Hey! I'm back! Dun, dun, dun. Lol right? Well, originally I was going to give this idea to my friend Locketful o' Heartache because she is such an amazing writer, but she said that I was better at sad stories so I decided that I would try it. So here we go!I do not own Twilight Stephenie Meyer does.


Bella Swan is a beautiful, intelligent, cute, funny, and charming little girl. At least that's what people think when they see her at the adoption centers, but soon they realize that she's... strange. She grows too fast, she's much too smart to be the toddler she looks like, and her skin is too hard. Because of these differences she is passed on from foster home to foster home. What will the Cullen's do when they hear of the strange child?

Bella POV

I stared out the window and into the fog that was surrounding the car. I was with my new 'parents' and we were driving away from San Francisco and towards Seattle, Washington. I would miss San Francisco. I would miss the beautiful ocean, I would miss the awesome clam chowder, I would miss the theater's with amazing plays, but most of all I would miss my old sister Katelyn. She was honestly the nicest person I had ever met. She taught me how to play soccer and would always crack me up with her sarcastic humor. When I was leaving we hugged each other, both teary eyed but we were both the type to suffer in silence so we promised we wouldn't shed a single tear. That was the first time I ever broke a promise to Katelyn, I cried like a baby. She was so sweet to me and she even was okay with the fact that I was different.

Different. I hated that word, no I loathed it. Different is what people used to described me. Different, weird, strange, freak, outsider. The words floated around my head, taunting me. I could never be the same as every other kid. Ever since my gruesome up bringing I have been bizarre. For a split second I allowed myself to think about my mother. The only picture of her I had in my mind floated through my thoughts. It was as revolting as it was uplifting. She was covered in a coat of blood and sweat, her hair was twisted and knotted in many different directions, and she wore the strangest smile; it was a mix between a grimace of pain and a smile of triumph. From what I could remember her name was Renee, she had brown hair and blue eyes. She talked to me before She passed away. She told me my father's name was Phil.(A/N BTW Phil is a vampire in this story) and his human eye color was brown. She didn't say anything more about him, but she continued to talk. She started mumbling things unintelligible, but I could hear the last word she whispered, "Hybrid".

I sighed in frustration, whenever I asked people what a hybrid was they would look at me like I have two heads because I only look like I'm 4 years old or they start talking about cars. My new 'mother' took my sigh as an anxious sigh. She looked back at me and smiled, "Don't worry dear, we'll be there soon enough." I tried to smile back but it came out as more of a tightening of the lips. She looked pleased though. " Oh and you will just adore my son Mike, he's about your age too!" I inwardly groaned. Great another boy that will try to hold my hand. I shuddered at the thought. I put on my best fake smile and replied, "Oh, yes Mrs. Newton I'm sure we'll get along." She seemed a little shocked that I could complete a whole sentence that a six year old would have trouble saying but still replied, "Call me mom." "Sure mom" My voice distorted around the word. She seemed to notice because she suddenly looked sympathetic, "I'm sorry it must be hard for you." I just nodded my head. Suddenly she exclaimed "Look we're here!" We pulled up to a regular sized house. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Nothing extraordinary. We walked inside the house and there waiting was a four year old boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Great, just perfect. And there's the sarcasm I learned from Katelyn. "Hiya, I'm Mike." I nodded. Mrs. Newton elbowed me in the side and gave a pointed look. "I'm Bella" He grinned cheekily and said, "Really, I thought you were pretty" I turned my face to the side so Mrs. Newton wouldn't see me roll my eyes. "Aw, that's so sweet Mikey wikey." Mrs. Newton cooed at her son. I gagged quietly so she wouldn't hear. "Well Bella why don't you go upstairs and get comfy." "Yes" I answered and walked up the stairs .I walked into my room and groaned. The walls were princess pink and the bed had Barbie covers on it. Oh well, I thought, I'll be out of here in a few days anyway. It was getting late so I decided to go to sleep. I laid on the Barbie Princess covers and pretended that I was in Phoenix with Renee and I would wake up in the morning and see her bubbly smile. A tear dripped down my cheek as I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up tp the smell of pancakes and bacon. I wrinkled my nose. For some reason food had always smelled aa little revolting to me. I walked down the stairs to find Mike shoving pancakes down his throat. I doubted he could even taste them. Mrs. Newton smiled and asked me if I wanted any pancakes. I declined and just had an apple. The rest of the day dragged on. Mike tried to get me to play with his toy cars, but I found it rather childish so I went over to the book shelves. I shook my head at Mike's book collection. Seriously, The Cat In the Hat? I went over to Mrs. Newton's books and found a book called Wuthering Heights and decided to read it. I was already to the part where Heathcliff comes back to find Cathy Earnshaw to be Cathy Linton. The next few days went by just as the one before. I devoured Mrs. Newton's book collection. Today was the fourth day and living here wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - as long as I ignored Mike. I went to sleep at around eight o'clock, but I woke up having another nightmare about my birth. I was covered in a sheet of sweat. I went to the bathroom to wash off my face. I walked down the stairs where I hear Mr. And Mrs. Newton talking. " I don't know, she seemed so nice and normal at the orphanage, but now she's so...strange." I sighed, I had heard this conversation too many times before. "I mean she reads books that even I find difficult to read, she's grown two inches in four days, and she speaks like she's fifteen years old!" "So what are you saying?" Mr. Newton asked her. "I'm saying that maybe we should give her to the Forks Adoption Center." Mrs. Newton whispered. Mr. Newton sighed, "We'll tell her tomorrow, she can pack her bags and we'll drop her off.". "I feel horrible for doing this to her, but I just don't want a weird child." I couldn't listen to this anymore. I walked back up to my room as Mrs. Newton's word swirled around in my head. "She's just so strange" "I don't want a weird child"

I fell asleep asking myself, Why me? Why did I have to be a freak, a weirdo?

I woke up the next morning and saw just what I feared. Mrs. Newton was wearing a grave expression with my bags already packed and by the door. I looked at her , but she avoided my eyes. I cleared my throat and spoke, "Thank you for having me here, but I can see that you don't want me so I guess I'm leaving." I said shrugging my shoulders, grabbed my bags and climbed into the car. Mrs. Newton climbed into the drives seat silently and drove me to the Forks Adoption Center without saying a word. I hopped out of the car with my bags. "Mrs. Newton checked me into the adoption center then turned back to me. "Look Bella, I'm really, really sorry you'll be adopted in no time." I was suddenly angry. Of course I'll be adopted, but I'll end up back here again! " Thanks" I said coldly. She look shocked by sudden lack of politeness. I walked into my room. There was a bunk bed and the walls were a boring tan. I unloaded my bags and laid on my bed. Before I fell asleep that night I pulled out the picture of my mom again and drifted to sleep crying.

Alice POV

I was walking around the house, rather bored actually. I was going to complain to Jazz about the lack of excitement in the house when suddenly I had a vision.

There was a little girl who looked to be about four years old. She seemed mad about something and punched a wall. I expected her to hurt her fist but to my surprise she made a huge hole in the wall. She gasped in horror, and walked away quickly.

I was shocked and surprised so I looked for the strange girl's future. The next vision is from a week later.

She was standing in line with the other children while a couple looked through the children. The couple was looking for a boy so the girl didn't get picked. There were a lot of things different about her. She was an inch and a half taller and a little wider.

"Carlisle!" I shouted. "Alice, what's wrong? Alice!" Jasper said waving a hand in front of my face. My entire family was in the room now. "Alice, who was that?" Edward asked me. He had seen my visions. " There's a girl," I told everyone, "She's not human..." "An immortal child!" Rosalie exclaimed. "No, no, no!" I corrected her. " Not human, but I'm not sure what she is." "What does she look like Alice?" Esme asked me. "She's pale, almost as pale as us but she blushes, she's just about a strong as us and she grows rapidly." I stated. "Where was she Alice?" Carlisle asked me. "She was at an adoption center right here in Forks." I said sympathetically. "It's decided then," Carlisle said, "We'll go to the adoption center and see if she really is not human and if she isn't we have no choice but to adopt her." Esme's eyes lit up at the thought of having a child in the house. I don't think this si a good idea." Edward muttered. "Whatever Mr. Negative, I'm excited to see my new baby sister!" Emmett boomed. "We don't know for sure." Carlisle warned. I squealed and clapped my hands, "We're going tomorrow, I'm getting a new sister to dress up!" I didn't stop bouncing till the next day.

Okay, that was boring I know but trust me it will get better and less depressing. Katelyn is my friend actually! She's Locketful o' Heartache. Please tell me what you think. Oh and I know that in Breaking Dawn that Alice can't see Reneesme, but in this story she can. Thank you for reading!