Hi I'm Ashley Davies. I'm from L.A. my favorite place ever. My mom is a total bitch and we moved to Ohio because she has a new man(which isn't a shocker) who has a job here. I love to write songs, sing, and play my guitar. Yes I'm gay. Oh and did I mention that I've never met my mom's new man.

"Mom why exactly did we move here? I'm freezing my ass off." I asked.
"Because Fred's job is here." Her mom replied.
"Well I don't even know Fred so why should I get punished?"
"It's not punishment."

God I hate my mom. I thought to myself.
"We are almost to his house." Her mom said.
"Oh goody does this mean I have to pretend to be straight and be a goody tooshoo again?"
"Yes actually it does."

Do you understand why I hate my mom now? I'm always forced to pretend to be the perfect daughter to make her look good although I never listen when I'm supposed to be pretending.
"Are we there yet 'cuz I'm seriously tired of having to sit plus my ass is numb from the plan ride?" I asked.
"Yes about five more minutes. And stop cussing...especially while we are with Fred...or at least in his presence."
"Fine. Whatever."

God why am I agreeing to this?......oh ya 'cuz I get sent to bootcamp if I don't. I thought to myself.
"So what school are you sending me to this time?" I asked.
"Walnut Hills Highschool."
"Oh joy." I said sarcastically.
"We're here."

Great I get to meet Fred and go to some preppy school. Well at least I'm starting school at the beginning of Junior year and not in the middle of it. Oh I completly forgot to tell you my mom's name...sorry...her name is Christine...not that she really matters to me.
"Hi Christine." Fred said.
"Hi hon."
"This must be your wonderful daughter Ashley."
"Yup thats me. Now where's my room?"
"Uhhh.....third floor it's the second biggest room."
"OK. Bye.

Damn this is a big house. I thought to myself as I climbed the stairs to get to my room.
Once I got all my stuff put where I wanted it we had to eat dinner with Fred. Dinner seemed to last hours 'cuz all he talked about was how much I'd love Ohio. And how wonderful it was to finally meet me. And a bunch of other boring crap that i tuned out after awhile.