The road always seemed wider at night, Greg noted as he fought back a yawn. Probably because most people were at home in bed by now, rather than driving home from their latest concert.

But then again, most people weren't The Brady Six. They'd hit it big with "We Can Make The World A Whole Lot Brighter" six months back, and now that it was summer they were getting more gigs than ever. Most of them were pretty low-key, singing at parties or country clubs, but tonight's had been in a real concert hall.

They passed the brown station wagon and Marcia waved to them from the back seat. Bobby and Cindy lay sleeping against her; Greg turned around to see Jan and Peter asleep against each other in the back seat.

"Big crowd tonight, son?" Mike asked. "Concert hall sure was noisy."

Greg smiled.

"All part of being a star, Dad."