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Later that night in the epitome of chaos known as Komui's office...

He hugged his sister's photo tighter to his chest. 'Ah, her innocence is protected for yet another day.' It was a hard job, he would remind himself, but someone has to do it what with all those horny, nerdy, scientists running around.

Komui smiled, taking another sip from his quickly diminishing and cold, but delicious coffee. 'Those exorcists really had me going for a moment there. What with babies and marriage and such.' He took another sip, a sigh of satisfaction working it's way through him. 'And to think, all they were doing was playing dress up. How silly.'

His smile fell.

There was one problem with that,... in order for one to have been put into a dress... didn't they have to get out of whatever they were wearing before hand?

"Her poor virgin eyes!" He jumped up with the realization, coffee mug nearly falling from his grasp and a few scientists just outside his door looking up momentarily before shaking their heads and going back to work- all too used to his antics by now. "Lenalee!" He shouted again, mind racing. "Don't worry. Big brother is coming to defend your optical honor!"

He set off in a sprint, mind running through all the ways he could torture one very specific short exorcist and whether or not he should have a very slow or sudden death, when all of a sudden he noticed a rather odd aftertaste lingering on the back of his tongue. Bitter,... almost like... sleeping herbs...

'Oh, Lenalee, how could you?!'

... and then the world faded to black.

It Started With A Button
That Led Them To A Room
Where It Ended With A Kiss
And It Was All Komui's Fault!


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