The Lion King 3


One day Pocahontas was walking through the forest and singing. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD THE WOLF CRY TO A BLUE CORN MOON? She sang to some otters and heron who were her friend then she saw lion

"Who might you be?" Pocahontas said Pocahontas was a native american who was married to John Smith

"I am Simba my dad is dead" Simba said

"Oh I'll bring him back for you…"

Pocahontas turned to the sky and sang a song about colors then Mufasa appeared

"Hello simba I have returned"



Pocahontas giggled and said "We must defeast Scar"

"Yes let us deafeat"

So they travelled to Pride Rock where Scar was sctraving the lioness

"Hahaha I am Scar you guys folishy made me lion king"

"NO SO FAST SCAR" said Simba with anger

"Oh no what have we hear?"

"My name is Pocahontas and what you are doing is WRONG you think that they only lions are lion who look and think like you but if that is true you are

Simba growled and gjumped on scar and Mufasa yelled DIE SCAR

Scar laughed and jumped on Simba killing him


Mufada attacked Scar and he died and peace was resotred to pride rock but simba was dead…

Pocahontas returned to John smith "John I'm home"

John was making love to a white woman"


to be continued.