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Wolfram was rummaging through Yuuri´s desk looking for a document that Yuuri should have signed for him. Wolfram would have liked Yuuri to sign the document in front of him, but he had cowered away. It was just to painful to watch Yuuri sign it. He was now looking for it while Yuuri was visiting his brother Shori on Earth. He would not be back for another couple of days. Wolfram did not want to wait till then; he want to end it all now.

He searched through the approved and signed pile, the approved but yet to signed, the yet to look at pile, and finally (hoping that it was in the last stack) the rejected pile. It was in none of them. What could Yuuri have done with it? Burn it? No, that would be something he, Wolfram, would do. Oh wait, maybe in the rubbish bin? The bin had be cleaned out by the maids. Could Yuuri have put it somewhere so he could talk it over with him?

Wolfram started searching the drawers until he came to the bottom right hand drawer. He could not open it since it was locked. Why would Yuuri have a drawer locked? He stared at it wondering if he should or should not open it.´To open or not to open´. He would be invading Yuuri´s privacy. Feeling guilty he pulled the on the handle a little harder. It would not open.

He scanned around the room to make sure no one was there. Nope, no one! He took out a small dagger from the inside of his boot. With apprehension and hands shaking for what he was about to do, he slid the blade through the opening searching for the latch. He found the latch, and with the blade of the dagger he slipped out of it´s crevice. The drawer ominously slid open revealing it´s content: black leather bound notebook.

Wolfram stared at notebook for a few seconds before reaching down and slowly taking it out of its resting place. He held it in his hands scanning the cover. His hands began to shake, heart stared to pound against his chest, a knot tied its self to his throat when he he read the gold lettering on the cover.



Yuuri Shibuya

27th Maou of the Great Demon Kingdom

He could not take his emerald eyes off the gold lettering as he felt his blood rush down out of him, cold sweat breakout, and a wave of light headiness hit him. He sat down on Yuuri's chair still holding the diary in his shaking hands while hundreds of thoughts stormed through his pretty head: should he read it, it would be an invasion of privacy, what did Yuuri think of him, what would Yuuri write, he would know if Yuuri had cheated on him, would Yuuri have written anything about him in it, what where Yuuri´s real thoughts and feelings,etc... He was brought back to reality by a load explosion coming from Anissina´s laboratory.

He knew that he had to get out of the office before anyone came in. He hugged the diary close to his chest as he made up is mind. He would read it! He would not read it here in Yuuri´s office, but latter in the confines of their shared bedroom.

He slowly slid the drawer close. He rose from the chair and made his way silently to the door. He opened the door just a sliver enough to peek out and see if anyone was in the corridor. It was empty. He slowly slid out of the room and close the door gingerly behind him. Quietly, almost cat like, he made is way to the bedroom among the shadows of the corridors avoiding anyone that walked along the long halls. He was a man on a top secret mission.

Wolfram reached the bedroom without anyone noticing him. He opened the door quietly, slid inside and closed it slowly. He made is way to the bed and sat down on it. A sigh of relief was heard in the room. He pushed the diary away from his chest and looked at it again. He knew at that moment there was no way of going back. He was going to read it no matter what it said and how hurt he may become by it.

He opened the cover slowly. He closed his eyes just in case a light aura was coming from it. On the first page there was a dedication written in a flowing flowery handwriting.


His Majesty

King Yuuri Shibuya

27th Maou of the Great Demon Kingdom


His Highness

Ken Murata

Great Sage of the Great Demon Kingdom

In a more normal writing:

Dear Shibuya,

Happy 18th Birthday!

This diary is for you to write, from your own perspective, your own history as you see it and or your thoughts. Have fun with it. When you read it latter you will laugh and possibly cry at the memories it brings back.

Your friend always,


PS: You are now legal on Earth

It was time for dinner. Wolfram knew that if he did not go to the dinning hall some one would come and seek him out. Reading the diary would have to wait till latter when he went to bed. He would have to hide it for now. He looked around and decided to hide it under the mattress. Once that was done, He brushed away the imaginary wrinkles from his uniform and swept his golden locks with his fingers. He left the room as if he had not been up to no good.

He was back in the bedroom. Dinner had gone smoothly. No one noticed that he had been up to no good, that he had a secret. He changed into his peach nightgown. He slid the diary out from under the mattress while looking over his shoulder. He slipped his legs under the covers and sat with a pillow between his back to the headboard. A single candle lit the room which was placed strategically on the nightstand next to him in order to illuminate the diary's pages.

He slowly turned to the first page that Yuuri had written in………