O Divino Pecado

It was a cool night on the planet of Lusitania, and it was late enough that the children were in bed, but not all of the adults had retired. Bosquinha was used to her husband being late; being the planet's only xenologist, he had much work to do, and his wife knew it would be unreasonable to disturb him.

But Libo was not doing work in the Zenador's station; nor was he alone.

Novinha, dear ice-queen Novinha, was kissing him, holding him, their bodies warming as they rubbed against each other.

Libo shook his head and gently pushed the woman away from him. "Nova, no, this isn't-" He was cut off by her lips on his. He shoved her away again, this time harder. "Nova, please! I am married, you are married, and not to each other, you, you made sure of that!"

"Don't talk," she purred, and kissed him again.

For a moment Libo struggled: he wanted to push her away, to throw her to the ground and scream at her to never touch him again!... but he saw the bruises on her ribcage, and her black eye, and he gave in… did this woman not deserve a little happiness? Married to a man who gave her nothing but pain… and she loves me, does she not?... she loves me… she loves me… she loves me…

Libo was in asleep next to his wife by the time she woke up. She looked around, saw the dark circles under his eyes, slid over and kissed him on the cheek. "Darling," she whispered in his ear. "You work far too much."

He smiled in his sleep.

Nine months later, a third child was born to the Ribeira family: Estevão Rei. Novinha looked at the babe in her arms, and looked at her husband, sitting ten feet away from her, head in his hands, and she looked at Miro and Ela, who were silent, sitting outside of the room. Ela's head was on Miro's lap, and she was sleeping.

"Quim," she whispered. Her husband glanced up. "I was just saying, Marcos, we'll forever call him Quim, won't we?"

"Quim… yes… of course…"

Marcos stood up and left the room.

Novinha shook her head and went back to gently rocking her baby.

Such a beautiful child… from such a grave sin… such a lovely child… divine, really…

She smiled, her bitter humor twisting her grin.

"Você, meu filho, são o divino pecado," she muttered.

You, my child, are the divine sin.


Libo and Novinha. Fascinating relationship. It's Quim that she calls her sin on purpose... because he obviously became the most holy. In fact, he almost gains sainthood in the end, doesn't he?

Short and sweet. Review if you want, please and thank you.