by Chicapanzy


I know what a lot of you are thinking. What? A fan fic with a separate chapter as an introduction?!? Inconceivable! No one does that!!!! Well, I am. Why? Because I'm treating this as if it were a real book. Why? Why are you asking so many questions when I haven't even said that much yet?!? *sighs* Okay, here's why.

I've been mulling over the idea of combining the few fics I've written thus far and the ones I plan to write for Star Trek. It seemed like a good idea since they all tie in to each other, and having them all together in one big collection instead of separate makes more sense, at least to me. To those who have read my fics up until now, that means the sequel will be featured in this fic instead of separately. Granted, I'm doing this sooner than I originally planned, but I feel like it'll make things easier if I do it this way instead of writing things out separately, putting it all together, and then having to add things in later. Yeah, I know, I'm talking crazy talk. Who said I was sane? I originally only planned to write Destiny and Human Mating Rituals, but the more I wrote (and read), the more ideas popped into my head. The more I wanted to continue developing the story and address other things.

So, what will make this omnibus so special? Well, to be honest, that's up to you, the readers. I plan to take what I've written so far and build on it. Destiny and Uncertainty will have more added to them in the way of extra chapters you've never read and additional content to those chapters you have (as well as correcting typos I didn't catch until I looked over them again…^_^;;). The lemon fic Human Mating Rituals will be included in this omnibus as an additional chapter. And yes, I will build off of it as well, but that doesn't necessarily mean more lemony goodness.

Again you ask, why does this fic have an introduction? Simple – there will be no author notes in this fic, so I'm getting any and all concerns I can think of out now. I'll still respond to comments like I have; in fact, many of the comments I've read are what motivated me to write as much as I have now. Since I'm taking this fic super seriously, I want to present it in the best way possible.

Before I move on with the story, there are some people I would like to thank. I'd like to thank lady-orochimaru, who is currently translating my fic Destiny into Spanish. It makes me really happy that you think my fic is good enough to take the time and effort to translate, and I really appreciate it. I'd like to thank everyone who have subscribed to my stories and those who have commented enthusiastically, particularly SpirkTrekker42, WiccanVampire16, Phoenixfire979, hpets, lovefan81, MirrorFlower and DarkWind, Dreaming-Of-A-Nightmare, Whylite, yumi2482, naruke3176. Sorry if I didn't list you, it was really hard to keep track of all the regulars…_

And of course, the obligatory disclaimer. Though this fan fiction is completely of my own creation, its main characters, the Star Trek movie, the series it was based on, Heroes (yes, there's technically a few Heroes references in here but very small ones…), and the songs incorporated into it are not. I take zero credit for those things and I make absolutely no money off of them, rather I support them fully by buying the series and paying to see the movie in theaters. This fic is Kirk and Spock slash, meaning there will be male/male romance and at certain points, sexual encounters. If it's not your thing or if you are too young to read anything of the sort, regardless of what country you're in, stop reading now, as there will be no further warnings from hence forth.

Now that the legal stuff's out the way, on with the fic!