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"If you don't know where you are going, how can you expect to get there?"- Basil S. Walsh

Tia sat on her bed, staring at the carpet, thinking. Merlin was right next to her, curled up, asleep. She wasn't sure why it bugged her so much at what Jake said. It wasn't like she actually cared what a dragon thought. Still, she felt deeply hurt by his words. Her mother thought she was being over dramatic about this; so did her brother. Lue just tried to cheer her up by turning her brother into a toad, which, did make Tia smile; but, it just sorta reminded her that she would probably never be able to do that.

It just wasn't fair. Lue was eight and she already had half the magic book spells memorized. And, she could do them all without any of them backfiring. Mare was already on his way to getting his wizard license, and, he never ceased the chance to rub it in her face. Yet, Tia couldn't even do a simple fireball spell. Tia's thoughts of angst were interrupted when her door opened.

"Tia, can I talk to you for a minute?" her father asked, walking into the room. He picked up Merlin, sat down on the bed, and then placed the cat in his lap; scratching him behind the ear.

"Do I have a choice?" Tia asked, looking at her dad.

"Not really, no."

"Then, you may talk," Tia said, smirking. Koeh rolled his eyes.

"Oh, thank you, oh wise, smart mouthed one; for granting me allowance to speak to my own daughter," her father said, sarcastically. Tia chuckled.

"Anyway, I want to know why you barricade your self in her room and refuse to come out." Tia guessed that either no one told him about tonight when he got back from work, or, he already knew, and expected her to retell the story, just so he could give her a lecture. Tia quickly explained what happened, looking at the carpet the whole time. Her ankle still hurt whenever she walked, but, at least it wasn't broken.

"Ah, I see. Jake hurt my little girls feelings," Koeh said, rustling Tia's hair.

"I'm not a little girl anymore, dad." Tia pushed his hand off her head and quickly patted down her hair. "I want to be able to use big spells! Or, at least be able to learn new spells; heck, I would be fine if I could just use the fireball spell without it back firing!"

"You know, Tia, it's no so bad not knowing how to do a couple of spells. Just look at me, I can't do anything near as amazing as your mother, and, I'm just fine with it."

"Yeah, but, that's different. Mom's a witch. You're just an elf...Not that being an elf isn't amazing! Because it is!" Tia quickly added.

"Then, why are you depressed about not being able to do a couple of spells? You're part elf, you know," Koeh added.

"Yeah, but so are Lue and Mare. And, they can do amazing stuff like mom." Tia slumped over and rested her chin on her hand.

"Well, maybe, you have more 'just an elf' gene in you then they do." And, with that, Koeh kissed his daughter on the head, put the cat on the bed, and left. Tia got off her bed to grab her magic book, which she had to limp because her ankle still hurt. Once she grabbed it, she sat back down on her bed and opened it.

"And, what are you going to do with that?" Merlin asked, stretching. Tia flipped through the pages.

"I'm trying to find a very, very simple spell. I want to prove to everyone that I can actually do something," Tia said. She stopped on page 389 and scrolled her finger down the page until she finally spotted one.

"Prove to who? To your self? Or, do you just want to show off to the dragon?" Merlin asked, licking his paw. Tia gave Merlin a quick glare before she read over a freezing spell. Then she slammed it shut and grabbed her wand from her nightstand that was beside her bed. Tia then turned to face Merlin. He stopped licking him self to stare at her, his eye brow arched.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Merlin asked, shifting his eyes to Tia's wand, then her face.

"Don't worry, Merlin. It won't last more then a few minutes, I promise." Tia started to chant the spell, then pointed her wand Merlin. Merlin yelled a loud "Meow!" before dodging the spell and jumping off the bed and then under it. The spell hit Tia's glass collection of faeries, bouncing right off one of them, and then headed back towards Tia. Tia ducked at the last second, then turned to see where it had gone. The spell bounced off the wall, heading back towards Tia. Tia quickly jumped to the floor, her ankle killing her again, and dragged her self under her bed; where the cat was now lecturing her. Tia peeked her head out of underneath the bed just in time to see her door open.

"Tia, mom said you shou-" Lue stopped talking when the spell hit her right in the face, making her fall back on to her butt. Tia quickly got out from under her bed to help her sister up.

"I didn't even do anything! And, now, my face is freezing!" Lue said, her face pale and her nose red. She had ice on both cheeks and on her forehead. Lue turned to leave,shutting the door behind her; shouting down to her mother.

"Don't bother her, mom! Tia is still pouting about what happened, and will blast you if you go into her room!" Tia limped over to her bed, her ankle throbbing now, from having to dropped to the floor, and the weight she had to put on it to help Lue up.

"And, the point you made from that display was what now?" Merlin asked, hopping back on top of the bed. Tia gave him a cold glare. She knew her spell didn't work, all it did was ice down Lue's face.

"Oh, just leave me alone you stupid cat! Can't you just go bother some mice or birds or something?" Tia spat, not in the least mood to be ridiculed.

"That's so stereotypical!" Merlin huffed. Tia bended down and grabbed the toy mouse from her floor. Then, she held it in the air, swinging it from left to right.

"That won't work on me! I have more self...self control..." Merlin voice flattened and his eyes grew big. He quickly stood in a pouncing position and leaped into the air, grabbing the mouse with his mouth, then landing on the bed with grace. He started to gnawing on the head, then, realizing what he was doing and spit it out. Tia lifted her eye brow.

"Shut up," Merlin said, starting to chew on the head again. Tia just rolled her eyes and looked around her room. Her walls, which were painted a light purple, were mostly plastered with posters of human and magical singers, another of Johnny Depp, and one motivational poster of a kitten hanging from a tree with that words, 'Hang in There' at the top. Her bed, with a white and purple bedspread, was pushed against the right wall, with the nightstand right next to it. She had a desk on the left wall, where paper was spread out everywhere-- it was mostly her homework from the last two days. On top of her dresser was where she kept her glass faeries, a collection of hers since she was little. She had only been in the house for little less then a week, yet, it felt like home.

"I wonder if I'd really be a better elf than witch," Tia muttered, picking up her magical book again. Merlin, seeing her holding it, quickly stopped chomping on the toy and ran under the bed, in fear of her trying another spell. Tia saw this and rolled her eyes. She gently placed the book on her nightstand and got off the bed. She strolled over to her closet and grabbed a duffel bag. Merlin, seeing that Tia wasn't going to try another spell, got out from under the bed and walked over to her.

"What are you doing now?" He asked.

"Packing," Tia said, flatly. She limped around the room, grabbing some clothes and shoving them into the bag. Merlin gave her a strange look.

"Packing? But...why?" Tia stopped grabbing things for a second to think of her answer. Finally, she spoke.

"I'm going to go live with my grandparents, in the magical world," Tia said, resuming her packing. Merlin looked horrified.

"Y-Your G-G-Grandparents? Have you completely lost it?" Merlin asked, throwing his paws in the air for effect.

"Not my mom's parents, my dad's." Tia knew Merlin was afraid of her grandfather, Joshua. Merlin has been their families magical guardian for generations now, from her mom's side. Her grandfather was a very powerful warlock, and, back when Merlin was watching him, her grandfather would turn him into all sorts of different animals and objects, and he left him like that for days; maybe even weeks. One time, he turned Merlin into grandfather clock for almost a month-- Merlin hasn't been near a clock since.

"Oh. Why?" Merlin asked, getting back on all fours again.

"Because, if I can't become a witch, then, I'll just be an elf. And, where's a better place to learn then at my grandparents house in the country?" Tia said.

"Why do you need to go live in forest to know how to be an elf? Just do what you normally do."

"No, my mom will insist on making me a witch. Also, I won't be able to stand Mare bragging about his license for very long. But, if I'm already with my grandparents, I'm sure they could convince mom and dad to let me stay. Plus, the magical realm is much better then here in the mortal world." Tia had finally went around her whole room and packed away everything she thought she would need for her to survive the next couple of days. She thought once she was there, her mother could just poof the rest of her stuff to her new room in the country.

"But how will you even get there if you don't want anyone to know?! You can barely get around your room! And, you can't possibly think of flying on your broom, your mother could just as easily find you." Merlin watched as Tia sat on her bed, resting her ankle for a few minutes.

"I'll just walk to the nearest forest, I'm sure I'll find some fairy or sprite and they could help me. I'll just have to limp there." Tia wasn't so happy with that, but, it was the only way. Merlin jumped back up on the bed and sat down next to her, giving her sad kitty eyes.

"But-But, what will happen of me?!" Merlin asked. Tia scratched behind his ear before responding.

"You'll help Lue, or Mare."

"What?! Mare hates me, and, even if I was his animal guardian, he's allergic to cats! It'll always be raining snot! And, Lue's even worse! She'll put bows on my tail and around my neck!" Merlin complained. Tia rolled her eyes for the millionth time today and patted Merlin on the head.

"I'm sure you'll be fine without me. Plus, you can always come visit."

"Visit who?" Mare asked, barging into Tia's room.

"N-No one!" Tia stuttered, knowing that wasn't the best answer she could have given. She quickly pushed her bag behind her, hoping Mare hadn't seen it yet.

"Uh huh. Sure. Anyway, mom wants to know if she should just send you up your dinner or put it in the microwave for you to eat later," Mare asked.

"Oh, uh...I'll eat it later."

"Are you really that upset at what that dragon said earlier? Don't you think you're being a bit over dramatic about this?" Mare questioned, giving her an irritated look.

"Yes! Now, either go away, or feel the wrath of an emotional teenage girl!" Tia said, annoyed at how he thought she was being over dramatic. All she was doing was leaving her home forever and going to go live with her grandparents...Oh wait. Maybe doing that was a bit over dramatic. But, Tia didn't care. She already made up her mind. Mare just shrugged and left.

"Please tell me your not going to leave me here with him," Merlin pleaded.

"Sorry, Merlin, but, I'm going. And, there isn't anyone who can stop me," Tia said, patting on the cat on the head again.

Tia had waited until she was sure everyone in her home was asleep to sneak into the kitchen. She popped opened the microwave and grabbed the plate. Tia quickly dropped her bag to the floor and grabbed a fork. Despite the food being cold, Tia scarfed it down in a mere seconds. She was starving after all, not eating dinner could do that to her.

Once she was done, she softly placed the plate and fork into the sink. Then, she picked up the duffel bag, and tiptoed to the front door. As Tia was turning to handle, something poked her in the back. Tia jumped, having to cover her mouth to keep her self from screaming. She looked behind her to see her broom. It quickly got lower, expecting her to get on it before she left.

"No, no. I have to leave without you," Tia whispered sadly. The broom looked down sadly, the bristles bending down.

"I'm sorry, it's just...If I bring you, mom will be able to track me if she wakes up before I get to grandma and papa's house," Tia tried to explain. "So, please make sure no one wakes up, okay?" The broom nodded, bristles flying everywhere. Tia smiled.

"Thanks." Then, Tia quickly turned, opened the front door, and walked out into the night.

Merlin scratched on the door, meowing like crazy. It worked better then shouting like he tried a half an hour ago. Tia had locked him in her room, knowing he wouldn't be able to get out; he was too short to reach the handle.

"Urg! Why did I have to be the runt of the litter!" Merlin complained, still scratching the door.

Lue groaned when she was awoken by the sounds of meowing and scratching. She quickly dragged her self out of bed and opened her door.

"Tia, why did you lock the cat in your room, again?" Lue mumbled, rubbing her eyes as she walked over to Tia's door. She turned the handle, but realized that it was locked. So, she started to bang on it.

"Tia, wake up! Unlock the door so the cat can get out and I can actually get some sleep!" Lue whispered loudly.

"Lue? Is that you? Tia has runaway! Go tell your mother!" Merlin shouted. He also really hoped that she would unlock the door with magic, since, he really needed to use the litter box. Merlin heard Lue run down the hall and then a few minutes later heard more footsteps come back. Merlin quickly jumped out of the way as Lucinda blew the door open. Lucinda walked hastily over to Tia's bed, where a big bulge was sticking out from under the blankets. She quickly swiped the blankets off, reveling a mixture of pillows and stuffed animals.

"Really, that child is just so dramatic!" Lucinda muttered under her breath.

"Merlin, do you know where she went?" Lue asked, concern on her face.

"Yes. She was going to go to her father's parents home," Merlin said.

"How was she going to get there? She's injured for god's sake!" Lucinda yelled. This was one of the most stupidest things Tia has ever done. She was going to be grounded for a long time after they got her.

"Lue, get your father and Mare up, we're going to go get her," Lucinda sighed, rubbing her head. Lue nodded and left.

"Is Tia in trouble?" Merlin asked, hoping she was; after all, she did shut him in here and was going to leave him with her two siblings.

"Oh yeah."

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