying to get Allen killed?!

'Uh... note to self: no more stupid questions.' he mentally chided as he fought to pull their little 'game' back from the brink a bit.

"W-well, I don't know about Allen himself being a womanizer... I was just saying... you know. His influences in life and all." Damn. "And I'm sure Lenalee is more than capable of-"

"Oh, you know she likes him. He's the sort of guy she might run off and marry someday."

"Yuu, I'm not so sure that's a good idea-

"Might not even think to tell anybody about it first..."


"...what with the baby on the way and all..."

A rabid shriek sounded from the pouting corner suddenly.

'Oh, crap. I hope you can run fast, Allen.'

Seconds later and...

All hell broke loose.

To be continued...

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