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It's been a hundred bloody years, traveling around the world all alone sometimes hurt. But then I remember why I'm traveling, to look for that person—the person who I'm destined to be with. Yet fate has it I'm clearly supposed to be alone. But I'm not having that, I want to be loved, I want to love, if only...

I watched as the years pass, I've seen couples everywhere. Of course it hurt watching them, being happy and in love. I sighed. As I see I'll never find my lover, my soul mate—my mate for us vampires.

I want to be whole—to be compete, but that's gonna take time—time that kills me so.

Can I ever found him or her, doesn't matter what sex, as long as I m happy and so is that person.

I just want...to find that person, I think that's the only reason I'm living. As I looked at my heart shaped necklace, all gold and in the inside lining was amber gemstones and on the other side sapphire. It was a heart that can break into two then come back to one. Two half hearts becoming into one full heart.

Soon after I turned it around and saw the engravings. My Fallen Angel, Bella and the other graving said, My Pixie Goddess, Alice. Two separate hearts held two different engravings.

I still wonder when I look at it.

Who's Alice? And why do I have both hearts? Shouldn't I have one half and this Alice person have the other?

"Bella are you still looking at that?" I turned around and faced Benjamin, my best friend—well my best vampire friend. He was covering his face and the rest of his body with a large white scarf or something of that matter all I could see was his eyes. Well we are in Egypt so yeah he has to cover up to blend in. While me I had on jeans, baggy shirt, sneakers and my duffel bag filled with my other belongs on my shoulder. It didn't matter to me, it wasn't like I was going to stay here forever. I don't need anything to cover me from the sun, because unlike all the vamps in the world I don't sparkle. I know creepy.

I could feel him staring at the heart, so I hid it under my shirt.

"Ben..." I was cut off by his growl, what the hell? He never growls at me

"You're gonna look for her? What if she's already dead?" I looked into his yellow eyes, seeing the sorrow within them, yet something else. I could finally see he doesn't want me to go.

"Ben she's not dead," I placed my hands on his shoulders. He shrugged them off causing my hands falling to my sides. "How do you know? You don't even know who that person is." He didn't want to say her name so he calls her by person, but every time that happens I feel like he knows something he's not telling me. Why is he hiding something from me?

"It's a hunch, I'm gonna find Alice..." I gulped, "no matter what." I've found it hard to say her name in a full sentence; it always tends to make my sentences break apart. Reason I don't know.

"Ben I guess..." I didn't want to say it; I didn't want to leave him. Ben was the only person I've met that I actually stood longer with. I've met other vampires but none of them was like Ben—Ben was sweet, caring, comforting, and childish. He was all I could ask for but I knew in the back of my mind we'll have to depart, soon or later.

"I know Bella, I know. Good luck at finding..." He paused for a sec "Alice." I looked deeper into his eyes right before he looked down.

"Ben, tell me what you know." I pleaded. I needed to know, I must know actually.

"Bella you said you traveled around the whole world," I nodded. "Well did you check every state in the U.S?"

I blinked. And again.

I closed my eyes to remember, I know I checked every nation—every country, every little village, everything. But the U.S, I only remember checking 49 states. Damnit what state did I not check?

What states did I check? I stated to name all the states I checked. (A/N: sorry not gonna name all states, it'll be boring...)

"Bella?" he snapped me out of it and I open my eyes.

"I only remember checking 49 states; I don't know state I m missing." I informed him.

He stared at me, then went to his thinking look, his index figure and thumb was between his chin.

"Tell me the states you went to and I'll tell you what you missed." I nodded in his agreement, so I told him the states and waited for his reply.

I stared at him, watching as he's still thinking. This is annoying damnit, I'm not a patient person when it comes to finding out who's Alice. Come on Ben.

"Have you check Washington?" He asked.

I tilted my head. Washington...Washington...Washington... It took awhile for my brain to progress, but soon enough my eyes widen.

I've been to Washington before but I've never checked every area in it—well maybe like one area. I've never been to Forks, Washington; it was like something stopped me from going there ever again.

"I have to go Ben,"

"To Washington?"

I nodded and added. "Forks, Washington to be clear."

I couldn't believe it. What was stopping me from going there? But not anymore, I'm going there no matter what's the cost. Even if it cost me my sanity.

"So you gonna go now?" I nodded, he was going to be in pain if I left but it had to be. Cause soon or later I would have left anyways.

"I'm gonna miss you Ben." I put on a fake smile, lucky I wasn't really sad or he would have caught on. He looked into my eyes, to see if it change but it didn't because I ll know first thing of the bat.

"Your eyes are still blue green, they're not dark blue." I nodded, that's the only way you can know what my mood is, my eyes changes colour based on my mood. Red for anger, dark blue for sad/depression, black for hatred also if I need to hunt, green for joy/happiness, yellow for excitement, and white for lust or aroused (which only happen once, but was gone when it came). And also other things behind each different colour different powers and what not.

"Bye Isabella..." was all Ben said before bolting away. I sighed, he thinks I won't be sad if we part but I will. Yet I couldn't let myself become sad just yet.

No become sad then you won't leave my inner self told me.

What the fuck? If I become sad I won't be able to get to Forks quicker than anyone or anything.

Point is?

I started to growl, what is going on?

Oh yeah become angry, as long as you're staying here.

No, I'm not gonna mess up my chances.

Slowly but surely I calmed down.

I closed my eyes, I thought of the sign I saw 'Welcome to Forks' , I focus on the sign because that was the only thing I saw before something stopped me. And now I know what stopped me my inner self like it's doing right now.

I opened my eyes and there it was the sign. "Welcome to Forks"

You're going to regret it.

I ignored my inner self, I know I'm going to regret it but to bad I'm stubborn as a mule.

I stared at the sign once more 'Welcome to Forks'

Yeah welcome to your nightmare.

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