I woke up the sun slanted into my eyes. I looked around my room seeing my oak wood closet that my Aunt Alice had given me for my last birthday in it held rack after rack of cloths. I pushed myself till I sat on the edge of my bed. I wore a black T-shirt that was ten sizes to big with short PJ shorts underneath.

I quickly ran to the banister and jumped from the second floor to the first. The stairs where inconvenient to myself I would much rather do this then have to walk all the way down… I stopped in mid thought when I saw him, he sat at the table laughing at a joke that I didn't hear my father laughed along with him. My Aunt Rosalie stood in the corner glaring at both of them. I walked into the room. He stopped laughing to look at me why did he always have to look at me that way like he forgot how I looked every time or any time he didn't see me he was blind but when he saw me he could see me again. I loved that look. Every time my heart would beat twice as hard and I would get dizzy. I shifted my weight uncomfortably

"Hey Jacob."

"Hey there Nessie good sleep I hope" he said with a smile curving his lips.

"Wonderful" I laughed. I skipped over to the couch and landed beside my dad.

"Bonjour mon père"

"Ah, comment tu dors mon chéri?" he responded

"Très bon" I laughed when I looked over at Jacob who had a confused look on his face.

"Its French Jake" Edward shouted

"I know that…" Jacob looked down sheepishly at his cup of coffee. I laughed louder then before.

It was not a minute later when my uncle Emmett and my mother walked through the door.

"Look who's awake!" my uncle shouted I knew what was going to happen in that split second why I did not fight back was something of a mystery before I could get that hull thought through my head I was pinned on the ground my uncle towering over me "Taken down… like a girl" with that comment I reacted I pushed up off the ground and pushed my uncle with all my force. He went flying and luckily the door was still open from their arrival because he went shooting out the door and a few meters out the other side.

"You should look your self in the mirror before you say that" I called out

Jacob snickered as well my dad and mother did too. With that comment he came flying to the door and stopped to look at me with a glare that would have killed

"Alright let's not get this out of hand, I still want some of my daughter left Em." My mother said before coming up and hugging me tightly. I smiled up at her before walking over and sitting by Jacob. As much as I tried I could not block out herring my father walk over to my mother and whispering in her ear "good morning" and "how he had a lovely night" like thought he didn't know I could hear.

" I've got a surprise for you today." Jacob said into my ear his lips almost brushing my ear. I shivered which was out of line since he was unbelievably hot, in temperature anyway… I saw my father glance at me with a blank face. I blushed when I remembered he could read my thoughts drifting. I shock my head clearing my thoughts.

"What is it?" I whispered back

"Mmm, I cant tell you it's a secret" Jacob chuckled and smiled. I felt as if my legs had turned into jelly. I hadn't always been like this. This mushy blob of feelings for Jacob. Only recently had I realised this fact that I was truly well… falling you know for him. My father once again looked at me. I rubbed my forehead and looked down blushing a deep red. It seemed that I had gotten this trait from my mother my father would always say that when he saw me blush that I was exactly like my mother in that way.

"You won't even give me a hint?" I asked

"Nope, Now go get ready or we won't even be going."

"AHA so we are going some where I can read you like a book Jake"

he rolled his eyes then shoved me

"Just go get ready" though he couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

I ran up the stairs excited about the day in front of me