This is just a short, silly drabble I wrote on a whim the other night.

Hope it gets a few giggles out of you. :]

Nellie Lovett woke with a start as a sharp pain surged through her lower abdomen. Sitting upright she clenched at her stomach and cursed under her breath silently. Standing, she pulled back the throw she covered herself with at night and growled in frustration as the big red blotch confirming her suspicions was revealed.

"O' bloody 'ell," she muttered and then chuckled at the irony of what she had just said. Stripping her bed of the sheets, her blanket,and ridding her self of her now bloody underwear, she gathered them in her arms. Making her way through the small hallway leading to her pie shop, Nellie managed to stumble her way through the dark to the wash out back. Pumping clean water into the wash bin, Nellie plopped the bed stuff into the frigid water and began the torturous scrubbing. She managed to rid her bedding of the mess and hung them to dry.

Walking back to her room, Nellie found one of the rags she used for this sort of thing and quickly placed it where it needed to be placed. Pulling on the lined undergarments, she sighed at her naked bed. Deciding to start the day rather early, she padded her way to her pie shop to start her day.

Nellie Lovett continued her cycle for five days before she was down to her last rag. Knowing she had more than five, Nellie began hastily searching for her menstrual rags. For an entire day, Nellie Lovett searched for her rags. It wasn't until she found Sweeney by the wash did she notice the unusually small rag hanging from his waist.

"Sweeny, love," she said, getting his attention. Receiving simply a 'hmm' in return, Nellie giggled before asking, "Where'd ya get your cloth from, Mistah T?"

"There was a bunch of them hanging on the line."

"Those are um, my rags, love," she admitted, a grin on her face.

"Your rags have stains on them."

"Yes, um," she giggled. "They're used for personal reasons, Mistah T."

Sweeney's face paled and he slowly un-tucked the white cloth from his breeches and handed it to Mrs. Lovett. "My apologies, Mrs. Lovett."

"It's alright, love," she said, giggling as Mr. Todd walked out of the wash.

I'm not even quite sure where I got the idea, it just begged to be written.

I would greatly appreciate reviews. :D!