Summary: He's Chad Dylan Cooper for crying out loud! He can get any girl he wants... or so he thinks. So, how does he end up taking an unimpressed Sonny out on 26 alphabetized dates? A bet perhaps? Who will win? Pure Channy from A - Z!

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Alphabet Weekends



SPOV (Sonny)

Last night was a blast, and no I don't mean hanging out with Chad... well, that was fun too. After our "date," I attended the annual end of the summer "Mom & Sonny Daughter-o-thon," and it was so much fun! Sure, I mentioned to Chad that it was a "family party," but me and my mom count as a party... don't we?

My mom and I do it every year a matter of fact. We spend the last night of August doing all of these girly activities like makeovers, watching reruns of Friends, and online shopping. It's a relaxing way to ring in the fall - the season of stress. My mom and I view the fall, no pun intended, as 4 months of working, pushing, and striving. It's all about work and no play. Although working on So Random has completely ruined this tradition (because it's just so fun, it's not work!), but my mom still has a job to keep up. I do, still, have to keep attending my private classes with Ms. Bitterman. Oh, joy. Again, no pun intended.

So even though I really had nothing to be relaxing for, a little mother-daughter bonding couldn't hurt. We made each other look fabulous by applying the most subtle makeup in my favorite coral tones and created online shopping baskets at my favorite store. We ordered such baskets in hopes that they'd arrive by today, but I still haven't seen any baskets full of clothes.

My mother had purchased a pretty knee length olive green dress with thick straps, a classic. I, on the other hand, opted for a skirted baby blue dress that hit about mid-thigh. It had capped sleeves and a scoop neck with a cut out back. It looked vintage and was conservative enough for my taste. In my highest hopes, I had wanted to wear it out tonight when Chad and I go out for letter P. I still didn't know what his little plan was, but knowing Chad, I'll have to dress nice.

Speaking of Chad...

I wonder what he was planning. I haven't heard from him all day, and it was already 4:00. (Another part of our mother-daughter fun was sleeping in late because we know we won't have time for that during the fall.) We slept in until about 1:30... and then exploded after stuffing our faces with blueberry pancakes and hash browns. I seriously hope that Chad won't have us go out to eat because I'm pretty sure I'm going to be full for the rest of the day.

P... P... P...

I grabbed a sheet of loose leaf paper and started jotting down the date ideas. This was becoming a typical chore of mine because Chad can be so unpredictable, and I never had any clue what was ahead of me.

P... rincesses ... eh, well some fairytale thing?

P... oke Wars- Ugh this isn't Facebook

P... residential encounter... yeah right, like I'd get to meet Obama.

P... ancakes!!!


- Ding Dong -

"Packages!" I exclaimed to myself, before calling downstairs, "Mom the dresses are here!"

"Oh, goodie Sonny! I'll go grab my wallet, and you can take the box," she said while moseying her through the living room in search for her purse.

I whipped open the door, excited to see my dress in person.

"Hey! Thanks for the speedy delivery," I spoke while bending down to fix the sock of mine that slid down in my hurry.

"Huh?" a muffled voice came.

I imminently shot my head up only to be met face to face with Chad Dylan Cooper. I jumped back.

"Oh my God, Chad you could've given me a heart attack," I exclaimed.

"I know, I am that breathtaking," he sighed while giving his dreamy gaze. I rolled my eyes.

"I thought you were the delivery guy," I groaned disappointed.

On that note my mom came stumbling in, "Sonny! I have the money to give the delivery guy!"

"Mom, it's just Chad," I explained.

She sighed, waved, and hobbled back into her bedroom.

"Just Chad!" the movie-star exclaimed. "Just Chad! That's no way to address your date for the evening."

"I'm sorry your highness," I bowed mockingly.

"Ha-ha," he fake laughed.

I smiled.

He did too.

"So what are you doing here anyway?" I started, "Because I swear if this is our date! I had no time to get ready, and I still am waiting for a package to arrive."

"Oh, you mean this package?" He slowly pulled out a medium sized brown box from the corner behind the door.

"Ah! Yes!" I shouted. "How'd you even get that?"

"The 'delivery guy' was about to drop it off when I showed up, so I just told him I'd give it to you myself," he explained with a grin.

"But Chad, I was supposed to pay him," I uttered confused.

"Don't worry Sonny, it's all taken care of," he assured me.

"You paid off the delivery boy for my purchase!? Chad, it cost like $300! There's no way I'm letting you get away with this! You already did way too much." I shook my diamond bracelet in his face, just for visuals.

"Sonny chill, you're my girlfriend. A guy can do nice things for his girlfriend," he offered.

"Not really Chad. This is a bet. You're really not supposed to be doing this," I huffed.

"Well, I'm doing it anyway because I'm Cha-"

"-d Dylan Cooper. I know, I know," I finished. He glared at me. "But I thank him for everything."

His glare softened, and his icy eyes warmed with care.

"Well, in that case I guess I'll have you know where we're headed this evening," Chad hinted.

"Ooh, tell me!" I obnoxiously raised my hand, jumping up and down.

He craned his neck dangerously close to mine. "No," he breathed.

He smelled like his typical minty self; I felt my heart speed up, and I shoved him back.

"Come on, you just said-"

"I know what I said," he cut me off. "I'll just let you know that I will come back in an hour since you're obviously not ready now." He motioned to my burgundy plaid sweats and grey Journey tee.

I stuck my tongue out at him.

"That will give you enough time to change into whatever cute little outfit you bought yourself to impress me," he explained cockily, smirking through the last few words.

"Oh please," I moaned. "I did not buy anything to impress you."

"Well, we'll just see how much you impress me tonight," he said coolly. "Pick you up at five." With that he clicked his tongue, winked, and sauntered back to his car.

I closed the door and wrinkled my nose, confused. Was Chad just flirting with me?

CPOV (Chad)

That seriously must have been the most stupid thing I've ever done in my life.

"Let's see how much you impress me tonight?" Really, really?

I mean, granted, it's Sonny; she already is rather impressive, but I hope I wasn't being to, well, flirty.

I may have indirectly admitted that I was falling for her, but I can't have her know that. That would ruin everything, and then I would never win the bet. If I even do win anything... I'll just have you know that Chad Dylan Cooper does not lose.

I pulled out of Sonny's driveway, and in doing so, I peered through her bedroom window only to see her frantically trying to make her bed and organize her desk. I chuckled to myself and drove home.

I honestly don't know why I even chose to visit Sonny at this hour. I didn't even have any of my date supplies. I was going to text her, but I felt an impulse to got and see what she was up to.

Apparently, she had a long night the day before. She was also seemed ecstatic to be receiving that package. I was this close to tampering with the wrapping to see what was inside, but decided against it. Hopefully she'll be wearing whatever it is tonight, so I can see how it looks. Not that I'd be checking her out or anything...

I needed to stop this before it went any further; but I didn't want to.

It was a little while before I finally reached home because I decided to take the long way this time. Long drives clear my head... or at least allow me to only focus on one subject at a time. It was a good time to ponder and plan. When I did finally get inside my house, erm - mansion, I teetered into the kitchen where I immediately started to prepare for the date.

What was I planning for us tonight? A picnic.

Where was I planning on having it? A park.

Why was I doing this again? ... Oh right, because I'm a secret sap who has a bet to win.

Shoot, I keep indirectly admitting my flaws. Well, technically they aren't flaws because Chad Dylan Cooper doesn't have flaws. Right.

A picnic in the park - sounds perfect for P.

I had my weaved basket laying on the counter-tops, and inside I made sure I had a checkered red and white blanket - classic. Meanwhile, I tried to figure out some "romantic" meals to cook that would be easily portable in a picnic basket. I already tried to cook lasagna and that was a fail. So, no foods that need to be concocted in an oven. A microwave and toaster is where I'm at.

"What to eat, what to eat..." I muttered aloud to myself.

Why is it that with Sonny, I always find myself in the kitchen?

During my thinking process, I threw some disposable knives, forks, and spoons in the basket, along with paper plate and napkins. I'm surprised I even had all of this cheap stuff in my house. My family and I are usually dining on the best china around.


I decided against the fizzy sodas and opted for a sparkling water. That will make the vibe increase a little bit, I hope. I added the bottle of water into the basket and also a couple glass cups. I made a mental note to be extra delicate with them. food

Hmm, I wonder what Sonny's favorite food is.


"Aha!" I shouted, after 10 minutes of rummaging through my fridge. I pulled out a long vine of grapes. Perfect!

I washed them and carefully added them to the basket. Then I noticed the cold-cuts sitting in the back of the fridge drawer. I pulled them out and spied the fresh loaf of bread laying by the blender.

Sandwiches - simple and easy. At this point, I wasn't as focused on the food anymore. The less focused on the food Sonny is, the more focused she'll be on me.

Speaking of me, I still had to get ready!

I quickly pulled out some turkey, cheese, lettuce, and tomato to make myself a yummy 'sammich' - just like my mommy makes. I even spreaded on some mustard just for hecks. I even made sure to cut off the crust. I was all set to go.

I just needed to create a 'sammich' for Sonny. Too bad I didn't know her favorite recipe by heart. I decided to put my phone to use this time and text her.

I sent her a message saying, "Sonny... just wondering, what do you like in a sammich?"

I recieved her reply immidiately - "A 'sammich' Chad, really? You can't spell sandwich?"

"Hushush, just answer the question! I'm in too much of a hurry for games."

"Fine. Hmm... I'll really have anything as long as there's pickles!"

"Ew, why pickles?" I grimaced as I sent the text. Who the heck likes pickles? They're so slimy and salty and bleh. (A/N: Hahaha, in real life I really do hate pickles.)

"Because they're delicious."

"Are not."

"Are too."

"Are not."

"Are too."

"Are not."

"I thought you were in a hurry..."

"Oh right. See you in a half hour."

"Good luck with whatever you're doing until then."

I dryly laughed at her last text. Like I'd need luck making sandwiches.

I searched through my fridge to find some pickles, and when I did, I found that the expiration date was over a month ago. ... Oh well, what Sonny doesn't know won't hurt her.

I put some more turkey and cheese over the bread along with Sonny's pickles. I also decided to add tomato, lettuce, and mayo. Did I mention I also hate mayo? (A/N: Again, I really do!)

I wrapped up me and Sonny's 'sammiches,' tossed them in the basket, and hastily ran upstairs to spend my final moments primping myself.

I decided on wardrobe first and settled for a pair of light washed jeans, sneakers, and a white button down. Fancy-casual, typical of CDC. Then I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and brush my hair right along with it. After a swish of mouthwash and a spritz of hairspray - don't laugh at me! CDC doesn't do frizz - I was back down to my starting spot.

I grabbed my basket and favorite leather jacket, my second favorite actually, because I seemed to have lost my other one. I'm devastated actually. Then I headed for the door, but I remembered something.

"Dessert!" I chimed aloud.

I swooshed back into the kitchen, frantically looking for a sweet pastry to satisfy Sonny's sweet tooth. I found some leftover chocolate mousse cake from a business meeting from a couple of nights ago. It was delicious then, and I hope it hadn't gone stale by now.

Then I was actually out in my convertible, ready to pick up Sonny.

SPOV (Sonny)

I was ready. I had my hair done, my new dress on, and my makeup flawless. It was 5:00 sharp, and I still haven't heard from Chad. He does like being 'fashionably late.'

I spun around and took one last look in the mirror. I used my straightening iron to create waves in my chocolate hair, and I pinned back a section so it wouldn't all be falling in my face. My makeup was subtle, but it gave me an illumined glow on my cheeks and brightened my eyes. My lashes were looking longer than ever. The dress was stunning. I finally put it on, and it fit like a glove. I paired it with a pair of black suede sandals and a shrug in case it got chilly.

By the next blink of my eyes, I heard a honking in the driveway. I couldn't wait to see who it was... or at least what he was wearing.

He was wearing a white shirt, a nice one, and jeans. We also matched, which was even better because now my dress looks twice as good! ... Not that Chad makes me look good.

"Hey Chad," I greeted with a grin, as I made my way into the passenger seat of his car. He smiled. "So where are we going today?"

"It starts with a P," he hinted.

"Trust me Chad, I made a list. I have no ideas whatsoever," I sighed defeated.

"Fine, we're going to the Playboy Mansion," Chad declared with a dead serious expression.

My jaw dropped. What?

As a stared in shock, Chad started laughing hysterically.

"What is so funny Cooper?!" I screeched, slapping him on the arm.

"Nothing, I was just kidding. We're going for a picnic," he explained while catching his breath.

My heart fluttered. A picnic? That's so sweet.

"Aw, Chad. That's so sweet," I cooed.

He cocked his eyebrow at my bipolar behavior and pulled out of my driveway.

"So where are we having the picnic? I assumed CDC wouldn't eat anywhere under 5 stars," I joked.

"Well, where we're going has over a billion stars," he stated.

"Where?" I begged.

"Not telling. It's not too far from here," he said, slouching back into the drivers seat.

"Is this why you asked me what I liked on a sandwich? Are we having sandwiches?"

"... Yes."

"Knew it."

, . .

"Okay, Sonny stay here," Chad repeated.

"I know Chad. I heard you the first three times," I explained in a sickly sweet mocked tone.

"I'll come get you in a few minutes when I'm all set up," he said. Then he reached into the back of his convertible, grabbed a tan picnic basket, and scampered off down the pathway. How classic.

I leaned up against the side of the car, rather carefully to make sure I didn't scratch 'his baby'. If I did, I would probably never see daylight again. I looked out into the horizon. Sunset was going to be in about five minutes. I couldn't help but wonder if Chad specifically planned the timing to be at sunset. It seemed a little too romantic.

At the same time, I couldn't help but smile thinking how sweet it was for Chad to go through all of this for me. Well actually, when you think about it, it's for him. He thinks he's going to win the bet by doing all this, when really I just get to bask in its glory and then drop it. I'm going to win this entire thing and win the prize. The glorious prize.

... Wait! Prize? Did we even decide on a prize?

I thought back to when Chad and I created this bet:

"What?! 26 dates!?"

"Do you want to prove yourself right or not?" I asked. He just huffed in response.

"Now let me finish. You're taking me out on 26 dates and each date will have to start with a letter from the alphabet. You need to come up with an original date for each letter that will impress me. So, for say the letter B, we'd go to the beach. To win, you need to have me head over heels in love with you by letter Z and if I'm not you lose! Are we clear?"

"Yeah I guess so, but where on Earth did you get that idea!?" he questioned.

"Book I read," I answered simply, shrugging my shoulders.

"Fine, but let me tell you that I will win. I always do," he said grinning with satisfactory.

"We'll see about that Cooper," I retorted with a sly grin making its way onto my face.

Nope, no prize.

Wow Sonny, you would.

CPOV (Chad)

I tried to make it back to the car to pick up retrieve Sonny as soon as possible. I needed to make sure that we'd be on our walk by the time sunset began, which was in about ... 2 minutes.

So after I laid out the picnic blanket and spread the silverware, I made a mad dash for the car.

"Chad, are you okay?" Sonny questioned, as I bent over and heaved for breath.

"Yup, I'm totally okay. I was just... running from a... squirrel..." I lied.

Sonny squinted at me, but then her look softened. "Careful, sometimes those things can have rabies. That wouldn't be good, now would it?"

"Erm, no. Now, come on. I'll walk you to our spot," I offered, while extending my hand for her to hold.

She looked at it and tentatively grasped it. Again, there was a rush of electricity shot throughout my veins.

It was like a scene in a movie. Sonny and I were walking down the park pathway right at the beginning of dusk settling in. Thanks to my perfect timing, this is probably going to be the best date to, well, date! I looked around me. The sky was painted with orange and peach hues with hints of purple. The breeze was rustling the trees, and the tone in the sky reflected upon the grass, turning it violet. The path was long and winding, much like the one we walked on when we went canoing. The final flowers of summer were colorful, and they danced along the sides of us like pretty little puppets. Not to mention, we both looked stunning, just to add to the picture. Everything was perfect.

I glanced at Sonny, wondering what her opinion of this moment was. Nevertheless, she had to be falling for me too because she looked like she was in a dreamlike state.



"What are you thinking about?" I asked.

"I was just reflecting on how beautiful the sunset is tonight," she sighed.

I smiled on the inside. I did well. I used this moment to attempt one of my pickup lines.

"Too bad it's not as beautiful as you look tonight," I suggested.

Sonny blushed, bad.

"Please Chad, that's no way to win," she said modestly.

"Oh, but it is," I said more confidently.

She removed her hand from mine and slapped my arm playfully. Then she slid it back in.

I wondered if she thought I was lying. I mean she definitely did look beautiful tonight, but without that stupid line, I never could've told her that. Also on the plus side, I got her to blush.

We kept walking at the slow and steady pace we had maintained.

"So..." I trailed off.

"So..." she mimicked.

I hated awkward silences. So, I decided to do something about it.

I spontaneously lurched out of Sonny's grasp and started running full speed ahead.

"Race you there!" I called out.

"Oh, no you didn't!" Sonny laughed before trying to undertake the effort of running through the gravel without tripping over her sandals.

I watched her try and make her way to me, but she failed miserably I kept running until I reached our picnic spot which was only another couple minutes down the path. Another couple minutes passed before Sonny arrived.

"Why did you- do that?" she panted.

"I'm staving! That's why! Now we can eat!" I exclaimed.

"Good because I'm hungry too," she agreed.

I pulled out my divine dinner of grapes, 'sammiches,' and sparkling water. Oh, and don't forget the chocolate cake! I set everything out in front of her.

"Oh, Chad! This looks great!" Sonny complimented.

"Really?" I asked, unsure. "Oh right, yeah, really."

"I'm impressed," Sonny murmured.

"What was that?" I mocked.

She shrugged her shoulders, playing innocent.

"Come on dig in," I offered.

She nodded and began to add a couple stems of grapes to her paper dish. I did the same, and then afterward I unwrapped our sandwiches. I handed her the one with pickles.

"Pickles for you, Sonny," I announced.

She clapped her hands.

"I don't know why you like them in the first place. They're nasty," I winced.

"Mmm, I think they're delicious! Especially with M&M's," she cooed.

I made a gagging sound as she took a bite into her sandwich.

"Aw, Chad! You even cut the crust off of your 'sammich' like your mommy does!" she fake complimented, mock quoting me from the day I guest starred.

"Too bad my mommy does it better," I sighed.

"I thought Chad Dylan Cooper always does the best," Sonny said.

"Yeah, but Chad doesn't," I mumbled.

"Well honestly," she began, "I like Chad a whole lot better than Chad Dylan Cooper." "And he makes better sandwiches!" she added before taking another chunk of her sandwich.

I reddened. Then I started to eat my food. Sonny and I ate in a rather peaceful silence this time, not awkward. When we were finished, we picked at the cake with a couple of forks.

"Ew, Chad! How old is this cake?" Sonny grumbled.

"Just a couple days," I said. "Is it really that bad?" I took another bite.

"Eh, it's kinda stale. I know where it'd taste better..." she said suspiciously.

"... Where?" I asked uneasily.

"... Right... there..." she said wiping a glob of frosting on my nose.

I made an exaggerated look of surprise.

"Sonny!" I screeched.

She giggled. I went to smear some on her forehead, but she held her hand up to mine.

"Sorry Chad, no food fights tonight. I can't afford to ruin this dress," she explained.

I quickly thought on my toes.

"Well, do you still want to eat this frosting?" I questioned, holding up my chocolate covered finger, indirectly asking to let me put it in her mouth.

"Nope, it's not that good," she chuckled.

The two of us wiped our sticky hands (and I wiped my sticky nose), and I cleaned up the basket. Then I took the blanket and re-spread it so the two of us could lay down. Dusk had finally set in and all of the stars were aligned. We spent practically the rest of the night staring at them.

"Wow, Chad. I don't think you could've picked a better night for this," Sonny spoke.

I looked at her, "Me either."

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