Six years ago, just the idea of visiting his grave would have her falling apart, but six years is a long time.

"Here we are," Amy said, parking the car and grabbing the small bouquet of wildflowers. Bright smiled thinly.

"In all the years you knew him, you never bothered to learn his favorite flowers?"

"Boys don't care about flowers," Amy said with a slight shrug. "Besides, I always thought I'd have a few more decades, you know?"

He stepped out of the car and went to embrace her.

"We all did," he said.

"I still miss him," she said, her voice breaking. "He was one of our best friends since forever, even if..."

Bright closed his eyes, burying his face against her hair.

"I know," he whispered. "If I could just-go back in time, and make it so I'd been the one to-"

"Don't say that," Amy said sharply. "If it were you I don't think I would have recovered at all. Colin was just my first love, but're my only brother."

Together, they walked through the cemetary until they found the appropriate grave.

"Hey, man," Bright said. "It's us. I got Amy here with me..."

Amy said nothing, only smiled through her tears as she placed the flowers against the headstone.