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~ Chapter Twenty ~

Chad ran up behind his girlfriend and put his hands over her eyes, grinning when she gasped a little before laughing,

"Oh I wonder who that is." He could almost picture her rolling her eyes as a giggle escaped her lips,

"Chad Dylan Cooper?!" She turned around to face him, wrapping her arms around his neck,

"It's okay the first time, but seriously Chad... four times in the same day?" He shrugged and then kissed her deeply on her soft, cherry flavoured lips,

"It's fun."

"No, it's annoying."

"Which is why it's fun." He sighed, grabbing her hand and pulling her to the line in the cafeteria, she laughed and then raised an eyebrow,

"It's fun to do this...." She grinned, pulling her hand away from him and then moving the other way when he tried to kiss her, she bit down a laugh when he groaned,

"That's not fun."

"It's fun from this point of view."

"But -" She shook her head and went to kiss him, grabbing his chips just before getting to his lips and walking away. Chad gasped dramatically,

"Do you mind?" He left his mouth hanging open as she walked off and shrugged,


"I must love you if I let you steal from me." He muttered, pulling her into him and looking at her still faintly bruised face. Sonny grinned and shook her head at him, dipping her finger in the tomato sauce before wiping it on his cheek.

"Sexy." She whispered, winking at him before walking over to the table they usually sat out,

"Remind me why I put up with you?" He groaned,

"Because you love me more than life itself." He shrugged,

"If you say so." It was Sonny's turn to gasp dramatically, hitting him on the shoulder before grabbing another chip from his plate,

"Have you ever thought of getting your own?"

"But then this wouldn't be fun." She poked her tongue out and then kissed him, causing him to smile a little. He looked at her before pulling her in for a long, lingering kiss – he knew how much they loved each other, despite everything they had been put through.

"Love is strong, love is always the end."

~ The End ~