Title: Twisted

Chapter: 1

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the original characters from the show, they belong to the writers of NCIS.

Author's note: So... I'm back with yet-another story! :) Anyways... This was a story idea by Selonianth. He wanted to see a story where Tony and Ziva switched lives, (not like Freaky Friday, but their whole lives) so that Tony grew up in Israel and joined Mossad and Ziva was born in the US and so on. I think I have some great ideas for this story (but you guys will be the judges of that) :p. Anyways... there's only minor Tiva in this chapter, but it's setting everything up for later. Basically, the story starts after Kate's death when Ari is dead and someone has to take over Kate's place in the team (guess where Tony comes in, lol.)

Basically, I didn't change the original storyline of Kate's death too much because that would make things even more confusing for you guys. The only things I changed are minor and will be talked about in this chapter.

Overall, if you want to understand this story, just remember that I have switched Tony and Ziva's lives. Enjoy!

"Um… Ziva?"

Ziva looked up from the paperwork and raised her eyebrow at McGee, "Yes?"

McGee took in the dark rings under the deep brown eyes of the woman before him. It wasn't hard to see that she hadn't been sleeping well lately. Then again, neither was anyone else on the team.

Ever since Kate's death, things were different. Ziva and Abby had become unusually serious after losing one of their best friends, Gibbs was even quieter than before and McGee seemed lost. He kept waking up in the middle of the night, hoping that it had all been a dream… Hoping that Kate had never been shot.

And yet she was. Tim had been living the past week in denial, but he knew he couldn't avoid the truth much longer. Everyday when he walked in the bullpen and saw Kate's empty desk, he remembered how suddenly her life was taken by a terrorist named Ari Haswari on a rooftop the previous Tuesday.

"Yes?" Ziva repeated, this time a little more forcefully, forcing McGee out of his thoughts.

"Oh, I… I was wondering if you and Abby wanted to go out to lunch?"

Ziva shook her head slowly, "Not today Tim."

McGee nodded solemnly before walking back to his desk. One week ago, Ziva calling him 'Tim' instead of 'Probie' or 'McGeek' would've caused him to smile. Now it was simply a sad reminder of how much things had changed since Kate's death.

Feeling the need to escape the bullpen for a few minutes, McGee stood up and grabbed his coat before announcing, "I'm going for some coffees."

Ziva looked up and gave Tim the best smile she could muster. Still, it was no competition for her usual, carefree grin and both agents knew that it was forced.

McGee sighed as he walked passed Ziva and headed towards the elevator. He hated seeing her like this. Despite how often she teased him, McGee loved Ziva like a sister. He knew that she blamed herself for Kate's death. It didn't matter how often people tried to tell her otherwise, in Ziva's eyes Kate was her partner and she let her down.

"Where are you going, McGee?" Gibbs questioned and Tim couldn't help but smile softly. Gibbs had definitely changed after Kate's death, but things began to get better after he got revenge on Ari.

The terrorist had decided to 'visit' Gibbs in his basement a few nights ago and the ex-marine didn't think twice about killing the man. Ever since then, the old Gibbs was back. Although he was a little more patient with his agents now, Gibbs still demanded nothing but the best from them and kept them in line with icy glares and head slaps.

"MCGEE!" Gibbs barked and McGee jumped. He'd been so wrapped up in his thoughts that he hadn't answered the older man's question.

"Uh… sorry boss."

"Don't apologize it's a sign of weakness." Gibbs reminded and Tim nodded.

"Right. Sor—I mean, I was just going out on a coffee run."

"No." Gibbs shook his head and McGee looked at his boss in shock. Gibbs was never one to turn down coffee.

"Upstairs. Director's office. Now!" He ordered and McGee nodded nervously before doing as told.

"You too David!" Gibbs ordered his senior field agent and Ziva quickly followed orders. Gibbs was last to reach the director's office, and he closed the door behind him.

After turning around, Gibbs stood in front of the director's desk. He placed his hands on the desktop and leaned forward, "Why are we here Jen?"

Director Shepard sighed before standing up. She took off her glasses and placed them on her desk before turning to face the three agents before her.

"I understand that you were all very close to Kate. Her unfortunate death has affected you all greatly."

"We're not going to see a shrink." Gibbs stated coolly, but with authority. Jen glared at him.

"That's not what I was going to say, Agent Gibbs, but try and give me orders again and I will force you all to seek psychiatric guidance to help you deal with Ms. Todd's passing."

Gibbs snorted defiantly but was silent as he waited for Jen to address the issue she'd called them into her office for.

"As I was saying before Agent Gibbs interrupted me," Jenny continued, "I know that you were all very close to Agent Todd. Unfortunately, her death has left your team one short. NCIS has no choice but to replace her."

"No one is replacing her." Gibbs spoke up and Jen raised an eyebrow.

"This is not up for debate, Agent Gibbs. His name is Anthony DiNozzo. You all met him while investigating Ari. Officer DiNozzo will be holding a liaison position for Mossad here in NCIS. That's all."

Gibbs shot Jenny a warning look, but didn't say anything as he exited the room. He slammed the door behind him in both defiance and anger. He couldn't believe that Jen was already trying to replace Kate.

"Agent Gibbs?"

Gibbs looked up, his level of anger only rising when he saw Anthony DiNozzo standing in front of him.

"What?!" He spat, causing Tony to narrow his eyes at the unnecessary ferocity in his voice.

"I assume that Director Shepard has told you about—"

"Rule eight: never assume." Gibbs walked passed Tony and sat down in his desk.

Tony seemed perplexed at Gibbs' behaviour but Ziva, who had been watching the whole exchange, simply smirked. Get used to it.

Ziva let her eyes roam over the man before her, so this is my new partner…

The thought sobered Ziva instantly. The only reason she needed a new partner was because her old partner—

"Agent David!" Gibbs barked and Ziva looked at her boss, "Take Officer DiNozzo downstairs and introduce him to Abby."

"Yes Boss." Ziva pushed her thoughts of Kate to the side and stood up. She walked past her new partner and headed towards the elevator. "Officer DiNozzo, follow me!"

Ziva smirked as the man sighed, but he did as told. He stepped into the elevator behind her and waited until the elevator doors closed before speaking.

"Is Agent Gibbs always so…"

"Yes, Officer DiNozzo." Ziva answered, already knowing the question. "He is."

"Please," Tony began as he turned to look at Ziva, "Call me Tony."

Ziva turned to look at the man in surprise. For the first time since meeting the man, Ziva allowed herself to take a good look at him. After doing so, she couldn't help but admit that he was very handsome.

"Fine… Tony," Ziva began, deciding that if they were to be partners they may as well get along, "Then you may call me Ziva."

The elevator doors opened and Ziva walked out, completely oblivious to the smirk on Tony's face as he watched her leave. My pleasure, Ziva.

Tony followed Ziva into Abby's lab, where the forensic scientist was giving Ziva one of her bone-crushing hugs. Ziva's face grew a little red from lack of oxygen, but Abby let go and took a step back before she could say anything.

"Ziva! You haven't come down here in forever! McGee or bossman either." The goth pouted slightly as she crossed her arms like a two year-old. "I missed you guys."

Ziva bit back a smile, "I am sorry Abby. I promise I'll buy you a CafPow to make it up to you."

"You better." Abby only half-teased and Ziva smirked before turning the lovable goth around so she was facing Tony.

"Abby…" Ziva began slowly, unsure of how her friend was going to take the news she was about to deliver. "You've met Tony. He'll be working with NCIS as a liaison officer for Mossad."

Abby glared at Tony, "He was supposed to control Ari, but didn't and got Kate killed."

"Tony will be working as my new partner." Ziva said hesitantly and Abby scowled. She didn't bother to acknowledge Tony but instead turned to Ziva with an angry look on her face.

"He's replacing Kate?!"

Ziva glanced at Tony uncomfortably before focusing her attention back on Abby, "No one will ever replace her Abby. He is simply…"

"Replacing her." Abby finished and Ziva sighed.

"Only her job, Abby. Not in our hearts." Ziva made a face at how sappy the words sounded, but it was what her friend needed to hear.

Abby crossed her arms again and looked at Tony, acknowledging him for the first time. "Why is he even Mossad? He's Italian!"

"Actually…" Tony spoke up, "My great-grandparents moved to Israel a long time ago. My mother was Israeli. My father was the one with Italian blood. Besides, Mossad considers me quite a useful tool. Not very many people suspect an Italian to be working for Mossad… It makes for a great cover."

Abby opened her mouth to say something but Ziva cut her off. "He's staying Abby, you may as well make the best of it."

Tony raised an eyebrow; he hadn't expected Ziva to stand up for him but was secretly pleased. He couldn't help but notice how attractive she was.

"Welcome to NCIS, Officer DiNozzo." Abby said reluctantly, and despite her obvious dislike for Tony, the Mossad officer couldn't help but smile. He could tell that, after she accepted him, they'd be great friends.

"Please, call me Tony."

Abby looked over at Ziva and flashed her a pleading look, but the senior agent nodded slightly towards Tony. Abby sighed, "Sure Tony. Call me Abby."

Tony nodded, "Certainly, Abby."

"Come on Tony." Ziva began, she walked past her partner and sighed, "We'd better get back upstairs."

Tony followed Ziva into the elevator, then turned to look at her as soon as the cold metal doors slid closed behind them.

"It appears that Abby does not like it that I am on this team."

Ziva sighed and nodded. "Give her time. She's a very nice person but… Kate was her best friend and now you're replacing her. She'll warm up to you, it just might take a while."

Tony raised an eyebrow, "Ms. Todd was your friend too though, yes?"

Ziva refused to meet Tony's eyes and the Mossad officer couldn't help but feel slightly guilty for bringing the subject up when Ziva whispered painfully, "Yes she was. The three of us were best friends."

Tony nodded, and felt the odd need to comfort the woman beside him. Before he was able to do so, however, the elevator doors opened and Ziva raced out.

Tony sighed before following her out. He was just about to sit down in his desk when Gibbs came walking through the bullpen. "Gear up."

Ziva and McGee quickly grabbed all of their belongings, so Tony did the same. He slid through the elevator doors just as they were about to close.

"Thanks for holding it." He mumbled under his breath and Ziva smirked, If he thinks this is bad…

The elevator doors slid open and Gibbs raced out, passing Ziva a slip of paper with an address as he barked, "Victim is 24 year-old Petty Officer David Brown. McGee, you're with me! DiNozzo and David in the other car!"

McGee flashed Ziva a helpless look and the senior agent smirked. Tony noticed this and questioned, "What is so funny?"

Ziva thought for a moment before speaking, "Gibbs has a… different style of driving than most people."

Tony nodded and Ziva chuckled, thinking of how unfortunate McGee was before throwing Tony the keys, which he easily caught. "You drive. I know these streets better so I'll tell you where to go."

Lol, sorry but I put a little irony in the end there, seeing as Ziva's just saying how bad she feels for McGee for having to ride with Gibbs, then passes Tony (who drives like Ziva in the real NCIS) the keys. :p

Lol, anyways... so that was the first chapter. It's more setting the story up than anything else so don't worry, there will be more Tiva. (But I couldn't have too much Tiva right away because they don't really know eachother yet.) :D

So I hope you liked this first chapter, and I assure you there will be more to come! I've already written the next chapter and will post it either when I get 20 reviews (that's asking a lot so I have another option) or tommorow. Whichever one comes first. :) So, if you want the chapter sooner... review! Lol.

PS. For those who read A Walk To Remember, I purposefully ended it with a few strings untied because 1. Life is that way sometimes and that ending showed hope but was realistic about the struggles Tony and Ziva would face in the future and 2. because I'm thinking of doing a sequal on how they fall in love again and Ziva struggling to chose whether she should stay married Tony or not. (Since she doesn't remember who he is.) The problem is that if I do write a sequal, it will be a little late because I have to finish this story and start another one that I promised to write before making the sequal. So you tell me, sequal or no sequal? Thanks!