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"Stop." M.D. said as they approached the city. The first words she had spoken in a while.

"What?" Leon asked her.

"Stop!" M.D. shouted, threatening to jump out of the car.

"Okay okay." He said, pulling the car over.

"Kill the engine." M.D. said. "Now."

Leon raised his eyebrow as he obliged, more than a little shocked when the girl climbed out of the car and slammed the door. "Thanks; I've got this." She said before turning and walking down the road.

"What? Wait wait!" He yelled as he climbed from the car. "You can't be serious."

The girl whipped around. "And why the hell not? My family needs me and you know what? I don't give a damn if you don't like what I do, because frankly I can't stand you!"

Leon growled at her. "Look, let's work this thing out: Where is your sister?"

"I lied." M.D. said curtly.

For several terse, aggravating moments Leon and M.D. glared each other down until Leon sighed. "Why?" He asked her.

"Because I needed to find you." M.D. said. "Don't you get it: She sent me here to find you to bring you back to help her. So get your ass moving!" She said with a stomping of her foot.

"Backup- You hate me but your sister needs me?" He asked her. "I don't get you." He said as he went back to the car. "Don't want to either."

M.D. watched him as he pulled a shotgun out of the back seat. "Annasophia is trying to help everyone. She's trying to undo Daddy's mistake."

Leon tried standing up but banged his head against the top of the car. "OW! Damn it!" He rubbed his head as he looked at her. "What'd your dad do?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

M.D. swallowed sharply. "Unleashed a virus worse than the previous one- You should know that, but then again you drink too much to notice things beyond Annasophia."

"What? I don't drink too much! And what does this virus do?"

M.D. looked at her hands. "Oh boy. It makes people become intelligent monsters… Not zombies... If it doesn't turn them into piles of ash or black holes."

Leon's stance changed to one of anger. "He did what? When did this happen?"

M.D. looked at him like he was loony. "Four years ago. Leon of all people you should remember." She said, pissed off.

"Why should I remember that? Four years ago nothing happened like that M.D., so I want to know what your father did for real." Leon said threateningly.

"What year is it?" M.D. asked.

"Random. It's 2010." He told her as she sniffed at him in disdain.

"Jerk. I knew you were too young." She said like it was a bad thing.

"I- What?- Was that a compliment?" He asked her.

"No you moron! That means I'm in the wrong time!" M.D. screeched at him. "You're not General Leon S. Kennedy- You're something else!" She shrieked.

"General? Huh. You must've been drunk when your dad told you that he had unleashed something, 'cause there's no such 'General Leon S. Kennedy' here, no such thing as time travel, and there's been no outbreak of anything like you've described in the last few years." He said plainly.

"Shut the F up!" M.D. screamed, going for him.

Just then, several unpleasant zombiefied people appeared ahead of the car as M.D. clawed at Leon.

Without telling her, Leon shoved M.D. in the backseat and closed the door before blowing away the zombies just before climbing in the car.

"We're going to get to the bottom of this, kid." Leon said as he started the perfect car and turned it around. "Let's find your parents."

"They're dead!" M.D. shrieked, punching his shoulder. "My sister is all I have left and you're going to help me damn it!"

Leon grumbled. "Why me?"

M.D. scoffed. "Because in the future you are very important, and I don't want to mess up the past!"

He ignored her after that.

The drive was silent after that until they found themselves driving through a small ghost town, passing the abandoned bank. The numbers of the top of the bank were 90, 8, 47-9.

"STOP!" M.D. screamed again, this time Leon slamming on the brakes as she flew into the back of his seat before pushing her door open and getting out of the car. "This is it. This is it." She said, running around the front of the car.

"Dammit." Leon swore, following her.

M.D. bumped her shoulder against the door, trying to break it down as dirt from the doorframe fell onto her head. She felt something heavier fall into her hair and shrieked as she shook her head viciously.

As something went "plink plink plink" across the concrete in front of the bank, Leon watched the key bounce.

He picked it up and brushed past M.D., unlocking the door with it before holding it up to M.D.'s face. "Next time, look for a key."

"Ow." M.D. said as she followed him into the building.

As Leon made a sweep of the building, except for the safe since it was locked up tighter than the White House, M.D. inhaled deeply.

"This is it. This is the place." She said, jumping the teller counters and crouching, searching for something in the piles of old paperwork and spider webs.

"M.D.?" Leon looked around, confused to where she was.

"Here! Back here! Got it!" M.D. sprung to her feet, hold a flash drive up. "I knew this place looked familiar!"

Annasophia sighed as she lay in the vents. It was cold, cramped, and smelled.

Why did I agree to coming here? Annasophia thought with a groan. If I had freaking listened when M.D. had said to stay out of here I wouldn't be here! I could be at home, asleep, or drinking a beer, or with Leon. God, I miss him. She thought, remembering his smile. Sighing, she tried not to think about him.

Finally having enough of her own whining, she started crawling through the vents.

Scuffling ahead of her made her swear and light up her flashlight, pointing it ahead. Just a stray opossum…

"What. The. Hell." Annasophia said, watching the creature.

It blinked before disappearing, startling her.

"Wait, that means… It worked." She grinned. "It really worked."

The vent ahead of her was ripped open as she screamed, crawling backwards before the vent under her gave way, depositing her in more slime and at the feet of a big and ugly beast.

"Damn, and my hair was starting to not smell like a toilet." She groaned as it grabbed the back of her jacket, holding her up to its ugly face.

It grinned before opening its mouth.

"Oh please, babe, get a breath mint. Phew." She said, waving her hand in front of her face.

"The boss wants to talk to you." It growled, shaking her like a toy.

"Dude, I told him already, I don't cure insanity. Or stupidity." She said as a bonus answer.

The creature grinned again, giggling in a sandpaper-on-wood-with-a-bell sound, before knocking her out.

"I got her." It said as it started dragging her behind it through the slime.

Good. Now hurry up! The virus boost won't last much longer with those damn newbies stalking the streets. Get her to boost it already! Its boss ordered.

"Yes boss." It said.

It continued dragging Annasophia towards a set of double doors, doors it passed opening and other beasts creeping out and following them, giggling "Soon, soon…".

When it reached the set of double doors, it pushed one out of the way so that it could pass, knocking Annasophia against the other door to keep her out cold before the door slammed shut, leaving the hall filled with monsters and the world's chance at survival fading fast.

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