Whoo! What a ride! I had an incredible amount of fun writing Complexity! I hope everyone enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! As always, thanks so very, VERY much to everyone who followed the story, and extra thanks to those who favorited it! Special thanks go out to spawnofcupcakes who is watching me on and Banbi-V for giving me new ideas for the story that I hadn't considered before! Extra special super awesome love goes to Risty Maskell who's become my Spirk buddy on MSN! :D She's helped keep me motivated to write whenever I hit a slump and kept me laughing too!

I know a lot of you are sad that the story is over, but it's not! In fact, it's only just begun! After all, Kirk and Spock have finally ironed out the kinks in the relationship, right? The next super long story will be called Eternity. I'll begin posting it on the 1st of August (in the US, it might be more like the 2nd elsewhere) to give me time to build up a buffer so I'm not racing to finish a chapter minutes before bed. There'll most likely be a short fic or two that's not related to the story posted before then, so keep your eyes out!

Thanks again to everyone who read and reviewed the story. You're the reason I keep writing! If you wish to continue discussing the fic, check for updates, or just chat with each other about Spirk and/or Pinto, visit the forum I created: .net/myforums/Chicapanzy/120477

Until Eternity!
Chicapanzy (Audrey)