Paper Cuts

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The full summary.

Afraid to be alone because of a tragic incident? Isabella Swan is but is also afraid to tell what happened that fateful night. Can't remember who you are, but can see the future? Mary Alice Brandon is believed to be crazy, but that's all she knows seeing as she can't remember how she was before that. Terrified by your own beauty and throwing up everything you eat because you are? Rosalie Hale looks in the mirror and screams, afraid of herself so she throws up after eating to hopefully change. Have problems with over working yourself and anger? Emmett McCarty seems to not be able to stop working out and he takes his anger out on people that haven't done anything to him. Considered a murderer because of a crime you didn't commit? Jasper Whitlock sits quietly away from others afraid they will acuse him of killing his own family when he just witnessed it. Sleeping seems to avade you but you like that? Edward Masen doesn't want to nor knows how to sleep so sleeping pills are the only thing that can save him now. Six teens are admitted to the care of Carlisle and Esme Cullen in he hopes that they can overcome the problems they have whether it be learning to love yourself or realizing that you are never alone or just learning how to calm down and take a nap.

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