Summary: Bella is going to live with her "uncle" in Forks, Washington for the summer while her mother is on her honeymoon with her new husband, Phil. Bella hasn't seen her uncle in years and is surprised to see that he is infuriatingly handsome now. Her uncle is Edward Cullen. NO INCEST, you'll find out why soon. AH.Rated M for Language, Adult Themes, Language and Lemons.

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What Tempts the Most – Chapter One

My mom, Renee, had decided that she would have a three month long honeymoon immediately after her wedding with her three year long boyfriend, Phil. She had arranged for me to live with my uncle for the entire summer while she and Phil were alone on some island fortress in the pacific. That's actually what she would tell me every time I asked her where she was having her honeymoon. She'd say, "Bella, it doesn't matter the exact location, because none of the secluded island fortresses in the Pacific Ocean have telephone access." After a while I took the hint. It kind of hurt that she wouldn't tell me. It doesn't matter though; Renee only cares about making herself happy. She doesn't do it to be mean, it's just her; she's completely scatterbrained. I really love her though, and that's why I was so happy for her today when she walked down the aisle and married Phil.

The only thing that my mom said to me before she sent my ass off on a plane was, "Don't forget me while you're down there. It may be easy." Yep, thanks Renee, because I'm really going to have a blast hanging out with your kid brother, who I barely know and haven't seen in forever. This is going to be nothing but awkward.I thought.

The wedding was barely over five hours ago and I've already got on one plane and switched to another. I'm about to land in a small municipal airport in Port Angeles, and then go with my uncle to his home in Forks. All I've got with me right now is my iPod and my sketchbook with a couple pencils in a small bag with an embroidered dragon on it, and I can't exactly live off of that, so once the plane has landed I'll find all of my highlighter colored suitcases. Then I'll find my uncle who should be holding up an embarrassing highlighter neon green sign with my name on it. My mom didn't believe me to be capable of finding my belongings or my uncle if either was not accompanied by embarrassingly bright colors.

I tightly closed my eyes as the small plane landed. I'd noticed over the years that the smaller the plane the more you feel. We bumped down once… twice, and then were rolling down the strip smoothly. I wrapped my headphones around my iPod and stuffed it in my jacket pocket, and grabbed my dragon bag.

I had no trouble at all finding any of my bags. Though I was irritated that Renee thought me somehow handicapped, I was slightly thankful for the easy find. I'm sure no one else had bags even close to the same color, but I slowly opened the pockets on each of them a little anyway, just to make sure that no one else had a crazy mother.

Sure enough all three suitcases were mine. I got a cart to set all of my bags on. I couldn't carry all of them in one trip, and there wasn't time for a second trip. I needed to get, well… home, and to bed soon. I can't sleep on a plane for some reason and I'm extremely tired right now.

I soon saw my uncles sign held above the small crowd in the airport. I quickly maneuvered myself and the cart to him. There was only one person between myself and my uncle now, a tall blond woman. She had hair down to the middle of her back and was standing with her small suitcase, wearing a red cocktail dress. A little inappropriate for traveling if you ask me, but no one did. I almost wanted to hit her with my cart, but decided against it. I caught the last of their conversation when I stopped thinking about hitting her, "I'm not that Bella you're looking for, but if you're ever in Seattle call me." She handed him what was probably her number and walked away.

I watched her walk away, for some reason angry at her. Slut, I thought, and then cringed. I never judged people like that, without talking to them, I felt kind of bad.

When I snapped out of my weirdness moment, looked up to my uncle, who had lowered the sign with my name on it and was looking straight at me.

Uncle. He was my uncle. But when we looked each other in the eyes I suddenly never wanted to refer to him as my uncle ever again. He was the most attractive man I had ever laid eyes on.

This couldn't be Edward, my uncle. It was impossible. It's true that the last time I had seen him he had been twelve and I seven, but people just don't change this fast. I still look the same as I did then, just now I have boobs and all my teeth, but Edward, my uncle, looked like a completely different person.

While I looked at him more I could see some parts of him were the same as I vaguely remembered. His hair was the same golden red-brown that it was before. And his eyes were the same. I didn't remember them being this striking before however. He was still pale like a vampire too.

He looked at me while I was looking at him, probably trying to figure out if anything about mehad changed. I wanted to say something when his eyes met mine again, but was just left with my mouth open when my words failed me. I smiled awkwardly. He looked at my mouth for a moment then smiled back the most dazzling smile I had ever seen.

"How are you, Bella?" Edward finally asked, embracing me in a hug. I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him back and sighed "I'm good."

Edward released me from his hug, he was still holding on to me. His hands were on my arms holding me about a foot and a half away from him.

"It's good to see you again."

"Yeah, I have all my teeth now. I bet you almost didn't recognize me."

He laughed, "I almost didn't recognize, but that wasn't why." I was about to question him, but before I could, I started to yawn.

"Oh, sorry, you're probably really tired from everything that's happened today. Let's get you… home."

"Yeah," I sighed, "I guess I am a little bit tired from everything…"

Edward nodded and took my bags off of the cart; he could hold all of them without its assistance and began to walk away.

"Wait," I said. "Let me return the cart." I offered, because I didn't want Edward to think I was irresponsible or lazy.

"No, I've got it." He said turning around and tapping an old man holding four huge bags. "I couldn't help noticing that you look like you need a cart." The old man looked grateful, and thanked him, while loading his bags onto the cart. Edward turned around and smiled at me, "See, I've got it." Then he began walking out to the parking lot, with me following behind him.

We didn't talk the whole way to his car. He just carried my bags silently, and I watched, with fascination, him walk. Not in a creepy way, he just stood so straight and took such strong steps that it was entertaining. He unlocked a Volvo, and set my stuff in the back seat. It was then, that I decided to break the silence before it became awkward, "Nice car," I commented. He flashed me his dazzling smile again. "Thanks." We looked at each other for a moment; me getting lost in his eyes, and him probably wondering why his niece was staring at him. I looked away, biting my lip and slid into my uncle's Volvo.

I must have fallen asleep immediately because I don't even remember fully leaving the parking lot, but here I am in the town I can recognize as Forks, in front of a really cute, little house.

Edward parked and got out. I assumed he was going to unlock the front door, but he came around to my side of the car. He opened my door for me to get out and smiled apologetically looking down.

"What's wrong?" I asked him.

"I know your old house was pretty big." He sighed.

"Are you serious?" I asked. "You are letting me live with you! Beggars can't be choosers, and I actually think it's cute."

Edward smiled again.Oh that beautiful smile. He is your uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle. "Go inside and I'll get your bags."

I followed him inside, and began looking around when he headed back outside to get my bags. I was pleasantly surprised to find that his place was very clean, and welcoming. I'd been to older guy's houses before, like my friend Jasper's and all I could think about when I was there was to not step on the trash that scattered the floor.

A question stuck me and I instantly blurted it out when Edward came back inside, holding all my bags. "Edward, do you have a girlfriend?"

My uncle's eyes got big for a moment then he asked me why on earth I would ask him that.

"I only ask because I've seen houses of other guys your age and they are nowhere near as clean as this, so I was wondering if you have a girlfriend who cleans it for you…? Then another question popped into my mind, and others, so before he could answer my first question I asked them, "Are you married?" I couldn't help but to feel a stupid twinge of jealousy when I asked this question, "It's very rude not to invite your family to your wedding." I added. "Where is she? Is she nice?"

He wouldn't answer any of my questions at first; his mouth was just wide open, his eyes staring at me. He stopped, blinked, and shook his head slowly. Not as his answer, but as if he was trying to clear his head.

"Umm, I'm not married and I don't have a girlfriend. I cleaned my house really well these last couple of days. I didn't want you to be surrounded in my filth." We both chuckled. I was slightly relieved to find out he wasn't attached.

He's my uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle,uncle. I need to remember that. Just because I didn't grow up around him, and he looks nothing like me or my mother, doesn't make him any less my uncle.

"And don't worry, Bella," I loved the way he said my name, it was not in a sexual way at all, it just sounded… cooler when he said it. "When I do get married I promise to invite you to my wedding." I smiled. The way he said that to me was so cute, like he was saying it to a… child. My smile dropped.

"So where am I sleeping?" I asked, slightly annoyed and trying to keep it out of my voice. He began walking past the living room, down a hall to a little dead end. There were four doors on the circular wall. Edward pointed to the first door on the left side, "This is the closet for our jackets and stuff like that." He opened it and inside was three hung jackets and four empty hangers. I nodded. He motioned to the next door, "This is my room." He didn't open that door, but went to the next one and opened it. "This is our bathroom, I'm sorry, but we have to share." He gave me an apologetic look and stepped in, I followed him. There were three more doors in the bathroom, one on the right, another on the left, and a third on one side of a shelf. "The one on the left lets me come in from my room and the on the right will let you come in from your room. If you're in here you can just lock the door on my side. You can use the sink on your side and the tub obviously. I don't really have anything personal in here so feel free to explore." I nodded again and began examining the bathroom.

Every surface was shiny; I mentioned that out loud, causing Edward to laugh. The bathroom was pretty big compared to what I've used before. Normally the bathroom was just an upright shower stall, a toilet, a sink and a medicine cabinet. This bathroom, my new bathroom, had a huge circular, claw foot tub with a plastic see through dark green curtain, on the right side of the room, closest to my door. I could definitely fit into this tub with another person comfortably. My stomach hurt at the thought, because without my permission I had imagined Edward and I hidden under bubbles in the tub together. He's my uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle. You are so sick! I felt really sick and disgusting. I had no idea what was going on with me, I had never thought like this before.

There was a tall two sided shelf separating the tub and a long, wide bench from view of each other. I walked over to the other side of the shelf, it was filled already will what I assumed was Edward's things. I gestured to the door, and Edward motioned for me to open it.

Behind it was just a toilet room with a small window in it. The last of the sunlight for today was dimly shining through the window right now.

There were two sinks in the bathroom; they were made with the same material as the tub, with the same designs. Each of them had a mirror with a medicine cabinet behind it.

Everything in the bathroom was different shades of green. The tub, sinks, shelf, the cushion on the bench, everything. Altogether it looked really nice.

"I like it." I smiled. I was still upset about how he had previously talked to me like I was a child, but I didn't want to seem snotty and or un-thankful.

"I'm glad, I pretty much designed this room," Edward sighed, relieved "and I cleaned like crazy in here. You can put your bathroom stuff on that side of the shelf whenever you want to… Would you like to see your room now?"

I nodded and followed him through the door that led straight to my room. I took one look at the room and was in love. I had everything I'd need.

There was a queen sized bed, a large book shelf, a night stand with a lamp on it next to the canopy bed, a Luv Sac chair that I could comfortably sleep on, and a triangle corner desk. What I loved the most about the room, was that it was all decorated in dark shades of blue, except for the book shelf, desk, and bed frame, that were all made with a dark mahogany wood.

"It's not much, but it's—" I hugged him hard around the waist, effectively stopping him from talking. I could do this right? There is nothing wrong with hugging your uncle. When I squeezed him a bit harder, he lightly dropped my bags and wrapped his arms around me. "May I ask why we're hugging?" I shook my head "no" into his chest. "Why not?" he chuckled.

I looked up at his face, "I'm hugging you because you're so… different." His beautiful eyes asked me to explain. "You're letting me live with you, when, if I tried I could get my own apartment. You've given me a stunning room to live in. You apologize for your home being smaller to my old house, when really we just had a whole bunch of crappy guest rooms. On top of that you are actually trying to make me feel comfortable here. This room," I gestured to the surrounding room, and breaking our hug, "is amazing. I couldn't ever ask for anything better."

"I'm glad you like it." We watched each other's eyes for a moment before he gulped loudly and turned around. He began quickly walking out of my room, not out through the bathroom exit but out the door that led to the hall. He stopped at the door and without looking back, and quickly said, "Shower and get ready for bed, I'll have dinner ready for you when you get out. I'll help you unpack tomorrow after you've gotten a good night sleep." And then he walked out, shutting the door quietly behind him.

I showered in record time. The tub was really neat. When I first inspected the bathroom I didn't notice that the claw foot tub had a long shower extension that climbed up the wall, so you didn't have to take a bath, you could also take a shower.

I threw on my clothes quickly and looked at my face in the mirror. I was pale even though I had lived in Arizona my whole life and, my hair was still as boring as it always was. No wonder no guys had ever taken notice of me. My thoughts drifted to Edward while I stood in front of the mirror.

I thought about how much he had changed in the last eleven or twelve years, and I guess his difference isn't unreasonable. People do change in twelve years. But looking at the mirror I couldn't help but wish I had transformed as well. Maybe if my face had changed as much as Edward had, people would take notice of me.

Or maybe I'm crazy, and Edward didn't really change that much. He did look really good now, and I don't remember him being so appealing. Before he was just my scruffy little boy uncle with cooties, and now he was my handsome man uncle…without cooties.

I tried willing my face to instantly become beautiful, but nothing changed. I stopped looking in the mirror and followed my nose out of the bathroom into the dining room. Whatever Edward had cooked smelled delicious.

Edward was sitting in a yellow decorated dining room, reading a book of some kind at the pale yellow table. I thought it was cool that all the rooms had a one color theme. I walked up to him and commented on the mouth-watering scent of dinner.

He looked surprised for a moment and then his eyes glanced over my appearance quickly. I was confused by this. Then I remembered that I was wearing a thin tank top without a bra and short girl boxers. Edward was probably feeling just as uncomfortable as he looked by how much skin I was showing right now. He must have wanted to leave the room and scrub his eyes.

I would have left the room to change, but Edward quickly stood up and walked even faster over to the stove, in the next room. He began talking out loud so I followed him into the kitchen, "You can have steak or chicken, and there is toasted French bread in the oven. There are peas and carrots. I didn't know if you liked corn, I know I don't, but I made it just in case. You can have it instead of the carrots and peas or with." Edward stopped talking and looked at my expression nervously, "If you don't want any of this, there is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the fridge. I'll get it right now." I stopped Edward with a gentle, thankful hug. "You're too weird," I sighed, shaking my head into his chest. I would have hugged him for a little longer, but then remembered what I was wearing. "The dinner you made is perfect. Thank you, Uncle Edward, really." He looked at me quizzically, squinting his entire face in confusion. I felt awkward not knowing why he was looking at me like that. I decide to ignore it. So I grabbed a plate, a fork, and a knife off the counter. I got some of the steak that looked perfect, and some peas. I didn't want to eat much because I knew I'd pass out right after dinner.

Dinner was fun. Edward asked me questions about my last year in high school and how I felt about being done with it all. I told him, in between bites of food, that I was really relieved to be done with school for now. I told him that I didn't plan on going to college in the fall, but I actually wanted to wait another year. Maybe travel a little or something. He told me that that had been what he wanted to do, but he would have died of boredom, because he didn't really have a plan or money and would have just sat at home all day.

"Thank you so much, Edward." I said after I finished eating the best steak I'd ever tasted. I sat back, I was stuffed. The steak had been bigger and more filling than I originally thought. I pushed my shirt a little over my belly button, and pushed my stomach out, poking it slowly. "I think I'm going to burst." I said, joking.

Edward lifted his shirt as well and pushed out his stomach, he gave it two quick pokes before saying, "I think I'll burst right along with you." We laughed at our silliness, but my laughter abruptly stopped when I actually looked at his stomach. Even though he was pushing it out and had just eaten almost everything he cooked for us his stomach had defined muscles and didn't look like he'd eat a thing. My tummy on the other hand looked like I devoured an elephant. I pulled down my shirt and fake yawned.

"I think it's time I get to bed." Edward frowned momentarily then agreed, wishing me sweet dreams. I reached my door and looked down the hall. I could see Edward moving around in the kitchen from right here. I watched him wash my dishes for a while and then I stepped into my awesome room, thinking about how this summer would be interesting.

When I fell asleep I dreamed of Edward. We were talking and enjoying each other's company getting to know one another. I don't know what we were saying; I just know that I liked what we were talking about. While I was still dreaming, I decide I would actually get to know Edward when I woke up tomorrow.


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