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What Tempts the Most – Chapter Two

When I woke up, the sun was already shining into my room. I checked the blue alarm clock by the side of my bed and gasped when I saw it was already 11:30. I guess I missed breakfast.

I was about to go out into the kitchen when I remembered that I promised my best friend Alice I'd email her as soon as possible. I dug through my smallest suitcase that held all of my electronics. I found my laptop and charger wrapped up in my favorite quilt. It was my favorite because my mom made it. She normally doesn't have the attention span to do anything for more than a week, but she stuck it out and finished a quilt for me.

I sat down in the middle of my bed and turned on my computer. When it was on, I started up a word document to type my little letter to Alice . For some reason I hated writing my emails online. Weird, I know.

She hadn't given me any specifics on what she wanted to know about, so I just wrote whatever came to mind.

Dear Ali,

How are you, and Jaz? Is the moving going smoothly? I wish I could be there to help you. I already miss your hyper ass.

I never expected to like the house so much. Do you want me to send you pictures? I can do that for you if you want. It's so nice. It's cold too. Alice you'd love it. The sun isn't burning you 24/7.

My uncle aka Edward is weird! In a good way. He has this awesome house and was apologizing for things. He thought it wouldn't be good enough!

Remember the picture I showed you of the family reunion from a hundred years ago? Well my uncle was the skinny boy with the messy hair. He looks so different. He's all buff and strong now. Well at least I think he's strongor I'm just weak.

He cooked the best steak last night, I was so stuffed. I guess I wasn't even hungry enough to wake up for breakfast, because it's past 11 now and I just barely woke up. I'll talk to you later.

Off to see if Edward eats Lucky Charms,


When I finished typing, I copied the text and tried to open up Firefox so I could send the email, but I couldn't connect to the internet. I tried guessing the password to connect to the ECULLEN network, but none of my guesses worked. I didn't think they would. I would just have to ask Edward to connect me later.

I left my room and walked up to his door. I couldn't immediately hear anything so I set my ear on the door, (not creepy or weird at all) to see if I could hear him moving around, but I didn't hear anything. That's when my stomach growled.

I walked out to the kitchen to find those Lucky Charms.

The cabinet next to the fridge in the kitchen looked promising, but when I opened it there was no cereal to be found. I checked all the other cabinets, but I couldn't find any kind of cereal. My stomach growled again so I went back through all the cabinets. I slammed the last one and slumped to the floor in front of the fridge. I guess Edward's one of those people who don't eat breakfast.

I sighed loudly when my stomach growled AGAIN! Then I heard a laugh from the kitchen entrance. I lifted my head up miserably and saw Edward standing there laughing quietly.

"You look utterly defeated." he said. His voice wasn't any less stunning in the morning.

"I can't find any cereal! But I guess you don't have any... How long have you been here?"

"Not long. I heard you slamming the cabinets, so I came to see what was going on." He said walking up to me an offering his hand.

"Awh. I'm so sorry if I woke you. I didn't think I was being loud. I'm so sorry." I took his hand and stood up.

"No, no, no, it's okay," he assured me. "I've been awake for a while now, you didn't wake me." I really liked his smile, it was kind of crooked. One side of his smile slanted up more than the other. It was cute... er, I mean cool. "I do have cereal."

"Can you help me find it please?" I asked, grabbing his arm as my stomach growled again. He chuckled then walked over to the first cabinet I had checked. "Umm, Edward. I already looked in that one and there isn't any cereal in it." Edward chuckled again.

"It's actually hidden." He moved his hand up to the roof of the cabinet and pulled on a small notch that I hadn't seen before. When it came down there were three boxes of cereal in a drawer thing. I was going to ask why in the world he would need to have hidden cereal, but he began to explain before I could ask. "Whenever my friend Emmett comes over he eats all my cereal, and pretty much anything else he can find. I created this so he couldn't find it, because I love my cereal the most. Now he doesn't eat it." He turned to look at me.

"Is your friend poor? Cause it would be really cruel for you to hide food from him if he's poor and can't afford it for himself." This made Edward laugh.

"No is not poor at all. His girlfriend, the beautiful and evil Rosalie Hale," my eye twitched at the beautiful comment, but normalized at the evil comment, "doesn't allow him to keep sugary or fatty foods in the house."

"Is he fat?" I asked. Why else would she do that.

"Oh no, it's not for him to watch his weight. She won't let him have that stuff because it might tempt her. She's… well, she's just like that. She never eats real food."

"Oh…" I said. I didn't really know what else I could say.

"Yeah, so I have Coco Puffs, Lucky Charms, and some year old Corn Flakes."

"Mmm," I joked, "I'll take some dusty Corn Flakes."

He looked at me half disturbed half worried. "Umm," he said awkwardly, "I think they actually might be a year old. I wouldn't recomen—"

"Wow, Edward I was only joking. But, umm… why do you have old Corn Flakes?"

"Have you ever eaten Corn Flakes?" Edward asked me, as if it was a very important question, and kind of in a secretive tone.

"Yeah, they're bland."

"Well, I didn't know that when I bought them." He said simply. I giggled slightly.

"Throw them away then, if you aren't going to eat them." I said. Wasn't that the obvious thing to do?

"I don't want to waste them." he stopped for a moment then, like he had just figure out the best thing in the world, he said, "I'm giving them to Emmett! He can keep them in the house; Rosalie might even eat them." He took the Corn Flakes out of the secret compartment and set it on the counter. I just laughed.

"I'll have Lucky Charms." He took the box down, and closed the cabinet, while I got out the milk, two bowls and two spoons.

"Thanks," he said as he took the bowls and filled them with Lucky Charms and milk.

We sat down at the table and ate quietly. When he finished he just sat there watching me. I felt self-conscious and asked if I had something on my face. We both laughed when he said no.

I finished just as Edwards pocket started vibrating. He took out his cell-phone and read something that made him smile. He text messaged who-ever back, then looked up at me.

"That friend who eats my cereal just sent me a text." I nodded. Then he continued. "He wants to meet you later today. If you want, I can tell him no. He'd understand. You haven't even unpacked."

"It's okay, I'd love to meet any new people you've got for me."

"Awesome! He'll come over at 5:30. He's going to cook dinner tonight. It's kind of been his plan since he found out you were coming."

I nodded then remembered something. "Oh. I was wondering if you could connect me to the internet, I don't know your password."

"Oh, sure. Do you want to do that now?" he asked.

"Yes." I said thankful. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

We finished up in the kitchen, and went to my room. I hopped up on my bed and patted to the spot next to me for Edward to sit down up here too. When I opened my computer my word document letter to Alice was still up. I freaked out; afraid that Edward's eyes would magically find his name on the screen. I wouldn't want him knowing I had written about him unless the only thing I had written was, I have an uncle, and his name is Edward. I snapped he lid shut immediately. Edward looked at me alarmed.

"What was that? Porn?" he asked waggling his eyebrows.

"No! It was on word, how could hat be porn?" I asked, almost laughing.

"I hear that girls read porn instead of watching it. Are you writing porn?" He laughed as he asked me.

"NO! I'm not writing porn! It's just a letter to my best friend. It's a personal letter." I said personal dramatically.

"Sure," Edward said covering his eyes with his hands. "I won't look! You can close down your porn."

I laughed and opened my computer back up. I closed the document after re-copying it just in case.

"The password is natraps just so you know."

I giggled, "Why?" I asked.

"It's my dog's name spelled backwards."

I pondered that for a moment. "Spartan?" I asked.

"Yeah." He smiled brightly. "I love that dog."

"Is he here?" I asked. I just assumed with a name like Spartan he would be a boy. I was right.

"He's with Emmett. That the only creature on Earth that Rosalie likes and when he's over there she's in a better mood. So Emmett steals him once or twice a month." I laughed. "You'll see him soon enough. You like dogs, right?" I nodded. Edward smiled.

Edward connected me to the internet and left my room. I sent my letter to Alice, and did some stuff online. A couple hours had passed when I was done. I went into the living room and found Edward sitting on the couch, reading, the same book as last night at dinner.

I sat next to him and said, "I think we should get to know each other."

Edward's phone vibrated in his pocket, he closed his book and motioned one minute with his fingers to me. He read a text then asked me if pizza was okay for dinner. Of course it was. He sent a text and then looked at me.

"Okay, we should get to know each other?" he asked confirming that it was indeed what I said before.

"Yeah, cause we are going to be living together." I said.

He smiled and nodded. "It would be nice to get to know you." I smiled and nodded too.

"So, we'll just ask each other questions back and forth or something?" I asked. I figured we could do it while we unpack my stuff."

He stood up, "Yeah, I forgot about that." We began walking to my room. When we started unpacking I made sure to grab the bag that had my underwear in it.

"Okay so you can't ask me the same question right after I ask it, and vice versa, okay?" I nodded. "Okay…What is your dream job?"

I sighed. I was expecting a question maybe more interesting than that. But whatever, He is my uncle, and I guess that's an uncley question to ask. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't disappointed, I was actually happy he had asked that. No one besides the school counselor ever had.

"Well. There are actually a lot of professions I'm interested in."

"Tell me." Edward requested.

"Okay, well I've always wanted to be a veterinarian because of the animals, but I don't think I could ever put an animal down, you know? Also I would never want to go to school as a doctor of any kind. Eck! Too long." Edward laughed. His charming laugh made me beam. "I also want to be a writer. I love writing, I just feel like I can never get anything right with it. It's like I know I have a lot to express, a lot to share. I just don't know how to do it properly."

"I know exactly what you mean. I feel the same way. Except I compose music. And the same as you, I feel like I have so much to share, but I can't do it."

"Really? You compose?"

"Yeah, well... I try. I've played piano since I was six, actually your mom was the one who taught me."

"What? My mom can play piano?"

Edward nodded. "Yep. And I used to pop out pieces of music every week, but lately I haven't been able to come up with anything."

"I'm sorry. Do you know why?"

"No clue," he said. "I guess I just don't have anything that inspires me anymore. Last year this happened, and sadly my only reason for composing was my weird history teacher. Funny story; he would give me extra credit to compose a quirky soundtrack for his lessons and whatever section of world history we were on."

"Aw, that's cool." I remarked, as I was shoving all my underwear into one of the smallest drawers as fast as I could. Edward moved beside me in front of the dresser and pulled open two cabinet like drawers and set my electronics in them. We asked each other simple questions and unpacked my belongings for the next 45 minutes or so until the door bell rang. Along with someone ringing the doorbell over, and over again annoyingly, I could hear a dog barking.

I had finish un-packing all the stuff I had, but Edward still had one small bag in his hands that needed to be unpacked. "Go ahead," I said taking my last bag from his hand, "I got this." He nodded and left the room to answer the door. I watched his walk as he left my room. Again I was mesmerized by the way he would walk.

I hurried to put the rest of my things away, and followed Edward to the living room, which was the room you directly entered after coming through the front door. There was also an unenclosed-garage entrance that was the way I had come into yesterday afternoon. I could hear a loud charming voice coming from the living room; I assumed that to be Emmett. Then I heard a bark, and a woman's voice. Respectively I assumed the voices belonged to the dog Spartan and Emmett's girlfriend Rosalie.

When I entered the living room I could see Edward happily kneeled over petting his dog, the dog's tail wagging furiously. When I entered the room farther, everyone's attention went to be, including the dog's. He ran towards me but abruptly stopped a foot in front of me. Then the dog did something strange and kind of funny. He circled me, observing me, then after his second circle he barked his approval and started licking my hands. Everyone laughed happily.

"He approves." laughed Edward.

The woman, the one I assumed to be Rosalie walked up to me and introduced herself. "Rosalie," she held out her soft, yet firm, manicured hand. "It's nice to meet you. You're Bella, right?" I nodded. "This is my boyfriend Emmett." She gestured to a tall man, holding a pizza, whose handsome features rivaled Edwards. But even more delicious looking than both men in the room was the pizza Emmett held in his hands.

He walked up to where Rosalie and I were standing, and offered his hand to me. I was expecting his hand to crush mine, but it was a very friendly shake. I smiled at everyone, "So, that food looks good."

Emmett chuckled, "I made it fresh today. I've been planning it for a while. I'm really glad you like pizza, I thought you would since you're Italian and all, but I wanted Edward to make sure first."

"How did you know I was Italian?" I asked with a questioning smile on my lips.

"Your names Bella… Duh." He said. I laughed under my breath and Emmet left the room headed to the kitchen to set the food on the dining table. Rosalie, the dog and I followed. Edward put Spartan outside with his own food before he joined us.

We all sat down, Edward leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "If they seem weird, I'm sorry. Emmett's overly friendly; don't be afraid if he hugs you. If Rosalie starts being bitchy kick her in the knee then run." I laughed at that, the other two looked at me for a moment then Emmett continued cutting the pizza, and Rosalie continued watching. Almost with a worried look towards the pizza, that's when I remembered Edward mentioning her aversion to sugar and fat. Edward continued, "But you probably won't have to worry about that tonight, she seemed like an angel to me when I first met her." I nodded, smiling, and he backed away. I looked at him and he had a strange look on his face, kind of reminiscent and upset.

All through dinner Emmett was making us laugh. When he was talking about college he joked that he only went for the parties & that he only passed his first two years because of four Asian girls that were in love with him. Oddly his slacker attitude didn't bother me like it normally would with someone else, but it seemed to make him more likable.

Rosalie looked at him lovingly the whole time, laughing along with us. I couldn't understand why Edward had called her evil and told me I might have to kick her. The only thing that seemed to be true about what Edward had said was that she didn't eat fats or sugars, she didn't even touch the pizza, and she instead had some salad from Edward's fridge. I did however catch her looking at the pizza that was left with longing from time to time.

We chatted happily for awhile after dinner, always laughing. One time Edward was brutally being made fun of by Emmett and I glanced at him. I was struck. I guess I had mostly been paying attention to Emmett, because he had taken up the job of dinner entertainment, but now that I was looking at Edward again I was reminded how hot he was. His "I'm embarrassed" face was so cute it wasn't funny. My laugh died in my throat and I looked awkwardly at my plate. Everyone noticed the change, and Edward spoke up, taking my sudden silence the wrong way.

Edward cleared his throat, "I think it's time I clean up, and you go home, we're all getting tired anyway." Emmett started laughing.

I looked at the clock and was surprised to see that it was almost ten already. "Time flies when you're having fun." I murmured.

"Hopefully next time we meet, Bella, you can do more of the talking, I'd love to get to know you." Rosalie said as she stood up and one-arm-hugged me.

"Yeah, then we can get to know each other." I said genuinely meaning it.

"Just us girls." Rosalie added, giving pointed looks to the guys.

"Awww, but I wanna get to know Bells toooo." Emmett pretend whined, affectionately using the nickname he had given me over dinner.

"You'll get your turn." I joked. Emmett stood up too and hugged me. It was a hug that I could only describe as a bear hug, as both of his strong arms encircled me in a hug that threatened to stop my breathing. I laughed, sort of with relief, as he let me go.

Before the good-byes Edward remembered to give Emmett the ancient cereal. It was kind of sad how grateful he was. He reasoned with Rosalie to let him keep it, because it was relatively healthy compared to other cereals. She gave in, and he gave her that cutest thank you kiss I had ever seen. Well I hadn't really seen many thank you kisses, but even if I had, that would have still been the cutest.

They said good bye to Edward and I, and Emmett affectionately punched Edward in the chest before they left. He was still rubbing his chest after he locked the door after them and turned to me.

"They're crazy… Did you like them?" he asked me.

"Yeah, Emmett is so funny, and Rosalie seems really nice. Why don't you like her? You made it seem like she was evil."

Edward only grunted and shrugged to that. "I'm glad you like them." he said at last. "They're our neighbors and Emmett has been my friend for a long time, so they'll probably be over here a lot. I hope that's okay with you."

"Yeah, of course. Look," I said seriously, "I'm your guest. Even if I didn't like them, I have no say in that."

"Bella," I loved hearing my name coming from him, "I'm giving you a say. Okay?" I couldn't describe the way he said it. It was tender and I don't know, so nice. Like he was letting me know I mattered. Even though I was Renee's only kid, she never really made me feel like my choice or my opinion mattered. Edward was a nice fresh breath of air. His manners, his sincerity, everything.

I nodded to him. It was all I could seem to do since my brain was still preoccupied with how he had just talked to me.

"Did you finish un-packing the rest when I left?"

Again I only nodded.

"Okay, well you seem tired. I'll leave you so you can get to bed."

I was kind of tired. I managed to say goodnight, then was off to bed. Okay, so I was being lazy because I didn't take a shower, but I figured I didn't really do anything to become dirty today anyway.

I'm sure I fell asleep in minutes. When I woke up, it was to Edward knocking on my door. I hadn't slept naked so I welcomed him into my room.

"Today," he said, sounding excited, "I thought I would introduce you to my backyard."


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