Disclaimer: I don't really care about the show, but can I please have David Tennant? Please, please, please, please? My god that man is fine. What if I give you my sister? Oh good, you'll give him to me if I promise to keep her? Done.

Can we ever be more than what we are?

Can we ever see beyond what we dare?

These words, I never thought I'd care.

But now I know, You were never the greatest fear.

Since you've gone,

All I have is silence and tears.

I've always known what you were

My greatest love wrapped in my greatest pain.

But now I see, the pain wasn't for me.

The pain I would cause, at our final parting,

Though I swore it would never be.

But now my eyes are clear, and, oh, how I see.

You, my lonely god, how you must go on.

Alone and tired, how I've hurt you so.

Each night I dream to see your face,

And how I wish for peace I'll never see.

But not for me but you, my dearest angel.

And how I wish for you in my deepest night.

Across the stars, through the void, behind the light,

How I wish to hold you close.

Oh, my love, my heart, my dearest Doctor,

I pray you'll find me soon.

For till that day, I'll always be only this,

Your faithful Rose.

And you, my last and only hope.

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