A/N: Welcome to my Chumscrubber fan fiction! I know a few of you may/may not have been waiting for this and I finally got some inspiration to start this today. It, most likely, will go slow in pace as I just started as of now and only have one chapter typed up because I'm nt writing it on paper. But here we go. Hope you like it.

Chapter 1


"Elizabeth, will you please finish getting your boxes out of the van?" I heard my mother shout.

"Fine," I groaned, pulling my hair into a sloppy ponytail. I hated this. The move. The new neighborhood. Everything. And it had only been an hour. As I walked out the door to the big white U-haul truck parked in our new driveway, I saw my parents debating about where to keep Rascal, our dog. I just shook my head as I walked by them to the back of the truck. There were five boxes labeled 'Izzy'. "Oh joy..." I said with sarcastic enthusiasm. Reluctantly, I reached for one of the boxes and carried it through the front door into the new and exciting house. Not really. The house was big and spacious, even though there were only four of us. It had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, kitchen. The works really. My room was on the second floor, to the left of the stairs. As I walked in, I dropped the box next to the door with the others I brought up earlier.

After bringing the rest of the boxes up from the truck, I laid on the floor of my new room and stared at the ceiling. "This royally sucks," I said to myself. "Seriously, who the hell moves a kid when they're in senior year?" I rubbed at my eyes with a sigh before standing up. I was about to be going into 12th grade and was not going to enjoy the year as much as I always hoped I would. Final year before being able to go out in the world and I had to spend it with complete strangers. And to make it all better, school was scheduled to start in a week. With another sigh, I started down the stairs. Once I reached the bottom I heard a splash. "What the..." Walking into the bland, unfurnished kitchen I saw out the back slider door that my brother, Gabriel, had jumped into the pool. "Gabe! You're supposed to be unpacking," I yelled as I walked to the edge of the pool.

"Screw that!" he laughed as he climbed out from the opposite side and jumped in again. I just glared at him for a second before going back in the house. I even thought about joining him but I wasn't the rebel of the family. That was his place. Gabe was only 12 years old and already managed to get in trouble way too much. He even dressed the part, usually being found wearing dark grungy clothing and his beanie.

I on the other hand, I was the opposite. Not polar opposite but different. I was the one with passing grades, decent friends, and dressed normal. Maybe the fact that we're six years apart could be why. As I sat on the couch in our new living room, I thought about my birthday. In two months I'll be eight teen and shortly on my way out of this house by the time I'm graduating.

Boredom began to set in. There's no way my mother would get me to unpack my room at the current point in time and I surely wasn't going to go help my father arrange furniture so I bolted up to my room, grabbed my messenger bag lying on one of the boxes, and walked downstairs straight out the door. "Honey, would you mind-" I heard my mother start to say.

"No," I said gruffly as I wandered around the side of the garage and sat planted myself against the building in the grass. I kicked of my flip flops next to me and pulled out my notebook. Flipping to a blank page, I pulled the pencil out of the binding and began to doodle.


The drive hadn't been that long but Dean desperately wanted to stretch his legs. "Only five more minutes," he told himself with a sigh. It wasn't exactly his choice to return home but where else was there to go? It's not like I could've went with Crystal, he thought. New York is expensive and too much of a scenery change for me. He sighed again as his thoughts returned to Crystal. It wasn't his choice for them to break up, but it seemed to be the right thing to do since she was about to move thousands of miles away. All because of the ex-mayor's art career demanded it.

Dean smirked. His career took off because of dolphins. He laughed about it briefly. And because of Dad's stupid book. At least that's over with. His father had written a book called The Happy Accident and started a tour of it when Dean left, but according to his mom and brother, it fell off shelves. On the other hand, his mom's vitamin line skyrocketed. She had a bigger family now, the "Veggie Force family", and devoted all her time out on the road with them. One less thing to deal with while I'm here, Dean thought.

He pulled into the familiar cul-de-sac where his home was in Hillside, California and steered the car into the driveway. He put the car in park and opened the door, getting out of the car. Dean inhaled deeply as he looked around. Everything seemed to look the same since he left those distant six months ago. He looked to Crystal's house across the street and saw a moving van. Except for that. A new family was moving into Crystal's old house now, reminding him that she was gone. He told himself not to care, grabbing his backpack from the car, and walking up to the front door. Dean opened the door slowly. "Dad? Charlie?" he called, putting his bag down on the stairs.

"Dad's not home," he heard his younger brother, Charlie, say from the living room. He was sitting playing video games as he always did. "He's at the office."

"Alright," Dean said with a shake of the head. He turned around and picked up his bag before starting up the steps to his room. He stopped at the door, hesitating almost, as if opening the door would be a challenge. He furrowed his brow and fixed his bag, then opened the door. His room looked the same as it did before he left with Crystal: twin size bed with clean white linen sheets, bookshelf in proper place, pictures tacked to the wall above his desk, and stereo system above his bed on the window sill. Dean made a small smile and threw his bag on his bed. He heard a car pull up and moved out his window. His father's car pulled up behind his. He made a slight frown as his eyes were caught. A brunette girl sitting at the side of Crystal's old house seemed to be drawing. Was this the new family? Dean wondered. Maybe I'll ask Dad...