Summary: He's Chad Dylan Cooper for crying out loud! He can get any girl he wants... or so he thinks. So, how does he end up taking an unimpressed Sonny out on 26 alphabetized dates? A bet perhaps? Who will win? Pure Channy from A - Z!

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Alphabet Weekends

The Bet


CPOV (Chad)

"Sorry babe, we're over."

I hung up the telephone as quickly as possible in attempt to escape the wails and cries of my now ex-girlfriend on the other end of the line. The poor girl must have been heartbroken. Although, I wasn't phased by it one bit. I was so accustomed to getting any girl I wanted with the snap of my fingers that every relationship I was in meant merely anything anymore. Maybe, that was only because I never actually liked my exes for anything other than their looks. After all, I was Chad Dylan Cooper and I had an image to keep up. You put a hot, rich lady on the arm Chad Dylan Cooper and you're bound to get good press. So, as long as I was benefiting from the situations, I never really cared. And as if on cue, an attractive blonde walked in wearing a tight blue strapless dress with tan wedge heels.

Woah, I thought, focusing on all of her gorgeous features. She is so going to date me.

I was obviously too consumed in my thoughts about the girl because I didn't realize that when backing out of my chair I crashed into an ever-so-annoyed Sonny. She was sent tumbling to the ground as I staggered backward still looking a bit dazed from being so contemplative.

"What is your problem?" Sonny asked hastily.

When I finally came back to life, I noticed Sonny was dressed as a fairy. It was sparkly and her hair was in a curled bun with a tiara. She had a magic wand and everything, probably for some stupid tooth fairy sketch I presumed, because the dress had little teeth scattered here and there. Ugh, how long is this going to take?

"You. You're my problem. You are taking up my precious time by talking to me when I should be over there charming that new girl," I retorted while dreamily staring at the blonde who was chatting with Brenda the lunch lady.

"Earth to Chad! You can't just charm - or should I say con - girls into dating you just so they can end up with their hearts shattered into a million pieces," she stated. "Besides not all girls fall for your stupid little melodramatic spiels anyway. How do you know she won't just turn you down?"

"How do you know she will? I'm Chad Dylan Cooper for crying out loud! You can't just turn this face down," I declared confidently, pointing to my perfect facial features.

"Really Chad, really?" she questioned using my line.

"Yeah, Sonny really. Just watch," I turned on my heel and sauntered over the the girl who was now sitting at the lunch table with her new Teen Gladiator co-stars. She was looking down at her meal, occasionally picking at the ick which sat on her plate. When I reached her, I grabbed the closest nearby chair and placed it next to her, sitting down casually.

"Hey, I'm Chad," I said, flashing her my most radiant smile.

"Jennifer," she said dryly seeming unimpressed.

I started to think coming over here was a bad idea. Sonny was still standing over by where I was sitting, watching me with a smirk plastering her amused face. She obviously knew something that I didn't.

"So, Jennifer, how about I pick you up at 8 and we go catch a movie?" I said with a wink.

"Sorry Chad but I have a boyfriend... and no offence but even if I didn't, I probably wouldn't go out with you. You're being really forward and cocky isn't really my type."

I was stunned. No one is rude to Chad Dylan Cooper and gets away with it, well except for Sonny, but that was different.

"Well!" I yelled astonished, as I got up angrily and shoved my chair back into its spot. I cantered back over to Sonny knowing what was to come because of the defeat she had bestowed upon me.

"And how did that go?" she questioned still smirking.

"Hey, no need to rub it in. I can still get any girl I want, all of them go nuts for me. Jennifer just has a boyfriend," I said not telling her the rest of the reason.

"Sure, that's exactly why she wouldn't date you. And no, not all girls go crazy to date you and pass out at sound of your name," she declared confidently.

"Oh really? Name one."

"Me," she said motioning to herself. "I for one would never fall for your stupid little 'Chad Charm'," she used her fingers to quote 'Chad Charm'.

"Are you sure about that Sonny? Because if I'm not mistaken you seemed to have been blown away by me when you were dressed up in that hideous waitress costume."

"I was starstruck. I had only been here less than a week. And besides, right after that peace picnic incident I knew that it would never happen again," she noted.

"How are you sure that it wont?" I asked slyly.

"I just do! You're too conceited, manipulative, and cold-hearted to ever be fallen for," she answered.

"Ouch, Sonny that hurt," I put a hand to my heart and looked at her with a fake offended look, even though it did genuinely sting a little, coming from her. She never was one to point out faults in people.

"Ugh, you are impossible!" she shouted, clearly furious with me. I enjoyed that a lot.

"Am I Sonny, am I really?" I inquired.

"Yes, you are, really!"

"Fine, well I bet you that I can make you fall in love with me," I stated certain.

"What!? And how do you suppose to do that?"

"Oh, I will, I will. But for now, I have rehearsal. Catch you later Munroe," I said with an eye wink and a click of my tongue. I didn't look back but I knew steam was smoking from her ears.

SPOV (Sonny)

I watched Chad's retreating figure stride out of the Commissary's doors. I sat down, still slightly confused of what just happened. What did he mean he was going to make me fall in love with him? I despise his guts and now he thinks he is going to be able to win me over by using sappy love quotes from the Mackenzie Falls script? He is out of his mind! There is no way I could agree to this bet.

But then again... I could totally use this to my advantage. I could take this opportunity to show Chad that not all girls are smitten over him like he thinks they are. I'll show him that he isn't as wonderful and suave as the person he sees looking in the mirror. It should be easy. All I would have to do is put up with his sweet little gestures and make it look like I am into him. In the end, I'll let him know I was lying and that I had won, yet again. Perfect!

Now I just had to think. What would be the best way to keep Chad Dylan Cooper desperately looking for ways to impress me? I sought through hundreds of ideas in my head until I found one that would be pathetically endless. Chad would be bound to give up.

The idea was based off of a book called Alphabet Weekends, by Elizabeth Noble. I had read it ages ago and absolutely fell in love with it. The novel was about a girl whose best guy friend was in love with her. He tried to win her over by taking her multiple on dates each which started with a letter of the alphabet. They went on 26 dates total, one for each letter. It was romantic and adorable, nothing like what Chad and I would be experiencing. Still, the idea looked entertaining.

A few hours later, I found myself trailing around the lot looking for Chad but I couldn't find him anywhere. I finally gave in and advanced towards the dreaded Mackenzie Falls studio in hopes of him being there, which he was. I found the three-named blonde sitting in front of the makeup counter with a rack of lamb placed next to him. His assistant was flat ironing his hair and he was gazing at his reflection dreamily in the perfectly lamp lighted mirror.

Wow could he be any more vain? I thought to myself.

I walked over to him taking a seat in the chair beside him. He looked surprised seeing me there, like he never remembered saying "catch you later Munroe".

"Chad, I've decided to take you up on your little bet," I stated.

"Good, so you can see yourself be proven wrong," he said cockily while popping the collar to his blue dress shirt.

"Yeah, sure, whatever," I rolled my eyes. "Um, I actually had an idea and some guidelines to how this whole shebang would work."

"Talk to me," he said, as if we were business partners.

I took a deep breath and explained.

"Okay, so basically. You need to prove to me that you, Chad Dylan Cooper, can make any girl fall for you. So, to do that you need to make me fall in love with you. Here's how you're going to do that. You are going to take me out on 26 dates and-" he cut me short.

"What?! 26 dates!?"

"Do you want to prove yourself right or not?" I asked. He just huffed in response.

"Now let me finish. You're taking me out on 26 dates and each date will have to start with a letter from the alphabet. You need to come up with an original date for each letter that will impress me. So, for say the letter B, we'd go to the beach. To win, you need to have me head over heels in love with you by letter Z and if I'm not you lose! Are we clear?"

"Yeah I guess so, but where on Earth did you get that idea!?" he questioned.

"Book I read," I answered simply, shrugging my shoulders.

"Fine, but let me tell you that I will win. I always do," he said grinning with satisfactory.

"We'll see about that Cooper," I retorted with a sly grin making its way onto my face.

"Pick you up tomorrow at noon for date letter A, be ready," he ordered.

"Fine," I yelled.




"So we're good?" I asked.

"Oh, we're so good," he answered back.

I turned my back on the drama king and strutted back to my dressing room, collapsing on my couch. This was going to be a heck of a long alphabet.

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