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'something tells me we've only just begun....'

"This is a big screw-up. The biggest. From start to hastily brought forward finish," Rocky said angrily, pacing and pacing again the boundaries of the Command Centre. "Is it just me, or is anyone else thinking this is some strange Hallowe'en prank that Zordon forgot to pull on the correct date, so he's doing it now?"

"No, Rocko, that would be just you. But I agree, it's surreal, to say the least," Tanya said. "How long did everyone else get in their parallel universes?"

"About eighteen hours, if you count the time travelling from Switzerland," Trini said distantly. On noticing curious glances, she said reluctantly, "My second chance was to get to Billy before he left to go to Aquitar, and tell him how I felt about him."

"What happened?" Kim asked curiously. She'd known about Trini's well- hidden infatuation for years, of course, but she never thought that would be her best friend's second chance. Somehow she had thought Trini would have been unable to show her feelings, but it seemed she was wrong.

"Well, he said he loved me, but didn't want me to give up Switzerland and all the opportunities the Peace Conference would give me, just for him. We were getting somewhere when Alice came and said she'd run into trouble."

"So what are you going to do?" Tanya asked Trini. She didn't know her predecessor as the Yellow Ranger well, but well enough to be intrigued as to which decision she would finally make regarding what she believed to be unrequited love... until now.

Trini sighed, and massaged her temples slowly. "I don't know... I need more time, and even though we have a time-manipulating angel in the next room, time is somehow the one thing we don't have."

"Does anyone know what they're going to do?" Tommy asked suddenly, once the silence after Trini's proclamation had begun to stifle the small room where they were currently gathered. "I thought the decision would be clear- cut, but it's anything but."

No-one replied immediately, but the smallest of nods could be detected from the corner of the room where Rocky and Kim were leaning against what appeared to be a lab table.

"What was your second chances then?" Tanya asked.

Rocky and Kim looked at each other, both strangely unwilling to let go of secrets which had plagued them for so long. "You go," they said simultaneously, then giggled at the predicament.

"Come on, it's not as though we're going to remember any of this, according to Alice," Tommy reminded them. "Remember? She said no matter what choice we made, it would be as though the moments after the event had never happened... or something like that. Maybe..." He looked slightly confused, then admitted, "Okay, so I don't quite understand the logistics. But I do know we won't remember this. So spill."

"Fine," Kim exhaled. "I had the chance to go back and not write the letter to you." For what was probably the first time since she had left for Florida so many years ago, she found the strength to look her ex- boyfriend in the eye - without flinching, being overcome with guilt, or wanting to run from the room. "And when Alice asks me what I'm going to do, I can tell you now - I'm not going back to working on New Year's Eve, knowing that I'll probably spend another year on my own because I still love you, and can't put my heart into dating another guy."

Tommy looked shellshocked,but Tanya said quietly, "You asked for that, fearless leader. We haven't got time to dissect it further, what's yours, Rocky?"

Rocky left an awkward pause, aware that his decision would be the most controversial of all those in the room. "Well, you'll never look at me in the same way again, even if none of us remember today after it's over. I had a daughter when I was 15."

The five friends assembled around him made various noises of shock and wonder, and Rocky waited until they had died down before continuing. "Yeah, I know I should have told you, but truth is, I didn't even tell Adam and Aisha when they were my closest friends. My second chance was to go and tell Rosa's mother that I would stand by her and give her money to look after Rosa. We were no longer together, and her boyfriend thought that Rosa was his... Anyway, I got to where they'd been living, and they weren't there. Alice said there was no time left to try and track them down, and I guess I always knew that Emilia's new guy would be a better father to Rosa than I could ever be. You know, he had a job and everything...." He took a deep breath, and said out loud what conclusion he had come to. "I have to let Rosa go - but if and when I have another child, I'm going to do it properly, and never let them down the way I did to her."

"I don't know what to say," Tommy said quietly after Rocky had stopped speaking. "I had no idea..."

"No-one did," Rocky re-iterated. "Lord knows how, but I kept it from Adam and Aisha. Only my mom and dad knew what was going on - and now you guys. Although you won't remember it anyway..." His normally omnipresent sense of humour had deserted him completely as oppressing thoughts clouded his mind, thoughts of what could have been, and what should have been, and he settled down to the idea of a life without his daughter for a second time.


"How much longer can you give them to decide, Alice?" Zordon asked the angel, who was taking the time to examine the computers and technology bedecking the main room of the Command Centre. She looked away from the swirling depths of the viewing globe, and stared at him.

"Not long. Another ten minutes, at the most. But I think they're almost ready to decide... some of them have reached their decisions knowingly. Others have to admit their reasonings to themselves before they can take the next step... knowing they have done all they could."

"And you are certain that they will remember none of the lives they choose to forego?" Zordon asked worriedly. He had always kept an eye out for his charges, and did not wish to see them tormented by decisions they had been, in truth, forced to make from strange quarters.

"I know I ran into a little trouble juggling the time manipulation, but this is the one thing I can say with complete certainty. The five people I have done my best to help today will remember nothing of what transpired today. There is the smallest chance that residual memories will remain, but only through dreams, and the collective power of the angels will ensure that none of them believe these dreams are true. I can assure you that with all I have, Zordon."

"I am glad of that, Alice. I do not want them to believe their decisions will be the wrong ones."

"So far, all their decisions have been right," Alice said, inclining her head slightly, as though straining to listen to the discussion between the five friends. "As for the two that remain, all we can do is hope..."


"What about your second chance, Tommy? What was it, and what are you going to do about it?" Tanya asked. She left him no choice but to rouse himself from musing about the three admissions which had gone before, and make an admission of his own.

"I..." He stopped, wanting to put it in better wording than that which he had in his mind. No better phrases came to light however, and he continued. "I wanted to know what would happen if I hadn't been kidnapped on my first day in Angel Grove, and if I hadn't become the Evil Green Ranger."

Perhaps only Kim and Trini, who had been there at the time, could completely understand the enormity of Tommy's impending decision, but Rocky and Tanya had a pretty good idea of what had gone on.

"And what happened?" Trini asked. "Were you captured or not?"

"No," Tommy shook his head. "No, I stayed in the locker room for longer than I had done in reality. Although Goldar and about twenty thousand Putties were out there, somehow the Rangers were there, and you guys made me go back into the Youth Centre until you'd sent them back to the palace."

"So are you going to live in that reality?" Tanya asked, then stopped herself. "Sorry, I just realised how much I sound like a character in a bad sci-fi movie. In real terms, what are you going to do?"

"I think...." He halted, aware that his decision would sound borderline- insane to most, if not all of his friends gathered there. "This is going to sound completely crazy, but I don't want to change it. I don't want to make things for the better, and escape capture by Rita. Looking back, it made me a better person, I don't think a lot of things would have happened to me if I hadn't experienced being evil." His eyes met Kim's and she nodded, understanding what he meant. "Besides, I got the team out of many a sticky spot with my knowledge of how evil minds work. I couldn't let the team down now, could I?" He smiled self-deprecatingly, but his eyes betrayed how hard a decision it had been for him to make.

"I don't think that sounds crazy at all," Trini said softly, and everyone else agreed. "Okay, so the whole being thrown out of the Mega-Zord thing I could have definitely done without - " Kim nodded emphatically in agreement, "But I understand your reasoning. And for what it's worth, I think it made you a better leader."

"Better than Jason?" Tommy asked mischievously.

"Well...." Trini laughed. "I still think Billy should have been given a chance to prove how good a leader he would have been, but you were an excellent leader."

"Ah, stop feeding the man's ego, and get on to Tanya's choice," Rocky interjected, feeling slightly better now the focus was off him, and glad no negative judgement had been passed on him by his friends. "Was your second chance to make a go of things with Adam?"

"No, although I have to admit, it crossed my mind," Tanya said quietly. "My second chance was to try and track down my sister. Before I left for Africa in reality, I almost sent her a letter asking why she would never see me. I've spent the time since then wishing I'd had the courage to get the letter to her, so that's what I tried to do with my chance."

"I never knew you had a sister," Kim said.

"She's a lot older than me. She was thirteen when I was born, and as soon as she found out my mom was expecting me, she split. Went to stay with another tribe which my aunt belonged to. My parents hardly ever spoke about her, and certainly never said why she felt such antipathy towards me."

"Maybe they didn't know themselves," Trini suggested.

"That's what I thought.. So, I wrote a letter to her after Alice sent me back, and asked Aisha to try and get it to her. But it was kind of futile - it could never reach her tribe and back in a day, so there's no way I'll ever know if the letter got to her, unless I go to that destiny."

"What have you decided?" Tommy asked, feeling some sympathy towards his friend. After all, he knew how hard it was to make decisions regarding long lost members of your family, and it must be even harder for Tanya to choose in such little time.

Tanya sighed. "I think I'm going to go to the alternate destiny. It won't make that much difference to me - I already knew I was going to be a Ranger, so it won't affect that. And at least I'll have the chance to hear from her. Even if the letter never gets to her, even if she doesn't reply. Even if she sends me a note saying she never wants to hear from me again, at least I'll have tried. That's all that counts for me right now."


Alice looked up suddenly from what had been Alpha-5's favourite computer.

"They have decided."


The five walked back into the Command Centre's main body, none of them talking as the enormity of what was about to happen washed over them.

Alice greeted them with, "Let me see if I've got this straight.

"Trini, you wish to take your second chance. Therefore, I'll place you back in Angel Grove before Billy leaves for Aquitar, and you can continue your discussion."

Trini nodded.

"Kimberly, you also wish to take your second chance, and you will return to Florida on the 8th February 1996, where you never wrote the letter to Tommy, and also telephoned him on that day to confess your insecurities over the state of your relationship."

"Yeah," Kim muttered, once again looking at her feet, then suddenly realised something, and spoke louder. "But now I've realised this means more wake-up calls at 5am, maybe this is the right time to reconsider...."

"Don't, Kimberly. Belive the angel when she says you are making undoubtedly the right decision," Alice reassured her, and Kim fell silent. Alice's gaze moved on to Rocky.

"Rocky, you wish to reject the opportunity this visitation has provided you with. I will return you to what you believe to be the present day."

Rocky spoke his assent, remembering once again all he had lost, and said no more.

"Thomas, you also wish to return to the present day, and not to take up your alternate destiny."

If Zordon felt any shock over his protege's choice, he did not show it, as Tommy acquiesed with Alice's words.

"Tanya, you wish to take up your second chance, so I will return you to Africa, just before you are about to leave for America, and just after you have entrusted Aisha with the letter for Michelle."

"Please," Tanya said.

Alice paused, and looked at them all.

"For what it's worth, I'm sorry about the disruptions with the time you had in the alternate universes. And, although I shouldn't really be saying this..." she surveyed the five who stood before her. "I can assure all of you that you're making the right decisions. In fact, I can promise you that. And an angel's promise is not to be taken lightly."

"I'm still a little confused," Kim admitted. "What's going to happen now? How much of this will we remember, and how much of what happens to us will change?"

"You will remember nothing of what passed this day. As for what will change, I have no power to change anything which happened to you before the day you chose to change."

"Will we know of the changes that happened in each other's lives, though?" Tommy asked, a worried expression crossing his face. "Hypothetically, will the decision that Kim made affect my life at all?"

"I can't answer that question, Tommy," Alice said. "All that angels can do is give you a helping hand. At the end of the day, the choices you make will affect your destinies more than I ever could.

"Please, no more questions," Alice pleaded. "It's time..."


Soon enough, Alice could look back at a job well done.

Rocky and Tommy's universes had remained the same, and returned to the present day Angel Grove. As she had predicted, dreams had occured which reminded them of what had gone on during her visit, although she had not known that they would actually affect the two's lives.

After a dream about Kim, which had suggested to him that she was as unhappy as he was, he had telephoned her and asked if she would like to meet. She had been surprised, but accepted his invitation. It was early days yet, but they were tentatively resurrecting their relationship which had been interrupted many years ago.

Rocky's dream about Rosa hit home. In it, he had realised Rosa regarded another man as her father, and Emilia would do anything in her power to keep it that way. That night, he finally decided to move on, and, although he didn't realise it, he swore for the second time that he would not let down any subsequent children he may have in the same way.

As for the alternate universes Alice had created for three more friends.... they were going better than even she could have predicted.

Although it had taken some persuasion, on both their parts, Billy agreed to return to California as soon as his treatment was over, and Trini reluctantly decided to go back to Switzerland until his return. He duly returned to Earth a cured man, and able to build the relationship with Trini of which he had dreamed for so long.

In Florida, Kim had also been persuaded to stay in the land where it was considered to be forced awake at 5am by an overly loud alarm clock. After a successful Pro-Globals competition, where thankfully her ankle injury had not been repeated, she returned to California, and was currently helping Tommy open his first dojo, while struggling to make a career choice, nursing being her current favourite choice.

Some things never change...

The only area where Alice could possibly feel a slight failure was with Tanya. Some time after her intervention, Michelle had not made contact with her sister. However, light at the end of the tunnel remained - she had recently received a letter from her parents, who were full with joy that Michelle had returned to their tribe. Tanya was unsure as to whether this was because she herself had departed, or whether her sister was ready to make amends, but she was busy throwing herself into the life of being a Ranger, and decided that it was up to Michelle now to make a move.

She had done all she could for her sister - now it was time for her to return the favour.

None of them would ever remember what Alice had done for them. How she had improved rapidly dulling existences, and returned sunshine to the horizon. That didn't matter to her - as an angel, she was glad she had helped, but it was somehow time for her to move on to her next assignment.

Whatever that may be....