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Jou sat on the bed, eyes darting around the room nervously. Seto's room was increasingly intimidating, and had several compartments he hadn't noticed the last time he was in here. But it wasn't the room that was worrying him. It was its inhabitant.

They'd gotten home, and spent a relaxing afternoon watching TV, and catching up with Mokuba. Jou had found out that Mokie had become an art student, and had been surviving on donations from his brother's A-list celebrity contacts, not telling them about his separation. It was a fairly impressive ruse, considering he'd done it all himself and managed to not let Seto get wind of it for the whole year. Seto hadn't seemed angry though, if anything he had just been infinitely pleased that his brother was back in his life, and Jou was happy for him.

But the calm atmosphere had dissipated once the clock had hit ten. Seto had insisted on being tired, and left the sofa. Jou, not thinking, had nodded goodnight and continued to watch the television. But suddenly, a hand had landed on his shoulder and he'd turned to see the brunette giving him one of the most penetrating looks he'd ever experienced.

And now, here he was. Seto had said he wanted to have a shower, and he'd been in there a good twenty minutes. Jou wondered vaguely if he was as nervous as he was. Jou ran a hand through his hair, why WAS he nervous? He'd been completely up for it before, but now he felt plagued by doubt. What if Seto didn't find him attractive, what if he wasn't good enough at...satisfying...him? Would Seto dump him? Even though the CEO clearly hadn't had any sexual experience before, Jou still wanted to make this good for him. So he had to make himself stop trembling.

Suddenly, the far door opened and out stepped his...boyfriend. Jou's jaw almost dropped to the floor. With only a towel wrapped around his waist, dripping brown hair falling into his eyes, and tiny droplets of water cascading down his lean, pale form, Jou completely lost all of his inhibitions. The only thing he could concentrate on was this almost ethereal figure in front of him. He just wanted, no, needed to touch him.

To his dismay, the brunette smirked at his expression, and turned away from the blonde towards his dresser, pulling out a pair of silk pyjamas. Before he could stop himself, Jou strode towards him and snaked a pair of hands around Seto's waist, pulling the damp body closer. Seto tensed, and Jou heard a sharp intake of breath.

"Aren't you even going to let me get dressed, puppy?"

Seto was attempting to keep his cool, but Jou heard his voice waver slightly.

Instead of answering, Jou pressed his lips to the warm skin at the base of Seto's neck, moving his hands slowly over the brunette's lean, damp chest. Seto gasped slightly, threw the pyjamas aside and turned to face the blonde, smashing their lips together and pulling the shorter man closer, refusing to have control taken from him. For such a slight frame, the brunette was surprisingly strong.

As the kiss intensified, their tongues began to battle for dominance, and they fought their way to the bed, not separating their mouths for one second. Jou felt Seto's hands moving over his chest underneath his shirt, and he groaned, moving closer into the brunette's touch. This seemed to excite Seto further, as his hands began to grab harder and faster at Jou's skin. Jou felt something pressing through the soft material of the towel and he separated their mouths, opening his eyes and watching the CEO above him, panting.

"S-seto, are you sure you're okay with this?" Jou asked, breathing hard. There was nothing that he wanted more than to rip the flimsy towel from the brunette's body, but Seto had never really gone farther than this stage.

The man above him sat back slowly.

"Yes. But slower, maybe." He panted, climbing off the blonde and laying beside him.

Jou took his chance and leaned over the brunette, about to kiss him when Seto stopped him.

"Not without those clothes off, puppy."

Jou didn't miss the nickname, but in this context it didn't seem quite as aggravating. If anything, Seto's commanding tone made him all the more excited. Not that he'd ever admit it of course.

Seto pulled firmly at his shirt, and within minutes he was clad only in his boxers, feeling ever so slightly nervous as the brunette's eyes ghosted unashamedly over his form. To his surprise, the brunette suddenly grabbed him closer, and he gasped as their skin made contact. Seto moved his mouth towards Jou's ear and paused, whispering:

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this, Katsuya."

Jou shivered, stifling a moan. He was about to reply when the brunette's lips ghosted over his earlobe, quickly followed by his teeth. Jou felt hands travelling slowly, tantalizingly, over his bare skin, his chest, his stomach, and combined with the warm breath hitting the side of his face and his neck, it was ecstasy. His heart rate heightened, as he pulled the paler man forcibly towards him, kissing him as hard as was physically possible. Seto arched into him, grinding their aching erections together, both men gasping in surprise at the intensity of the sensations it created.

Jou flipped the brunette onto his back, deciding to take the lead, trailing his hand over Seto's chest, his fingers brushing close to the other's nipple. As he drew teasing circles around the sensitive area, to his surprise Seto seemed to lose all inhibition and groan wantonly into his mouth, arching into his touch and breathing faster. Taking that as an invitation, Jou rubbed harder at the small nub, and Seto broke their kiss, making a noise so close to a whimper that Jou had to stop himself from losing all control. Continuing his ministrations, he gasped as Seto ground his pelvis against him, sending shockwaves of arousal throughout his body.

Jou followed his fingers with his mouth, latching his lips around Seto's nipple, and flicking his tongue across the bundle of nerves. The brunette reacted again, actively moaning this time, grinding their hips together once again. God, he had to get the towel off. Now.

As his hand drifted towards the flimsy white fabric, Seto tensed up slightly. They made eye contact, and Jou stopped. Only to have his hand taken, and moved further towards the towel by the brunette himself. He knew the brunette would never beg him, but that action had said enough.

Ghosting his hand over the tented material softly, he watched in wonderment as the brunette's face flushed red, and his breath came in hitched gasps. He pressed down, gently on the area, moving his hand lightly up and down, over the material, pressing harder with each stroke. He was doing this mostly to help Seto adjust to being touched, but it just seemed to frustrate the brunette, as his grip on Jou's shoulders became firmer, and his breath came faster, harder. Moving underneath the towel, Jou moved his fingers now over Seto's upper thigh.

"K-katsuya, please." Seto groaned frustratedly, squirming under his touch. Jou couldn't believe what he'd just heard. Shaking with arousal, he moved his fingers to grip the brunette's shaft firmly. The brunette began to tremble as Jou's hand moved slowly, firmly up and down, his breath coming in short gasps. He gripped harder on Jou's back, beginning to move his hips in time with Jou's hand. Jou slowly removed the towel completely, and began to pump faster, so that the brunette's gasps slowly became ragged moans.

Jou decided to take things a step further, and began to trail his mouth down the brunette's lithe form, lapping at the still-damp skin and moving closer to Seto's erection. He could sense the CEO tensing again, and decided to continue. The brunette breathed harder, and he felt a hand tangle in his blonde hair. That was invitation enough. He kissed slowly up the brunette's shaft, and, after a strangled moan from Seto quickly enclosed the head with his mouth. The hand grasped his hair almost painfully hard and the brunette's body convulsed, his body arching with pleasure. Both amazed and excited by the response he was receiving, Jou began to continue, lapping at the head in coordination with his hand.

The moans grew louder, and he sped up, trying not to groan himself as the intensity increased tenfold. Whilst he wasn't receiving any attention, this had to be the most arousing sight he'd ever experienced, Seto Kaiba reduced to a shaking mess by his hand. God. Suddenly, the brunette let out a yell and bucked violently into his mouth, coming hard and fast. Masking his surprise, he took it all into his mouth and swallowed, continuing to move his hand until the brunette was completely spent. Crawling up the sweating body beneath him, he collapsed at the brunette's side watching as Seto's breathing returned to a normal pace. Seto opened his eyes, and stared at the ceiling, dazed.

"Fuck." He breathed.

"Thanks." Jou smirked, trying to cool down slightly himself, as well as curb the throbbing erection in his boxers. Seto was probably compl-

And suddenly the brunette's hand was moving up his inner thigh, his tongue toying at Jou's neck, his hand clawing at Jou's chest.

"S-Seto?" His voice broke slightly as his body began to react to the CEO's ministrations.

"Your turn."

And with that, Seto had climbed on top of him, pinning his hands above his head against the pillow, and continuing to nip at the tender skin above Jou's collarbone. Jou bit his lip as one of Seto's hands trailed down over his chest, nails tugging at the skin just above the line of his boxers.

"A-aren't you t-tir-ahh!" Seto now began to lap at the blonde's nipple, sending sparks of pleasure rocketing up and down Jou's body like wildfire. Christ, he felt as if he was going to explode if Seto didn't move lower soon. Jou groaned, arching into the brunette as Seto nipped at the sensitive skin experimentally. He pushed his hips up, desperately aching for more contact.

Seeming to sense his growing frustration, Seto stopped his ministrations and began to kiss him, hard. Jou was about to try and free his hands when the brunette ground violently into his pelvis. Both men gasped in pleasure, and Jou arched his hips up again, moving them hard against the brunette's and creating more of the delicious friction. Before long, Seto was erect again, and he released Jou's arms, using his own to tug off Jou's boxers. Realising they were now both naked, Jou opened his eyes and regarded the brunette's face. How far would he want to go this time?

Seto caught Jou's inquisitive expression, and pushed him back onto the bed, moving in between his legs.


"D-do you know how to do this?" Jou asked, tentatively.

The brunette nodded, putting his fingers to Jou's mouth. Jou sucked at them hesitantly, but the predatory look on Seto's face began to make his heart speed up again. Once Seto was satisfied, he removed his fingers from Jou's mouth and began to ghost his fingers down Jou's thigh. Jou couldn't help but feel a little nervous himself, he hadn't done this with a man before either.

A hand grabbed his cock and suddenly pleasure began to pool in his stomach again, as he relished the contact and groaned. Seto's hand began to move up and down slowly, and he felt a hand trace his entrance. As the finger entered, it was uncomfortable at first, but the gentle movement of Seto's fingers in time with the hand pumping at his member made him relax, and begin to find the action even more arousing. Another finger entered, pushing deeper, and Jou flinched slightly, that had hurt. But suddenly they brushed against something deep inside him and he convulsed, gasping a moan as pleasure rocketed through his system.

"Oh god, Seto, p-please do that again." He breathed, and Seto obeyed, stroking that beautiful spot again in a steady rhythm which had Jou's toes curling. He barely even noticed the third finger as a coil began to wind inside him, Seto's fingers continuing to stroke against his prostate relentlessly. His pants became breathy moans, and he began to roll his hips in time with Seto's hand. But suddenly Seto removed his fingers, and he felt something else move against his entrance. He opened his eyes, and saw the brunette watching him, face flushed with arousal. He was waiting for permission.

Jou leaned up and kissed him, hard. Seto groaned, and then immediately something was pushing his entrance open, stretching him harder. Jou clenched a hand in the covers below him, trying to relax his body. Seto moved out slightly, and then moved quickly in again, this time hitting his prostate. And suddenly all of his pain was overwhelmed by pleasure. A groan from the man above him confirmed the same for Seto, and he began to build up a steady rhythm. The coil inside him began to wind up harder and harder, and he moaned louder in time with the thrusts, hearing Seto doing the same in his ear. He heard the brunette moan his name, and suddenly he was nearing the edge. Clutching at Seto's back, he felt the brunette begin to tense up too, thrusting faster.

Suddenly, the coil broke, and Jou convulsed violently, half yelling the brunette's name as he came into Seto's still-moving hand. Seconds afterwards, the brunette collapsed against him, shuddering, groaning loudly into the blonde's neck.

They lay there for a while, breathing heavily, bathing in the afterglow. Jou felt exhilarated, that had been...well, there just weren't words to describe it. Seto removed himself slowly, and then collapsed beside the blonde, eyes closed.

"You alright?" Jou asked, breathily, watching the brunette carefully.

"What do you think, pup?" Seto opened his eyes, and smiled at him, blue eyes ablaze. Jou grinned back, and moved closer. He kissed the CEO slowly, as Seto's hands snaked around his waist.

As they disconnected, Seto's expression suddenly turned more dark.

"Katsuya, can I ask you something?"

"Yes?" Jou began to get worried.

The brunette paused uncertainly.

"Do you have to go back to America?"

Jou's stomach plunged.

"Oh. Well, I-"

The brunette's expression turned darker, and Jou couldn't finish his sentence.

"Not for a while. I want to stay in Japan. With you. For a while at least." He said, but the brunette looked no happier.

"I have a suggestion."

Jou nodded, curious.

"Move JouKa Headquarters to Japan. I can pay for any expenses, and you can work here. There's just as much business here as there is in America, and your American clients can still order from you. I mean, that is, if you'd consider anything like that." Seto was watching him, with an almost desperate look on his face.

Jou didn't even have to think about it.


"What? Just like that?" The CEO looked completely bewildered.

"Well, it won't be that simple, but there's no way i'm leaving now." Jou grinned as the brunette's expression brightened tenfold.

Before he could say anything else he was being well and thoroughly kissed. He kissed back, his stomach settling again. He couldn't be any happier.

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