So I guess rather than upload to my shorts fan-fiction I should just post these shorts in the main story anyway since I try to keep them canon and all. Again I must apologize for the lack of updates. I have several other projects that take precedence over this one, such as my podcast, let's plays, 3d animation, a comic, trying to find a job, summer classes, and a decent social life. I'll try to make a big chapter update before the summer is over. The current "Story" chapter is about half way done and is in the length of chapter 7, so it's pretty long by my standards. Also it should have a new picture too.

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Short 3: Sleeping Face

It was a rare site. Usually her face is painted with emotion, her infectious happiness, her adorable laugh, her equally as adorable glare, or her promiscuous smirk. But at the moment Hayate had a private show of her least seen face. Hinagiku gently slept on top of his covers, no more than two meters away. She lay there completely unguarded, sporting pajamas with a heart motif. Laying, almost as if she floated ever so slightly above the blanket. Her rhythmic breathing only occasionally broken by a slight moan or the rustle of the sheets. For a while the world was still, Hayate could not focus, nor did he even attempt to focus, on another thing. Every moment was a masterfully painted picture, each outclassing the prior. The way her eyes closed gently almost as if feathers had fallen on top of two beautiful gems of amber. Her lips painted with a natural pink the would become the envy of roses. Her strawberry hair laid softly to her side, as a few stray strands graced the tip of her nose to her lips. To say that the site caused his heart to skip a beat would be an understatement, for at this point his heart may have stopped along with time itself.

A ring went off, stopping Hayate's already frozen heart. Although he had not heard it often he immediately recognized it as Hinagiku's ringtone. The beautiful painting that lay before him began to rise up. Hinagiku raised her hands over her head as she began to stretch. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes she slowly slumped over to his desk, resting one hand on his shoulder.

"How far did you get?" She ended her question with a quite yawn, while placing her her palm before her mouth.

"How far?" Hayate was not fully aware of her question as he was soaking in another rare site, the still sleepy pink haired maiden.

"Yeah, I gave you an hour to see how far you could get in the practice exam, you should have at least gotten through halfway." She pulled his notebook closer. The scolding began, although it was another site Hayate was used to, it wasn't his favorite.