The final chapter. :]

Title: Alpha Kappa Eta: Brotherhood of the Rainmakers
Rated: R
- Chapter rating: R
Warnings: General gayness, profanity.
- Chapter warnings: Profanity, mild violence, sexuality


When Sunstorm woke an hour later, Acid Storm had all ready injected him with two cubes of the specialized energon stabilizer. This resulted in only a minor hang over, but still Sunstorm couldn't help but complain about a nagging throb in the back of his helm. Sitting up from the berth (slowly), he saw Acid Storm perched over his desk, fiddling with various things.

"Acid Storm."

The green mech did not look up from his work. "Hmm?" he replied nonetheless.

"Why am I in pain?" Sunstorm inquired. He pinched the bridge of his nose. "Come to think of it, why was I recharging? I do not recall how I got here or how I fell into stasis. All I remember was reading and drinking my tea and..." His yellow optics peered up. "Did something happen?"

Acid Storm stopped what he was doing. Slowly, he gave a dark, tired gaze over his shoulder at his bondmate. It was obvious he was stressed by the exhausted glow in his optics. "No," he said, "nothing. Happened."

Sunstorm blinked. He wasn't quite sure he could believe Acid Storm, but that headache in his cerebral processor was telling him not to question and start a fight, not unless he wanted all his now sensitive sensors to go off in a tangent. So for now, Sunstorm would not question him. "I see," he said rather and stood. His optics narrowed and now he was the agitated looking one. "Are your... 'friends'... still here?"

The green Seeker stood, brushing off his hands. "Yes," he answered. Sunstorm scowled but could do nothing more in his weak state. "But, High Voltage got, ah... Well, he wasn't feeling good, so I had to administrate some energon stabilizers," Acid Storm explained. He checked his chronometer. "But they should have kicked in by now. He ought to be all patched up and ready to go!"

"Thank goodness," Sunstorm grumbled. He brushed off his canopy with a snooty snort. "Had one of them attempted to do anything stupid such as invade my personal time and space, I would have turned them into sludge."

Acid Storm slowly turned around, gloom darkening his faceplates. "Yes. Well. I'll go... get them." And with that, he left, leaving Sunstorm to wonder what his deal was.


Acid Storm went to retrieve his comrades on his own, not knowing if High Voltage would try and make a move on Sunstorm, bringing up things he'd rather not be uncovered. Volt was pretty crass and brave when he was sober, not nearly as much of a coward when he was overcharged. So Acid Storm threatening to beat the shit out of him a second time while he was balanced would only daunt Volt but not send him into a sobbing fit like before.

Hopefully, however, High Voltage also forgot the past events. He was prone to forgetting a lot of things he had done when drunk, unless they were good things.

Returning to the room, Acid Storm punched in ten codes to unlock ten locks (he could never be too careful) before the doors slid open. Cumulus and High Voltage looked up, both having been playing hand held games Cumulus kept stashed away in his private subspace. "Ah, I see you're awake," Acid Storm said, nodding to the camouflaged yellow Seeker, "what is your status?"

"Ehhh," Volt replied, swishing his hand side to side. "'S'good enough." He bowed, pushing out his bottom lip and making sad optics. "Enough ta git me flyin' outta yer place now so's not ta piss off you an' yer ever so humbell lover-boy."

Acid Storm twitched. "Do you--"

"Nah," Cumulus quickly intervened. He gave his old commander a reassuring smile. It was enough for Acid Storm to know High Voltage, too, had completely wiped the memory from his data banks. Acid Storm released an internal, relieved sigh while Volt just remained clueless as to the unspoken, secret message the two were sharing.

"Well," the green Seeker said, hands on his hips, "let's get you mechs going."


"We-ell! Look who came ta say g'bye!"

Sunstorm glared up at High Voltage, lingering outside the front door. Acid Storm scowled; dammit, why couldn't he stay inside? Volt raced up to Sunstorm with his huge Cheshire cat grin. "Y'gonna miss me?" he purred.

Cumulus yanked Volt back before Sunstorm could clamp his face in his hand and melt it clean off. "It was nice meetin' ya, Sunstorm," the camouflaged blue mech chuckled. "Even though we didn't seem to hit it off that well..."

"Hmm, you are correct there at least."

Acid Storm walked between the two, hands up. "No more arguing, no more fighting," he growled. He stopped and faced the other camo Seekers. "You best be on your way now. You've had your fun."

"I nevah have enough fun!" High Voltage laughed.

Sunstorm angrily pointed at him, losing his patience. "You have had quite enough 'fun' here, sinful glitch!"

"I said," Acid Storm hissed, "no fighting."

Volt swung his fingers at the other yellow Seeker. "He started it."

"What!? You little--"

Always the mediator, Cumulus stepped forward. "Y'know, before we leave, we should do one last storm together," he suggested.

High Voltage immediately brightened. "Yeah yeah yeah! We ain't been able ta do a praper storm since ya left, Ass!" he exclaimed. He was practically bouncing. "Let's do one while we're all tagetha!"

"No, I'll have to decline," Acid Storm replied.

Cumulus merely frowned but Volt practically took it like a slap to the face. "C'mooon!" he whined, raking his fingers desperately at Acid Storm's chest. Sunstorm gave a rather violent grimace. "Jus' one! Jus' one more for da road!"

"No. I'm afraid it's been too long."

"Nah ah! For old time's sake, c'moooon, Ass!" High Voltage clamped his hands together and used those damn puppy dog optics. Acid Storm felt his cheeks turn hot. So... cute... "Please? Pleeeeeeeeease?"

Acid Storm was entranced by that adorable look of his. It was... too hard... to... resist... Acid Storm heaved out a great, annoyed sigh. "Oh, fine!" he snapped, resigned.

High Voltage squealed and threw his arms around Acid Storm's neck, hugging him much too tightly. Sunstorm gasped. "Yaaay! I knew ya weren't so mean!" he cheered, snuggling cheek to cheek with his old companion. Sunstorm ground his dental plates together. Volt jumped back and into the air, floating above the others. "Lez get started, lez get started! I'm so pumped!"

"This'll be like a blast from the past," Cumulus chuckled, taking flight.

Acid Storm gave an apologetic, "it can't be helped" look at his bondmate. Sunstorm just shot him back a "well, hurry it up!" glare. "Okay, okay," the green mech murmured before joining his trine. The three grouped together. "You both say you haven't been able to do a storm since I retired--do you remember what to do?" he asked, looking between blue and yellow camo.

"Sha duh!"

"How could we forget?"

Acid Storm gave a firm nod. He could feel his tanks pushing acid into his circuitry again, weaponry core returning online as his wings gave grateful stretches. And, slowly, so did the fondness for moments like these return. He couldn't help but smile rather wryly. "Okay then, you know what to do. Cumulus, you take front. High Voltage, back. I'll bring up the rear." He swung a finger around above him. "Assume circle formation."

Cumulus and High Voltage beamed. The yellow camouflaged mech looked down at the pouting Sunstorm stamping a foot. "Jus' y'wait until ya see yer baby boo at work! Yer gonna be sooo jealous!" he sneered. He moved just in time to miss a fireball before Cumulus yanked him higher into the air by an arm.

Acid Storm ordered, "Cumulus, operation C and T."

"Right, commander!" Cumulus gave him a thumbs up before transforming into his tetrajet mode. He flew up a few feet before swinging around, 'round and 'round into a large circle. As his pace picked up, exhaust like clouds gushed out from his thrusters. Soon, there was nothing left but a giant black cloud, Cumulus invisible. Soon, sonic booms were released, cracking like thunder. Acid Storm snapped his fingers at Volt before pointing up to the giant rumbling cloud. "High Voltage, operation L."

Volt saluted. "Yessir!" Next, he transformed before disappearing into the clouds. Seconds later, there came a crackle of static hisses before streaks of lightning cut across the sky. Sunstorm jumped in slight surprise.

Acid Storm waited a few minutes before transforming and joining his two trinemates. Inside the cloud, he could see yellow and blue zipping past him. Acid Storm swung right and joined them in the circle. He took a moment to activate his old offense systems. In the meantime, he couldn't help but feel... slightly elated. At the lead, his two soldiers following, in a storm only the three of them alone could create. Now he knew he did miss something when he left Cybertron.

Finally, Acid Storm's weaponry core gave the command--

Sunstorm didn't want to admit it, but he was quite curious and intrigued with what was going on. He had never seen any type of storm, not when he was first online and not when he was brought back. He stared with big yellow optics at the clouds of lightning and thunder right above his head, wings giving a little anxious twitch. So far he gathered Cumulus generated the clouds and thunder and High Voltage the lightning... Why was Acid Storm taking so long?

Ten swoops around, finally it happened. With another growl of thunder and flash of light, hot acid rain began storming down. Sunstorm was surprised, instantly drenched. Though it did him no harm, it was burning away the ground in wisps of smoke. Sunstorm held out a hand, watching hot rain puddle in his palm. It smelt sulfuric and smoke was beginning to flood the area, but he was intact.

Watching the rain pour from the isolated storm above his head, Sunstorm hadn't seen something so beautiful before.

"Ain't dis great, commandah!?"

Acid Storm was broken from his daze. "Don't falter and get distracted."

"Heh heh, y'know I nevah get diztracted when we's doin' a storm."

"... That's true, I admit. Are we ready to stop?"

"Two more kliks please, commander?"

"Ah, well... All right."

Truth be told, Acid Storm wasn't sure if he wanted this dance to end. The Rainmakers kept their show up for a little over three minutes before the rain stopped. Sunstorm blinked in surprise before Acid Storm came flying down from the clouds. He transformed, landing beside his bondmate, his vents heaving and smoke still rising from his chassis. "Sorry we made you wait," he apologized.

Sunstorm bashfully looked away. "It is fine."

Acid Storm smiled. He then whistled and at that, the lightning ceased and out came High Voltage. He transformed, landing in a pose. "Ya like dat, huh!?" he smirked.

"Don't start that again," Acid Storm ordered. Another whistle and slowly, little by little, the thunder stopped and the clouds faded as Cumulus slowed down. Thrusters softly purring, he flew down to the ground, taking a minute or two to get himself back into his alt mode.

"How was that?"

"We did awesome, as usual, duuuh!"

"It was good," Acid Storm answered. "The timing was a little off. I could tell we were a bit rusty. But... it was a nice final dance."

High Voltage's once proud, sneering face eased to a slightly more serious one. "About dat," he said, "y'really never wanna do dis again? You really are jus' gonna stay here?"

Acid Storm blinked. "What do you mean?"

Sunstorm stomped forward. "Did you come here in hopes to persuade Acid Storm to return to Cybertron!?" he demanded. Slimy little...!

"Nah, I was jus' sayin'..." Volt assured, hands up. He frowned sadly. "Y'can't hide ferever, Ass. I mean, right now, da 'Cons really need more Seekers. 'S'pecially us types wit our talents. But we can't do nuttin' witout you..."

Acid Storm considered his words and sighed. "I'm sorry, but I am not returning to Cybertron," he stated. "And while I'm not entirely defected from the Decepticons, I'm not going to entertain the notion of more vorns of war. I put in my time. I'm done." He looked sincerely sad at the camouflaged yellow mech. "And you have too. You don't need to keep fighting for something that'll never end."

"But at least it ain't a waste of our talents..." Volt grumbled.

Acid Storm understood, but was not offended. He walked up to his two Rainmakers, placing hands on their shoulders. "You mechs will do fine on your own. You've continued being your old selves without me. You'll be okay and if you do return back to the Decepticons, you've got enough power and talent to serve without having to be in a trine," he reassured.

Cumulus nodded tiredly. "I guess you're right." High Voltage, however, kept quiet. That was never a good sign, but Acid Storm had put up with enough trouble today to argue. Cumulus gave his friend a pat on the back. "Let's be goin', Volt." He grinned back at Acid Storm. "Good seein' you again, commander. Too bad it might be the last."

"Well, again, it was... nice to see you again as well."

And that wasn't a total lie.

"Take care," Acid Storm said with a little more confidence.

High Voltage snapped out of his sulk with a loud sigh. "Yeah, yeah, let's not go gettin' sappy," he grumbled. He passed Sunstorm a wink and blew him a kiss. "Gonna miss ya, honey-suckle."

"I am going to rip out your glossa," Sunstorm chuckled and waved back.

This actually frightened High Voltage, who shuffled behind Cumulus.

"We'll be on our way then," Cumulus chuckled. He headed forward, Volt dawdling behind. Both Seekers turned and gave salutes. "Take care, commander."

Acid Storm saluted back and smiled. With that, Cumulus and High Voltage transformed into tetrajets and took off, leaving behind clouds of smoke. Acid Storm grinned as he watched them disappear into the stars. Sunstorm walked up to his side, hands folded over his chest. "Good ridden's," he snorted.

"Ehh, don't be so negative."

"No, I am positively happy. We will never be seeing them again, you see. Utter glee."

"Now that just sounds bittersweet."



The two Rainmakers flew for a good cycle before drowsiness seeped into Cumulus's processors. With no other choice, the two jets took a sharp turn down towards a small planet. They had rested there before, on their way to Nequil.

"It's amazin', really."

Cumulus stretched out along a pink boulder. He glanced up at High Voltage. The yellow camouflaged Seeker stood on another giant rock, staring out at the planet's giant moon. He was a perfect silhouette right in its pearly white surface. "I mean, da way he's so... blissfully ignorrant," he snorted, pacing along the flat rock. His hands went to his hips as he gave the moon a glare. "I'm kinda envious, bu' nat. I mean, wha's so great about dat dinky moon? Livin' in solitude wit no one ta talk to besides dat crazy Primus lover. I'd go nuts!"

"You know Ass likes his seclusion," Cumulus replied. "I guess Sunstorm and him must get along great."

"Ehh, wuteva! Seemed like dat Seeker's got 'im collared an' chained."

"Speaking of Sunstorm."

High Voltage heard rustling behind him, turning around with his pouting frown before squeaking when Cumulus lunged into him. The yellow camouflaged mech fell over the side of the rock, landing roughly on his back with Cumulus on top of him. "You don't remember this," Cumulus said and his red optics glowed, "but you got pretty friendly with Sunny."

Volt blinked. "I--wha'? I was jerkin' 'im around, sure, but--"

Cumulus rammed two digits into Volt's mouth, causing him to making a gagging noise. "You really do talk too much sometimes, Volt," he chuckled softly. Volt muttered something unintelligible as those fingers prodded at his glossa. As if finally understanding, High Voltage placed a hand to his, sucking those digits. Cumulus grinned. "Thatta boy."

The blue camouflaged mech's free hand cruised down along Volt's side, cupping his hip. Volt shivered but continued sucking. "We haven't done this in deca-cycles," he purred, letting his hand slip down an inner thigh. High Voltage gasped, arching into the touch. "Ahh, and it seems you miss it, too. Haven't forgotten, I see." Cumulus removed his fingers, Volt giving them a final lick before kissing his palm.

Cumulus heard something 'click' and looked down. High Voltage's fuselage had opened aside, revealing his throbbing spark chamber. "Primus," he chortled, letting his fingers push against the soft chamber door, "you can be such a slut." He snickered a little more as Volt reacted with a loud moan and twitch. Cumulus sat back, the yellow Seeker pawing anxiously at his knees. "I guess I can't deny ya now." He opened his own fuselage; the blue mech went about opening small panels along his neck and hips next. Volt obliged by exposing a series of ports along his.

The blue Seeker extracted a long red cord from his throat, the sight enough to make Volt shiver. The other cords, two on each hip and one on each neck, freed themselves. They knew what to do, their mission, seeking out the pheromone-like heat the ports were releasing. High Voltage groaned behind clamped dental plates when the cords penetrated the ports on his hips and throat. Their connection caused an immediate release of small electric pulses; his spark chamber reacted with an excited shiver from the content inside.

"It seems like you're ready," Cumulus said, stroking along a cord connecting their necks.

High Voltage's cheek plates were hot and there was coolant in his optics. "P-Please..." he swallowed. His entire chassis shook. "... Please be gentle this time."

Cumulus grinned. "Heh. Not on your life."





Hnnnn, yeah, it was meant to be a fade to black scenario. 9u9 And robots can't gag, I suppose, but they can play along! Well, this is it. I hope you enjoyed it. :)