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Chapter 10: Tidbits, I rather, Key

It was an easy task to get out of the water. But what was a much harder task was not to jump each other's bones. But us being vampires, yeah, that task was impossible as soon as we both made it back on land. Alice immediately tackled me onto the wet sand, and started to straddle my waist. I couldn't bite back the moan that slipped through my pursed lips.

"Hmm, what a beautiful sound, can't wait to hear more." She purred, burying her head in the crook of my neck. Her nose brushed up against my neck, deeply inhaling my scent.

She bite down where my pulse where would have been and soon switched between licking and sucking on my neck. I tilted my head back giving her more access as moans erupted from throat. My hands roamed her back, my nails digging deep into her back causing her to let out a deep moan, which caused my core to throb with need.

She continued down from my neck switching to open-mouth kisses on my collarbone as she unbuttoned my shirt. She stopped unbuttoning my shirt and left one last kiss above my breast.

"It's funny to see your not wearing a tank top underneath, eh?"

"What are you Canadian?" I giggled.

"That is so mean and racist." She also giggled. Oh she's such a hypocrite.

"Aw who cares, just fuck me already." I groaned in frustration with all this stalling. I wanted her to touch me and vice versa.

"No…" She shook her head fiercely.


"I would rather make love to and with you. If…if that's what you want." She was sincere at first then soon became unsure. But yet the words were so familiar. It was like I've heard them before but I didn't know where. My eyes started to glass over for only a second. I was given different tidbits of my human past. Nonetheless, they were still important.

I closed my eyes to focus more on the important part of my past.


"Here is the custom heart shape necklace you ordered Miss Swan." The manager, Sally said pulling out a closed velvet four by six box. She slowly opened the box displaying the contents.

"So Edward do you think she'll like it?" I asked, as we both saw the heart. The heart was all gold that was able to be split in two just like a broken heart. But with these hearts you can put them back together and it'll stay that way due to a magnet inside the jewelry.

Alice's half had sapphire gemstones inside the lining as my half had amber. And both had engraving in the back. I remembered what she always called me; her fallen angel so I had it engraved her half.

Hers had My Fallen Angel, Bella and mine had My Pixie Goddess, Alice.

"You know she's gonna ask how much it cost." Edward said what I already knew. I knew Alice, it's funny how she doesn't like me to spend money on her or in general but she's allowed to spend money willy-nilly. Like what the fuck.

"What do you wish to do Miss Swan?"

"Put them both in separate boxes. Thank you."

I took my eyes off the necklace and looked up to my best guy friend. "So Edward?"

"Bella, she'll love it." He gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the forehead. I let out a sigh of relief. "Then she'll use her love to kill you for spending so much on her." He felt the need to add.


I smiled. Tears escaped my closed lids and rolled freely, but I didn't open my eyes I wanted to see the other flashbacks more clearly.


"Bella I have to tell you something. That happened to me twenty years ago." Alice looked down she seemed nervous, fidgeting a bit. This was very much unlike Alice.

"Alice, you don't have to tell me something that makes you uncomfortable." I said kissing her temple.

"No, I have to be your part of my life now, an important part. And I'm so happy that I've found someone like you." She genuinely smiled, making my heart want to break out my ribcage.

"And I'm happy to have to someone like you. Someone who makes my heart beat out of control every time you're near." I gave her a chaste kiss.

"Yes and you have to get that thing checked." She laughed, this was music to my ears.

"All right Alice."

She sighed and nodded.

"It was twenty years ago. This was the time Jasper ended our marriage. " She gulped I could already tell this was going to be hard for her. She only mentioned his name previously and that he was her former husband. I was okay with that. I didn't want to press on so I let it be, and look what we are doing, talking about him. Just flipping great, I thought.

"Alice you –"

"But I must Bella."

"As you wish." I lightly kissed her forehead.

"Thank you. We were taking a walk alone in the woods together. It was a nice windy night in Maine. We didn't say a word to each other like we do when we're on these walks. We enjoyed the peace and quiet, until I got a vision of him of him talking then quickly changing his mind. I knew something was wrong in beginning before this walk. He had been acting different towards me in the recent weeks." She took a shaky breath and I knew the next few sentences to come out of her mouth would change my life, forever.

"Then out of nowhere he stops in a beautiful meadow. Then right in that meadow he tells him how he's sick of being with the same person. Saying he wants more variety in his life. Telling me what we had was fun, while it lasted."

I tried…I tried talking him to give me one more chance. One more chance at us. But he just gave a bitter laugh and told me he rather have a whore from the street be his wife, saying he'll get the satisfaction he desires."

"Then he continued on how I couldn't fulfill his needs. Soon he ended his whole speech with saying marrying me was the biggest mistake he ever made in his entire existence." Alice's eyes looked straight.

Though I should have felt anger, but I didn't. I was glad Jasper ended his marriage with Alice. If he didn't then I've never had a shot with her. But I wasn't going to tell her my true thoughts, perhaps some time in the future I'll tell Alice.

I'll tell her, how lucky I am to have such a wonderful creature to love and to hold.


Tears continue to steam down my cheek while anger flamed through my body. I couldn't believe he just up and left like that, and now he's back and he has her. He has MY Alice. That reason of all flared me up.

But the question is how. How did the bastard ruin our relationship?

I was so close to opening my eyes and forgetting about the other flashbacks.


I looked at the girl—no scratch that—the woman of my dreams lying on beach towel next to me.

"Alice…" I slowly started to take out her half of the necklace out of my pocket.

"Yes, Bella." She tilted her head in confusion. Aw, she's adorable when she doesn't know what's going on. Her were eyes fully on my face.

"I know this usually isn't your normal way of making a promise." I said being cryptic just in case she hasn't seen what I'm going to ask her. It's hard to having a future seeing girlfriend.

"Bella what's going on?" She asked worry surfacing through her eyes. I grinned. I think I've tortured her enough.

"Alice Cullen, will you promise to marry me?" I asked her fully pulling out Alice's half of the necklace as the promise to a future that's just me and her. I stared at her waiting for her answer. She stared right back, eyes holding back unshed tears.

"Bella…" She choked, her emotions was taking a toll on her. I could see a tornado of her emotions flash through her eyes, but I wasn't quick enough to catch a single one.

She paused and took a deep breath. The anticipation was slowly killing but I chose to say nothing and waited for her to speak.

"Yes, Bella yes."


I opened my eyes and was staggered by Alice's concern. Though I should have kept them closed so I could focus on the last flashback but it didn't seem necessary, though I did catch an important piece. I didn't focus on the last flashback because reality is so much better than the past.

"Bella, what's wrong?" Alice asked, worried

"Nothing, hun." I cupped her cheeks.

"Then…then, why are you eyes baby blue?" She questioned. I sighed mentally. Must she be so observant? Thank God I'm already soaking wet, so Alice didn't notice my tears. But unfortunately she noticed my eyes weren't their lustier white.

"It's nothing Alice." I said; bring her down so our lips can meet, to distract her from my eyes. A single beautiful moan filled the air around us, sending this simple chaste kiss into a heat of passion.

Alice's hands traveled back to my half unbuttoned shirt, where she resumed unbuttoning my blue flannel shirt. Her hands belief brushed up against the right side of my breast, causing a mumbled moan from me. She correctly saw this was her encouragement to proceed, running her hand over my right breast, over my piercing.

But then out of nowhere she pulled away abruptly, and looked straight down at my breast. "How…, it's impossible?" She asked lightly running her fingers over my dragon circular barbell nipple piercings with a swarovski crystal as its eye on my left breast as she eyed my right one. Her eyes were literally glued to my breast it was really quite amusing.

"I don't know. But when I do you'll be the first to know." I told her as I gently rolled us over so I ended up on top. I sat up to ready myself for removing my shirt.

I peeled off my blue flannel shirt and threw it behind me. Immediately after the deed was done Alice sat up and wrapped her arms around my neck. She pressed her forehead against mine, her eyes staring directing in mine.

"So what is it Bella?" She asked

"You're the psychic, you tell me." I said with a playful tone.

"I would rather hear it." She smirked, never looking away.

I smiled, devotion sparkling in my eyes. The back of my hand brushed her cheek, continuing down her clothed body, stopping at her waist.

I looked straight into my goddess's eyes and readied myself to speak the same words I had when I was human. Though the words are the same it doesn't give it any less meaning. "I'd rather show you how special you are. I'd rather show you how such a goddess's body should be worshiped. I'd rather make love to you. So you won't just be receiving but also feeling. " The sincerity in my voice spoke tons. Her eyes shined as she recognized the words hitting her, into her mind and also into her heart.

"Show me." She spoke in a low but desirable whisper.

"Only for you, my dear."

She gave me the key and I was so very glad to take it.


Link to what Bella's nipple ring looks like: www(dot)mspiercing(dot)com/Product/nipple-ring-dragon-2687(dot)aspx

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