A/N: This piece was weirdly inspired in part by the Linkin Park Song Leave Out All the Rest. I claim no ownership on anything related to Harry Potter. Please read and review.


Severus regretted it at the same instant her image flashed into his mind, but he could not help himself. He had to give the Dark Lord something as he probed ever deeper into his thoughts searching for evidence of his betrayal; evidence that he would surely find if he probed deep enough, and Severus was only capable of so much resistance. His tactics must have been effective as he felt the Dark Lord back from his thoughts with a twisted smile across his reptilian features.

"Bring her to me," the Dark Lord whispered.

"My Lord?" Severus questioned although he understood all too clearly.

"You heard me, Severus. Bring her to me. I would like to meet this female that has captured your eye. I thought you immune to such things anymore, I must admit."

Severus's lip curled in disgust. "Not my eye, Sir, but perhaps yours…" He then grinned maliciously. "She is original Order, My Lord." The tension in the room suddenly changed to frustration.

"Why have you failed to bring her to my attention sooner?!" Voldemort hissed.

"I only just confirmed it myself." He was only just barely successful in maintaining his callous demeanor. In actuality, he was currently terrified; not for himself but for the woman whose fate he had just sealed.