Music and the Not-So-Smart

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I suggest listening to some of these songs so you know what's happening…

Adam- I'm bored.

Angel- Aren't you always…

Kris- *singing with iPod in his ears that no one else hears* There's always gonna be another mountain. I'm always gonna wanna make it move. Always gonna be an uphill battle. Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose. Ain't about how fast I get there. Ain't about what's waiting on the other side. It's the climmmmmmmmmmmmmbbbbbbbbbb!!!!

Angel- Ew! I HATE that song!

Lila- I have an idea of what we should do! *Grabs Kris' iPod* Thank you!

Kris- Hey!
Lila- *puts earbuds in Angel's ears* Okay, now REACT!

Angel- AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Danny- What did you put on?

Lila- Bottom of the Ocean by Miley Cyrus.

Allison- Kris, why do you have that on my iPod?

Kris- I don't know…

Angel- Okay, I wish YOU would go to the bottom of the ocean!

Lila- It's about her fish dying.

Adam- And she wrote a love song in memory of her pet fish?!?
Allison- Apparently…

Angel- WHAT THE HELL?!? WHO CREAMATES A FRICKIN' FISH?!? When my fish die, my sister and I fight over who gets to flush it down the toilet.

Danny- …Okay…

Lila- Okay, okay. How's this?

Angel- EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! IT'S EVEN WORSE!!!!!!! *pulls earbuds out of ears*

Danny- What did you put on?

Lila- The Barney theme song…

Allison- Kris, that's on your iPod because…

Kris- Uhhhhh…I must have accidentally downloaded it…

Allison- How do you "accidentally" download a song?

Kris- I don't know…

Adam- My turn! I'll pick a song!

Angel- NOOOOO!!!!! Haven't I been tortured enough?!?

Adam& Lila- Nope! *force earbuds into Angel's ears*

Angel- AHHHHH!!!!!

Danny- Did Adam put on Miley Cyrus again?

Angel- No! Worse!

Allison- What?

Angel& Adam- HANNAH MONTANA!!!!!

Everyone Else- AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Adam- Okay, even I can't handle the screaming! *changes song*

Angel- This screaming isn't much better! AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Allison- Adam, what did you put on, and Kris, why would it be on your iPod?

Adam- I put on Feeling Good, my version of course, and Kris better have it on his iPod!

Kris- I would have downloaded all of your stuff Alli, but they took it off of iTunes the other day…

Allison- And what about all of the days before that?

Kris- I kinda spent all of my iTunes money…

Allison- On what?

Lila- Probably on all of that crap…

Danny- Kris, out of all the terrible songs, why did you have to choose Barney?

Kris- I told you! I accidently bought it!

Allison- Yeah, you "accidentally" got the whole album!

Kris- Exactly!

Angel- A little help here! Adam's screaming in my ears!
Lila- Can't you take the earbuds out?

Angel- Uh, no…

Lila- What do you mean?

Angel- I can't get them out. They're stuck, and- AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! ADAM GET IT OFF OF MAX VOLUME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam- …And right on the scream part! I am GOOD!

Kris- Uh, no.

Angel- Uh, hello…anyone going to help me?

Lila- Angel, how do you get earbuds stuck in your ears?

Angel- I don't know!

Allison- Wait! Adam! Did you take my superglue again?

Adam- Uh…maybe?

Angel- WHAT!!!!! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!! *tries to get up* CRAP!

Adam- I knew doing the chair was a good idea too!

Lila- Uh, no.

Angel- I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!

Kris- Adam… I hate to tell you this, but I'm on her side.

Adam- What!?! Why?!?

Kris- Because, I just remember that YOU spent all of my iTunes money on Barney!

Adam- No I didn't!

Kris- *gives Adam death glare*

Adam- Okay! I got Barney! Who cares?

Allison- Anyone with ears…

Adam- *ignoring interruption* YOU'RE the one who got Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus!

Danny- Wow Kris…I would love to have your ears…

Kris- Why?

Danny- Because. Mine are too sensitive to handle that crap.

Angel- Have you idiots forgotten about me or something?!? I'm still here!!!!!

Lila- Allison, do you have anything to help me get Angel off of the chair…

Angel- And get the earbuds out of my ears! Oh no…

Danny- What?


Will they be able to save Angel from going deaf? What other crap will be found on Kris' iPod? Please review! I'll take suggestions!