My Darling Taiyoukai

You are demon,

And I human.

Never meant to be,

With the other.

You are a Lord,

And I a peasant.

Another reason,

Not to be together.

But we proved them wrong,

In every way.

We stuck to gether,

Threw thick and thin.

We know we are different,

But we are fine with that.

I traveled with his half brother,

Till her broke my heart one to many times.

He was my enemy ,

Now my lover.

I never thought that I could love anyone,

But I do I love my Sesshoumaru.

He may be Inuyasha's half brother,

But they are far from the same.

One a cold blooded killer,

And the other a half wit hanyou.

I fell for the half bread first,

But then her hurt me.

Over and over again,

Until I could take it no more.

He now has his dead miko,

One who he truly loves.

I always felt like the loner,

In our little old group.

Miroku has Sango,

Inuyasha has Kikyou,

And little Shippo has Killia.

I had that feeling,

For the longest time.

Until finally,

My Love came along.

He made me fall for him,

And he fell for me as well.

We soon mated,

Now I travel with him.

I love him and,

He loves me as well.

He calls me his Sweet Miko,

I call him my Darling Taiyoukai.

Ok first one My Sweet Miko was in Sesshoumaru's POV now this one is in Kagome's my beta did not look over this one but I did use speel check on it.

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