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Chapter One: Mr. Serious Business

You couldn't describe Arthur Kirkland with just one word, mainly because there were just too many things that he was. Spend enough time with the man and you would only bear witness to a tiny glimpse of his character. Or perhaps characters is a better word.

Maybe England had just been around too long. Maybe he had too many influences. Maybe he had too much to drink at moments. No matter what the cause, all these reasons explained why it was so hard for poor Alfred to come up with the right word to describe the man sipping tea and reporting important statistics to his boss regarding nuclear weapons tests in North Korea.

Well, at least Arthur was being predictable. You would think that with all those differing personalities located within one man that it would be hard to guess his next move. But Alfred could read the guy like a book. Now, summarizing said book was a different story.

However, Alfred (due to his genius brain) had found a way to categorize all of England's personalities with flawless accuracy. Once you've been around Arthur for so long, it almost became a necessity. And today, Alfred realized, he was witnessing Personality 1: Mr. Serious Business.

Mr. Serious Business was exactly what his named implied. Today, Arthur was all calculating and the epitome of "properness", the only word America could think of at the moment. This personality appeared most frequently during important gatherings, compromising situations, or whenever Germany was around (probably because Germany was the only one who had a Mr. Serious Business personality to match). The symptoms of Mr. Serious Business included grouchiness, uptightness, glaring at the improper behavior of others (or maybe just Alfred), stubbornness, politeness toward those who deserved respect, a need to cooperate with important decision making, and having an overall stick up the butt.

Alfred had no personal preference to Mr. Serious Business, other than the fact that he was seriously dull. He wouldn't even yell at America to save face in front of his boss. It was like he thought himself up on a higher level than the rest of the world…which was normal, but today it was especially prominent.

Alfred looked at the scene before him. His own boss was there too. Apparently, North Korea had been launching long range missiles and testing nuclear bombs recently. Both bosses were discussing this important matter with little input from Alfred. Honestly, he wasn't even paying attention. He was too busy staring at Mr. Serious Business to care for all these boring statistics. Why couldn't they just build a giant hero to take care of North Korea and be done with it?

Arthur felt someone staring at him and turned around to see none other than his former colony gazing at him with a bored, far-off expression on his face. England allowed himself to give a small scowl before turning back to the conversation at hand. He wouldn't reprimand Alfred now. That was improper behavior for the meeting before him. Later, perhaps, when he and Alfred were alone…. Arthur's face exposed a tiny smirk. He couldn't wait to see Alfred's face when he told his former colony that he caught him staring…

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