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Chapter 3 - Ahh! To be a normal teenager… Why not?

Haruka had arrived home after a long race and Michiru was still out with her teacher. The blond shook her head at that thought, Michiru was good, and even though her teacher was better, it was more idol worship that kept her going for more lessons. It had been a month since Ranma moved in with them and that month was far from dull, it seemed that trouble followed him like his shadow.

She finished parking her car and walked into the house. She wondered what sort of trouble 'The Trio' got into while they were left here alone. She smirked in the memory of Setsuna telling Ranma he had to stay in girl form while they were alone. Haruka knew it was more to keep Michiru and Usagi more relaxed about leaving them alone with Ranma, but in all honestly it was unnecessary. Setsuna's job as the guidance councilor kept her working even during the school summer break, so the three teens were left unsupervised. Everyone knew Ranma was just too shy to do anything, but then again he did live under the same roof as herself and Michiru.

As Haruka entered the living room she heard a sound from the chair on the other side of the couch. After doing a double take, she tripped on her own two feet out of shock and landed on her face. While recovering she denied to herself about what she had seen on the chair. The fallen girl's next reaction was to get up and look over the couch again. After confirming what she had seen the first time she collapsed again, this time in brief hysterics. She was not prepared for that sight, and it showed. She quickly gathered herself up and called Setsuna at the school.

An hour later all the Senshi were gathered to figure out what happened. And as they were running around asking random questions that seemed to get to nowhere. This left Ranma time to reflect on his new situation. Or rather the new one he, or rather she at the moment, landed in a month ago.

It was a noticeable change from his life at the Tendo's with his father. The fact that his mother happened to live with other Sailor Senshi didn't surprise him any. He at least knew that two of them weren't interested in him; the third one was another story. The déjà vu that he got by living with Hotaru made him compare his life now and how he figured it would be when he first arrived at the Tendo's. Unfortunately his luck seemed to never change and both parents seemed to bring the same problems. At least with his mother, he believed, it wasn't her fault.

Hotaru tried to console Ranma, and she really tried her best, "Don't worry Ranma, they will find out what happened and fix it." Hotaru was sitting to Ranma's left with an arm around her.

Ranma really wanted to believe that, but it truly felt like he lost ten years of his training, she could only sit there hanging her head in depression. Hotaru for all she tried was not succeeding in cheering him up.

"She's right Ranma, it will be okay." Ranma knew it was worse than he thought; Chibi-Usa was trying to console him. She was on his right mirroring Hotaru.

Ranma's head snapped up when she saw a flash and heard a click. It didn't help that his mother was there smiling and holding a camera. Ranma proceeded to pout but instead of getting the sympathy she was aiming for all she heard was a few of the other Senshi going, "Awwww!"

All three of them, Ranma, Hotaru, and Chibi-Usa, were currently sitting in a chair, and were currently in seven year old bodies. Nobody knew how or why it happened, just that when Haruka came home she found the three of them sitting in the same position they were now, except all three were trying to cover themselves in clothes that were way too big.

Setsuna decided she had enough pictures and tried to cheer up her son, "I am sorry Ranma, but you will have to put up with it a little while longer. We still have yet to determine exactly what happened to cause..." She trailed off for a moment to gather the right words, "this. Honestly I never saw this happen before."

Most of the Senshi were a little worried, if she was lacking an answer, it usually meant trouble. All they could do for now was to try and figure out what happened. At least they could sneak pictures of the three sitting together like that.

Ranma glared at his nemesis, Usagi Tsukino senior. The last series of things to happen to him were connected to her in some way. First her future daughter came from the future, again, and explained that the engagement that included Hotaru, also included her. Then there was the incident involving the slumber party, then getting drafted into the girl's sports teams, specifically Usagi's. She still had yet to figure out how her mother was pulling that off and keeping non-Senshi in the dark about the curse. Given that Mamoru was once again nursing a broken arm it was enough to wonder if Usagi was a black cat in disguise.

After that thought his eyes briefly darted to Luna before realizing she wasn't a cat. It scared Ranma afterwards to wake up, with both girls curled up to him; she kept expecting Akane to storm in and mallet him. It was an ingrained habit that was breaking, slowly.

Ranma fumed, and the two girls on either side hugged him again, then he looked back to his mother and asked, "I know that I have to wait for a while, but why am I doing it as a girl?"

Chibi's mother answered, "Sorry Ranma, the only clothes we had on hand in your sizes were Chibi's."

Ranma pouted then had one last question, "Then why are we all in school uniforms?"

Chibi answered for her mother, "Because we look so cute in them."

Sailor Pluto, who was currently in uniform, shook her head, "Because it's all we had in that size."

It was late night two days later when Ami and Setsuna finally had an answer, just not a complete one. It was around nine pm that the Senshi meeting occurred, and only the seven year olds were absent, or rather present and sleeping. One problem with being in such young bodies was the need for more sleep; Setsuna had recommended they let them sleep as they will, rather than treat them like the seven year olds they were in body. After all they would only resent it and fight it, however, if left alone they would sleep enough anyway, which they were. Presently the three sleepers were in Rei's bedroom so that the meeting in the fire reading room would not wake them.

Ami yawned herself, as she snapped the Mercury computer closed. She stretched then looked at the others, "I know roughly what happened now, what caused the age reversion was a small mushroom that was known of in the Silver Millennium. It was hard to place due to some physical changes, and some property changes, but it is close enough to what it was back then that I could identify it."

Ami reached into her pack and removed a small box, and then opened it and showed it to the others. Upon seeing it Usagi gasped, it was the cap of a mushroom. She then explained after noticing the looks, "My mother bought a small package of those from the store almost a week ago, they were apparently a one time item. Before she could use them they disappeared."

Setsuna shook her head, "So now we know what happened to them. Well now we know what caused it, and what can do we do about it."

Ami looked at the mushroom, "Typically we would simply grow a new batch, and let the stems grow to the length in centimeters per year of how old we want them to be. Unfortunately, this one was dead too long, and either as a result, or in addition all its spores are gone. We will need to find a new batch to grow. I tried scanning with the Mercury Computer, but yielded no results. To be honest I expected that since there was a note in the system saying that they were hard to detect even at close range, and impossible at long range. We need to find some way to track down who found them first and have them tell us."

Setsuna claimed, "It actually should be easy enough for me to find using the time gates, following the past is generally easy. I don't see a problem in tracking them down and be done in a few minutes," she smirked before finishing, "relatively speaking of course."

After Usagi nodded in consent Setsuna teleported out. Minako and Makoto were just getting started their usual boy comparison discussion when Pluto returned cursing quietly. Noticing the looks she shrugged and explained, "Long story short, the mushrooms were sold to the store by a... rival... of Ranma's. He cannot be tracked in the gate. Like Ranma he is a blind spot, fortunately in Ranma's case I can simply 'follow' him in the gate indirectly, I cannot with Ryoga because he keeps disappearing. Almost like he is using some form teleportation, only he isn't... We will need to get the information out of him directly."

After a moment of blank looks she elaborated on the gate's tracking ability, "Ok, first of all using the gate this way is like looking out a window, but remember the earth is in constant motion. The gates were designed to be able to lock on to a point or an object when aiming and I can view the destination through it. It's not perfect, but it is sufficient. It also works on a principal of linking to its past or future self and then connecting to the destination. Unfortunately anything that occurs that is improbable is usually missed by the gate, and Ranma's father, is a living improbability as everything he does tends to be hard to predict. With that being the case I cannot simply 'lock on' to him. However I can aim the gate to a time that I know he is and adjust the gate to different points effectively following him. "

Still seeing blank looks perhaps blanker she decided to dumb it down as only Ami seemed to catch on, "Think of it this way, when you are looking at something in front of you, you only need to move your eyes, but in this case when you move your eyes to follow it disappears, however, when you move your head you can still see it." As they seemed to somewhat understand she continued, "This rival of Ranma's somehow causes a moment of static, like dropping a sheet over your head, you can remove it fast, but by then he is gone. And this only happens during a major surge of the improbable."

Nods ran around the table as they got the idea. Then Minako piped up, "Okay, where do we find him?" Setsuna glared at the blond until Minako flinched and asked, "What, it's a valid question?" She saw everyone glaring at her, she realized nobody had any idea where he could be found and squeaked out, "Never mind."

Setsuna sighed and decided to tell them a little about the pig, "Okay, I will give you enough information on him so you can be ready. First of all if you encounter him while transformed he will pass out, he is very shy around girls, and our uniforms will be enough, especially if we are together. Second, like Ranma he has a Jusenkyo curse. He was foolish enough to follow Ranma to china, and foolish enough to stand at the edge of a cliff, Ranma accidently knocked him into a spring while in the throes of transformation shock. Ryoga's curse turns him into a small black piglet. He carries around a large backpack and a heavy red umbrella."

Minako suddenly paled and she interjected with a question, "Does he have an orange with black spots bandana?"

Setsuna blinked and nodded, "How did you..."

Minako sighed and Artemis piped up, "We found him in piglet form yesterday, he was next to his backpack, and a pile of clothes, and they looked like someone was... well... teleported out of them. The piglet seemed to be trying to boil water. We had to leave him there because of that Youma attack at the mall, and when we got back the piglet, the backpack, and the clothes were gone."

Minako nodded and added, "We didn't say anything since it seemed too weird to tell anyone, besides there didn't look like a fight occurred there, and I could tell that the umbrella on the pack was weighted." At the looks she got she quickly added, "What? I have seen people weight all kinds of weird things while I was Sailor V. It's strange, but good training I bet. So I figured it was just a martial artist that was camping out and went for supplies or something. The clothes might have just been laid out for later use."

Artemis added, "So you see, it was weird, but not so much so that we thought there was a danger of some kind. I sensed no evil at all, just heavy depression."

Setsuna sighed, "That is the last point, Ryoga is depressed all the time, and he has an attack powered by depression. It would not hurt us much in Senshi form, but might hurt badly or hospitalize us if we aren't transformed. He is a berserker, so you should be careful, he will not watch for innocent bystanders, nor will he care about collateral damage. He has a foolish vendetta against Ranma, but it seems to have lapsed somewhat in the time before Ranma moved here. Be warned he will likely attack Ranma on sight, however, Ranma's age problem will probably keep Ryoga from recognizing him."

It was the following day and all the other Senshi were out looking for Ryoga. Yet the youngest and Ranma were left to their own devices. "Are you sure we should be doing this?" Hotaru asked for the third time.

Ranma and Chibi-Usa both nodded before Chibi replied, "It's not like anything will happen to us right, I mean we are really older then we look. Beside we have Ranma with us," she punctuated her point by glomping said boy turned girl's right arm. "What could go wrong?"

All three girls were still in school uniforms; Ranma's mother had apologized but explained that if she got Ranma proper clothes for his current height, then it would be like admitting that this change was going to be for a while.

Ranma sighed, she knew for a fact she was going to get in trouble for this, "You know saying that is just asking for trouble right?"

Usa shrugged cutely and replied, "Good, I'm bored anyway. Besides unlike all the others we can still call upon some of our powers even like this. And you are the big strong martial artist, you can protect us if something goes bad until we can transform."

Hotaru looked at Usa suspiciously, "You say that like you expect we will need to transform."

Chibi-Usa shrugged, "Let's face it, it's the three of us, do you think we can go any length of time without some random monster coming out of nowhere to attack us?"

Hotaru and Ranma both groaned. They realized she was probably right. Ranma had to ask, "Then explain why we are sneaking into an amusement park again? A normal park would be less trouble."

Chibi-Usa disengaged her glomp and dashed ahead of the two before stopping and turning around, with her hands on her hips, "Because, you didn't take us out on a date yet, and it's more romantic to go there."

Ranma's eye twitched her saying that ensured that something would happen; she could only hope that it was learning a new technique.

Across the city and an hour later the Tendo's were watching the news. It was reporting a live event where a demon of some sort was attacking an amusement park. As they watched they saw a small, red haired, elementary school girl throw Ranma's signature attack at the demon and it have no effect. She flipped away as the demon moved in for a counter attack. Then they watched as a shorter version of Saturn showed up to help fight the monster, sans her glaive.

Their attention was torn away from the television as Genma cried out, "Nooooo! I always knew that she would turn him into a weak little girl. But nobody would listen!"

Kasumi put a hand over her mouth momentarily before replying, "Oh my! We never knew you meant literally Panda-san."

Before Genma could ask why she called him that when he was human he was malleted into the pond by a glowing tomboy.

Soun himself ignored what was going on around him; it was his way to cope with the situation. He was pretending Ranma was away on a training trip and would return in a few weeks. The power of delusion he held was only beaten by the Kuno family.

As the family was distracted by their own problems they failed to notice the demon getting destroyed by Sailor Moon, followed by the young Senshi and Ranma being dragged off by their respective mothers. Fortunately nothing really left a connection between them that could hint the relationships, Mars just told the reporters that managed to ambush her they were personal friends of their respective parents and were taking the kids home.

Setsuna paced in front of the three age reduced individuals. She was mad, and scared, as much as she wanted to, she could not bring any ire at her son and his fiancées. She was mad with herself, she had not predicted this problem. Hotaru was current without her glaive, it was just too big for her to even attempt to use right now, actually it was too big before the mushrooms to use as a melee weapon, but she managed. Now it was impossibly too big to even use as a focus. Chibi-Usa was partially depowered too, but it was actually because she lacked a focus of her own. Her old wand, the Crystal Carillon, was back in the future, it had stopped working correctly for her shortly after her last return to the future, so she was in need of a new focus.

Ranma, her son Ranma, was not a Sailor Senshi, nor was he another Kamen. This was a real scare for her, her son could have been killed today; all three could have been killed today. If Mercury had not detected the demon and alerted everyone then they probably would have lost one, if not all three. She had to do something, but she was at a loss as to what. Technically they were in the right for what they did, even if it was heroically dumb. Her eyes hardened as she came to a decision. Setsuna turned to the three, cowering children and spoke, "You three are grounded from fighting."

She ignored the protests that came, "But mom!" "Setsuna-mama!" "Puu!"

She responded with a glare, a warm glare, but still a glare, "The three of you did both the right thing here and the wrong thing. Yes, fighting to save people is the right thing, but none of you are in any condition to fight. All you did was slow it down, and that there is the problem. If you were your normal ages you would have won, easily, but you're not. For now, you two are benched," her eyes softened further and she smirked, "and you need to make sure my son doesn't do something stupid trying to prove himself."

Ranma protested but it was drowned out by giggling from either side of him.

Setsuna turned and walked to the other side of the room where Luna and Artemis were laying down, and spoke in a way that allowed no argument, "We are going to find a way to fix this little power problem, understand!" She disappeared with the two after the cats nodded dumbly.

Everyone blinked when she disappeared, then Usagi, who decided to break up the mood, grabbed the nearest of Rei's manga and drew attention to herself, "Ohh! I haven't read this one yet."

Rei reached for it and unleashed her battle cry, "Give it back Meatball Head." As she neared it Usagi moved in such a way she could continue reading it and keep it out of Rei's reach. Their antics distracted everyone from the current troubles, everyone but three benched, younger than usual, warriors.

In the end the solution for the Chibi Sailor Senshi was an easy enough fix, for the short term anyway. Pluto spun what looked like a plastic wand with a bright pink heart at the end. Unlike previous wands she had seen recently this one wasn't hollow, nor did it have a place for some magic rock that would enhance powers beyond what the wand naturally could.

On the other hand it had one thing that the other senshi lacked. An illusion field. Normally this would be used to hide the identity of the student from prying eyes. However in this situation it could be tweaked so anyone who looks still sees a mid to late teen instead of a pre teen.

Rubbing her head she tried to come up with something but she was frankly at a loss, and Luna was driving her crazy with her insane theory.

Said Moon Cat was persistent on the point, "Something will develop, I am sure of it. We just need time."

The Time mistress growled, "We may not have that, right now anything the gate shows is very unreliable at best. It gave me a headache and took a week just to track down where that batch of mushrooms came from, I do not want to miss something critical in the here and now."

Sighing the White Cat interjected, "I am going with Luna on this, Sailor Moon created Tuxedo Kamen not unlike how Luna created Sailor Moon."

Luna almost batted him for that but restrained herself.

Not knowing how close to a mauling he got he continued, "We might be able to trigger some kind of similar situation with either of the girls and Ranma, or perhaps better, both."

Shaking her head Setsuna exhaled, "While it is true Tuxedo Kamen's powers are not drawn directly from the earth under typical circumstances his other powers are part of it. They still draw from his star seed, which then replenishes from the Earth. Ranma is strong, even now, but his powers are that of the Frontline Defender. Thus he is better at countering and most of his skills are such."

Artemis nodded, "Where as Chibi-Usa is an assault specialist and Hotaru is cover and healing."

Luna frowned, "Mamoru also has low level Psychometry and Telepathy with Usagi.

Slowly a smile came to Setsuna's face, "I think a plan is forming, but Psychometry is a tricky thing. It can drive a person insane easily. If we are going to give him something we should choose something in his nature. And something he can use to fight with."

"Probability." Both looked at the white cat, "You did say he was naturally chaotic and we all saw enough of it. Further it might make things quieter around here."

Thinking for a moment before nodding the green haired woman was not totally convinced, granting a power was generally hard to do to begin with, with the exception of Telepathy oddly, "I will look into it, for now the two of you should bestow these wands to the girls and form the telepathic bond. Let's not go too far too fast."

Setsuna transformed into her Sailor form but was stopped by Luna before returning the cats to the house, "What about his curse? Can't it be cured?"

Pluto bent low so the cats could perch on her shoulders, "While it is possible, as time progresses the chances lessen as it becomes part of his self image. He will likely reach a point where it just doesn't matter. I have been aware of Jusenkyo for some time and can say its effects are inconsistent from one person to the next beyond the basics."

Lowering her head Luna summed it up, "It might cure him, it might not, and things may be better or worse."

Looking at the cats on her shoulders she made a decision, "Artemis, I am going to send Minako and Makoto clothes shopping and I ask you keep them in line. At this point we have to face reality it will be some time before any of them return to their proper age."

Artemis nodded, "Let me guess clothes for both forms, school uniforms as such, and a selection of unisex as possible. Plus something for the girls too that fills approximate rolls." Briefly he grinned at the trouble he could cause at miss communicating the orders.

Luna caught it, "No trouble or I will make sure you regret it."

Openly baiting her he countered her, "Try it sour puss."

Pluto cleared her throat then smiled, "If you two are done we should go."

With an answering pair of nods the three disappeared back to the house.

It had come as a surprise to all that Ranma was hard to win over for the shopping trip. He would get male clothes, and lots of them so Makoto and Minako, who were told first, thought it would be a simple matter of going. But Ranma was no idiot, he knew what they meant. His mother had come to the conclusion that he would be stuck this young for some time. However, Artemis was most surprised that the older girls, physically anyway, were not the ones causing Ranma to fight back right now.

Artemis could hear Ranma, in girl form; call back to Chibi-Usa who was michivous as ever, "No way, absolutely not. It isn't going to happen."

The Minako walked forwad towards the cornered redhead and Artemis was glad that he was with Makoto and out of this line of fire. He watched with care as the other three girls maneuvered Ranma into a changing room along with Chibi-Usa and Hotaru.

When the three emerged they were all wearing similar styled clothes; a blouse and miniskirt combination, with thigh high white socks with colored ring at the top which matched a headband. The redhead was not looking impressed, but decided to relent, "Alright, but no more dresses or skirts."

Artemis took pity and spoke to Makoto when he was sure nobody was looking, "Pluto did say unisex, and this isn't"

Makoto nodded and confirmed that nobody noticed, they had what they needed anyway, this was their last stop. Raising her voice she caught Minako's attention, "Time to pay for them and go."

Ranma quickly changed into a sized down version of her old tangs that she had gotten previously and the entire group was out the door immediately after paying.

Minako felt bad about forcing that on Ranma, so she rubbed some brain cells together and came up with an idea to help, "How about I treat you three to Ice Cream, my treat."

Sadly she misjudged the amount that trio would be able to put away after a full day of shopping. Her wallet wouldn't have survived had not Artemis reminded her she still had access to Pluto's bank account.

The entire day was nearly ruined By an explosion followed by a battle cry of "Prepare to Die!"