theme – wind in your hair

The wind blows harder in Celestia.

Where the open fields are not contained by walls and the air is not stifled by decay, the wind blows.

It blows harder than in the Netherworld, harder than in the human world... harder than in all the alternate Netherworlds that could be visited in a single lifetime.

In Celestia, beneath the clear sky and above the eons-old ground, the wind blows free.

It blows through the grass and through the trees, and across the large expanses of empty space. It blows past the angels as they go about their daily routines, catching and pulling on their hair and clothes.

Today, the wind blows over a demon.

The young demon is short, wiry, and minimally clothed. What clothes he wears are pressed to his body, and his scarf, the only protection his upper body has from the elements, streams out behind him. His hair, short as it is, blows back from his face as he stares into the wind, antennae bent back almost straight behind him.

All in all, it makes for a very dramatic image.

Behind the demon, an angel runs up, her youth made evident by the tiny wings barely visible under her waist-length blond hair as the wind tangles it, tugging on the blue ribbons on her outfit and in her hair. Her arms wrap around her body as she skids to a stop next to the shorter figure.

They've made it to Celestia. The end of their journey is drawing near.

The angel stares up at the skies of her birthplace, and back down at the healthy grass and shining stone paths, and, looking to the young demon next to her, wonders when they'll be able to go home.