theme – the look in your eyes

His eyes are the most expressive part of his body.

Oh, he can smirk or scowl all he wants, and it's always clear what emotion he intends to convey. His arms cross when he's impatient and sometimes when he's satisfied, and his entire frame stiffens when he's taken by surprise and relaxes when he's comfortable or bored. Even his hair expresses how he's feeling, with his antennae standing straight on end when he's angry.

That's all different from what his eyes show. If he wants to look pleased or disdainful, he always does, almost right down to the last detail... but somehow, his eyes give away the rest. He can tell her completely straight-faced that he hates her, that he never loved his father, that demons don't need love anyway, and at first, she believed it. Now, whenever he says that, she can look closer and see, in his eyes, emotions that seem contrary to the ones he's presenting to her. Doubt is there, and even sadness, and when she sees the way he tries to cover it up, it makes her wonder if he even realizes it himself.

She's glad that that's not all she can see. Nearly all of the time, whether he's acting boastful or annoyed or bored, there's something else shining through, clearer than anything she's ever seen. Fierceness, pride, and determination – that's what she sees when she looks into his eyes, and it's somehow uplifting to know that someone who acts the way he acts really cares so much, even if it's about all the wrong things.

At times like that, he always asks her why she's smiling. She's never told him the real reason.