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Gabriella Montez was not a traveler. Despite that her mother spent a good portion of Gabriella's youth dragging her from city to city on business, and she had visited pretty much every state in the US, Gabriella hated traveling. Growing up, she had seen the kind of stress it had put on her mother, not only having to repack the house, but also leaving behind friends and memories each time. Gabriella never wanted that for herself and decided that when the time came to pick a career and husband, she'd choose something and someone that would require her to stay in one location.

She'd pretty much failed on both fronts.

"Welcome to Albuquerque, New Mexico," Gabriella watched as the seatbelt light turned off above them, and she quickly grabbed her phone from her purse, eager to turn it on, "the time is now 11:43 in the morning, the weather is 68 degree and sunny. It is expected to be a beautiful day." Gabriella lifted her head and watched as the flight attendant smiled politely at all of the passengers around her, none of them caring what she was saying, all of them just eager to get off of the plane. "On behalf of the captain and all of our staff, we thank you for flying with us today, and hope you enjoy your stay."

Almost immediately, the plane erupted in chaos. All of the various business travelers from Baltimore, as well as a few stragglers they had picked up on their layover in Texas, in a hurry to get to their business meetings or conferences. None of them caring about anyone else as they rushed to get their carryons and push their way towards the front of the plane. Not that Gabriella could blame them; she was in a hurry too. Grabbing her duffle bag from the overhead compartment and pushing her way forward with the rest. But her reasoning wasn't work. It was much better.

She didn't come home often enough. That was one of the first thoughts that hit her as she walked through the terminal of the Albuquerque airport. She knew the Baltimore airport like the back of her hand, and she could direct anyone to anywhere they needed to go at LAX, but she didn't even remember where the bathrooms were at the Albuquerque one. Sad, she knew, and she bet her mother would have a thing or two to say to her in the week that she would be home, but, unfortunately, her job and life just didn't allow for frequent trips to New Mexico.

Slipping into the bathroom, Gabriella pulled her duffle bag and purse over her head, setting it down on the tiled bathroom floor as she stopped in front of the sink, gazing at her reflection in the mirror. Gabriella always disliked her appearance. Not necessarily the individual parts. Alone, she loved her chocolate colored eyes, naturally tanned skin, full lips, and long wavy hair. But together, she was just never satisfied with how her looks came together. Her friends and family thought she was crazy, with her petite frame and dangerous curves, they always claimed that she could become a model if she really wanted too. But Gabriella disagreed. Her looks, all meshed together, always made her look younger then she actually was, which was fine when she was forty, not when she was twenty six and already struggling to prove herself in her current profession.

Reaching up, Gabriella teased her curls with her fingers, trying to give her hair a bit of the volume it had lost on the five hour plane ride. Moving her fingers to her newly added bangs, she swept them to the side in an effort to rid them from her line of sight. She hoped he liked it. When she had gone to get her hair cut a few weeks back, she had considered just chopping it all off, but instead decided to get bangs. Her reaction with her Baltimore friends was good, but this would be the true test.

After reapplying some lipgloss, Gabriella made her way back out into busy terminal, her eyes scanning all of the various faces in search of the one she never got to see enough. Most likely he'd be dressed in jeans. Most likely he'd be wearing his beanie and aviators. And most likely he'd be just as anxious to see her as she was to see him following a three month separation where their only form of communication was their cell phones.


Gabriella turned at the voice, her eyes wide and hopeful, a bright smile on her lips in anticipation of seeing…her boyfriend's mother. Gabriella's smile faded and her eyebrows shot up in surprise at seeing a very excited Lucille Bolton barreling towards her, "Lucy?"

Gabriella barely had a chance to register before Lucille enveloped Gabriella into her arms, hugging the petite brunette tightly, "Oh, it's so good to see you," she smiled at Lucille's tight hug, "it has been way too long."

Gabriella nodded as she pulled back, "I know, I know, and I promise I'll come visit more often, it's just with work…"

Lucille waved her hand, silencing Gabriella, "No excuses, young lady, if I can get visit from my very busy NBA superstar son, I can get a visit from you."

Gabriella pursed her lips, attempting to restrain the smile that always came to her lips every time he was brought up. Troy Alexander Bolton, son to Jack and Lucille Bolton, longtime boyfriend of Gabriella Montez, and reigning starting pointguard of the Los Angeles Lakers. The dream had always been a distant one all of Troy's life, and even when he made starting varsity as a freshman at UCLA, he held no false notions. Even across the country at Yale, Gabriella knew that. However, it didn't take long for his distant dream to become a reality, and before anyone knew it, Troy was twenty and signing his first NBA contract, destined for greatness. Greatness he quickly achieved, and six years later, Troy was a powerhouse for the Lakers. And for the tabloids. It was hard to ignore his movie star good looks.

"Even," Lucille continued, "if you are a doctor."

Gabriella blushed at the mention of her profession. Even if it had been over a year since she'd graduated from medical school, Gabriella still couldn't believe that she was a doctor. Following graduation from East High, Gabriella had accepted a full ride to Yale University, and after working really hard, she managed to finish both regular college as well as medical school in six years, having graduated almost a year and a half earlier where she then moved to Baltimore, accepting an internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

"Speaking of Troy," Gabriella switched subjects, looking around them, "where is he? I thought he said he'd pick me up?"

Lucille gestured to her duffle bag, "Is this all of your luggage?" Gabriella nodded, "Then let's head to the car, I'll tell you on the way home."

Lucille guided Gabriella towards the exit, Gabriella watching the female Bolton wearily, "Tell me what?"

Lucille held open the door, following Gabriella through it as the pair walked out into the Albuquerque sun, the slight chill of fall passing over the two girls, "Well," Lucille started, "there was an accident…"


Maria Montez jumped at the sound of her daughter's voice ringing through the Bolton household. Jack Bolton, who was perched at the kitchen table, lowered his paper he had been reading, and watched as the front door flew open and an angry Gabriella stormed into the house.

"He said it was a prank." Lucille weakly defended as she followed Gabriella into the house, closing the door behind her, "A joke."

"No," Gabriella said walking into the kitchen, "a joke is thinking that Chad will ever grow up, a joke is not switching someone's suntan lotion with tanning cream while in Miami." She crossed her arms over her chest, sending Lucille a look, "Especially not three days before said person needs to be the best man at the other person's wedding."

"I know," Lucille said with a nod, "and trust me, Taylor is giving Chad plenty of hell for this. She all but called off the wedding when she found out."

"Good," Gabriella said firmly, "she should be. She should dump his ass for this."

"Mija," Gabriella turned her head sharply to the side, finding her mother sending her a look, "did you dump Troy whenever drew on Chad with that permanent marker he couldn't scrub off?"

Gabriella rolled her eyes, "Mom, that's not the same."

"What about when he shaved Chad's head?"

"Well no, but…"

"How about when he moved Chad's mattress up to the roof where he woke up, fell off, and broke his arm?"


"My point is, that's what they do," Maria pointed out, "they play idiotic pranks on each other."

"Always have," Lucille pointed out, "always will."

"Especially when they're nervous." Jack piped up, his eyes not straying from his paper he was diligently reading, "Some people drink or relax, they see how close they can get to killing each other without actually doing it."

Gabriella sighed, turning and trudging over towards her mother, pulling her into a tight hug, "Sorry, hi mom."

Maria pulled back and pushed her daughter towards the exit to the kitchen, "Don't 'hi mom' me, go take care of your boyfriend, I know the doctor side of you is dying to fix him," Maria took a step back and yanked open the refrigerator, extracting a Tupperware container, "so fix him."

Gabriella took the container as it was shoved at her, "Mom, if you had some of this, why didn't you give it to Troy?"

Maria raised her eyebrows, "Honey, I'm not going to rub aloe all over my daughter's boyfriend. That's too weird for me." Gabriella rolled her eyes, "Plus," Maria turned and rummaged through her purse, "I have to show Jack and Lucy the cutest…" she turned back around, holding up a tiny gold onesie with 'Lakers' plastered in purple on the front.

Gabriella's eyes widened but Lucille cut her off, "Aw…that's so cute."

Maria nodded at her friend, "And look," she flipped it over to reveal 'Bolton' and the number fourteen on the back, "I didn't even have to personalize it or anything."

Gabriella placed one of her hands on her hip, sending the two women a glare before moving her eyes onto Jack, "Don't look at me," he said immediately, flipping the page of his newspaper, "I know they're crazy."

"We're not crazy." Lucille defended.

"Yeah, wanting grandchildren is not crazy." Maria added.

Gabriella shook her head, sending the two mothers looks, "I'm not pregnant, deal with it." Leaving no room for argument, Gabriella turned and strode out of the kitchen, making a beeline for Troy's first floor bedroom. Gabriella knew in the back of her head that Troy most likely goaded Chad, and Troy probably deserved what he got, but the girlfriend and doctor inside of her was taking precedence inside of her and she couldn't help but be furious with Chad.

His bedroom door was closed and Gabriella carefully and quietly turned the handle, not wanting to wake Troy. Despite that it was after noon, Lucille had told her that since the boys got home two days earlier, Troy had been pretty unsuccessful in sleeping. Lucille had also informed her that Troy had requested to be woken up to come and get her, but when she found him peacefully sleeping that morning, she had bypassed his request to allow him a couple more hours of sleep. Something he desperately needed. The room was dark, the curtains on his patio doors and windows closed, with only the light seeping in behind her lighting up the room and allowing her to locate her boyfriend.

He was asleep, lying on his back in the middle of the bed, and Gabriella was thankful that her mother hadn't chosen to come and apply the aloe to Troy's skin, because with the exception of the sheet covering his pelvis, Troy was naked. Glancing behind her, Gabriella stepped inside and closed the door, creeping over to the bed noiselessly. Despite that he looked like a lobster and was most likely in quite a bit of pain, Gabriella couldn't help but smile as she sat down next to him on the mattress. It had been three long months.

"Baby…" Gabriella cooed, trying her best to ease him awake, not sure how mobile he was yet, and not wanting him to shoot up in surprise. Pulling the lid off of the container she had in her hands, she dipped two fingers into the icy concoction, lifting them up and running them along the side of his neck. Troy jerked at the movement, his eyes fluttering open, and Gabriella smiled as blue met brown. He looked disoriented, and at first Gabriella was certain he thought he was dreaming, but as soon as his head snapped to the side, his eyes searching for the time, she knew everything had come back to him.

"Shit!" Troy went to sit up, but stopped when Gabriella placed a hand on his chest, groaning at the pain that shot through him, both from her hand and the sudden movement, "Oh fuck…"

"Lie down," Gabriella ordered in a firm voice, "Troy, you probably have second degree burns, no sudden movements, alright?"

Troy let himself collapse back onto the mattress, a whine emitting through his lips, "My mom promised me she'd wake me up to come and get you."

Gabriella smiled at how pathetic he sounded, "She said you were sleeping peacefully. You needed your rest, you still do, don't make me regret waking you up."

Troy shook his head, pushing up slightly from the mattress, "No, we have seven days together, two of which are going to be full with the wedding and wedding preparations, I'll heal later."

Gabriella raised her eyebrows, "You're still going to the wedding?"

"Of course I'm still going to the wedding," Troy managed out as he worked his way up into a sitting position, Gabriella watching him wearily, "if I get angry with him, he wins. If I suddenly get hit with a coughing fit during the time when the preacher asks if there are any objections, I win."

Gabriella rolled her eyes, "Our parents are right, you two will never grow up." She glanced down once he was upright, doing a once over and checking for any blisters as best she could in the dark, "How badly does it hurt?"

"You got bangs." Troy said, ignoring her question, and Gabriella couldn't help but release a small laugh at his tone. It wasn't surprised, it wasn't happy or sad, it was emotionless and methodical, simply a stating of a fact, "When did you get bangs? Did you tell me you got bangs?"

Gabriella shook her head, "I got them a week ago." She tilted her head to the side, a small smile on her lips, "Do you like them?"

Troy moved his hand up, and Gabriella internally cringed at how warm his fingertips were when they brushed her face. If they were that warm, she hated to think how hot he really was. He brushed her bangs to the side, out of her eyes, studying her face, "Why did you get them?"

The smile fell off of Gabriella's face, "You don't like them, do you?"

"No, no, no," Troy said quickly, shaking his head, "you've just never expressed interest in wanting bangs before now."

Gabriella shrugged, "I thought they'd make me look older."

Troy's brow furrowed, "Older? Why would you want to look older?"

"Look, we've got to get this on your skin," Gabriella held up the cool container, "before it gets warm, now lay back," she dug her hand into her pocket as Troy surrendered and laid back against the mattress, "and take this." Gabriella shoved a large capsule into his hand and Troy looked down at it curiously, "It'll help with pain, because this is going to hurt going on, but once it sinks in, it'll feel good."

Troy popped the pill into his mouth, easily swallowing it without water, "What is it?" he asked, pointing to the container she was stirring with her finger.

"Something my mom used to use on my when I was little. It helps with cooling, itching, and stinging, or at least it always did for me." Gabriella explained. Troy nodded, accepting her explanation, and immediately started pushing up again, "Whoa, whoa, whoa," Gabriella said placing her hand in front of him, stopping him from sitting up, "what are you doing, lay back down."

Troy stopped but didn't move to sit back, sending her a look, "Well, if you won't let me sit up, will you come here so I can kiss you? It has been three months since we've seen each other and you're in doctor mode. I don't want Gabriella the doctor, I want Gabriella my girlfriend."

Gabriella felt a small smile work its way onto her features, "But right now you need me more as the doctor then the girlfriend."

Troy pushed the rest of the way up, ignoring Gabriella's attempts to stop him, and quickly closed the distance between them. Gabriella let her eyes flutter closed when she felt Troy's warm lips on hers, and any resistance she could've put up was futile when she felt his tongue slip into her mouth, "I always need you as my girlfriend." Gabriella smiled but didn't respond, her lips becoming reoccupied with Troy's. She guessed he would have tried something. He was naked with only a sheet covering his lower half, and he wasn't exactly known for keeping his hands to himself whenever she was around. But Gabriella never gave him the chance. Her arms tightened around him as soon as she felt his lips detach from hers, gripping tightly to his now slackened frame. His head had fallen backwards and his mouth was cracked open, a definite sign that he was out.

"Sorry, Troy," Gabriella mumbled as she carefully laid him back against the mattress, "this is going to hurt," she reached up and brushed some of his chestnut colored hair out of his closed eyes, "and it'll work better if you're sedated."

The house was quiet. Lucille and Jack had retired to their bedroom an hour earlier, and after checking on a still slumbering (sedated) Troy, Gabriella had made herself comfortable in front of the TV, surfing the channels in search of something to watch and coming up with nothing. Popping a kernel from the bowl of popcorn she had popped into her mouth, Gabriella continued flipping through the channels. She had made sure to get plenty of sleep the previous night, not only because she was traveling, but also because after a three month separation, she was sure that Troy had no intention to let her get much sleep, and she was certainly not complaining. However, since her boyfriend couldn't move without an intense pain shooting through his body, it looked like sleep would be something she would be catching up on. But not right now. Right now, she was sitting in front of the TV, begging her eyes to droop while flipping through all the various infomercials.

"…Los Angeles Lakers stars Troy Bolton, Chad…"

Gabriella paused in her flipping, her eyes gluing themselves to the Hollywood news show that was playing to find her boyfriend's face staring back at her

"…Danforth and Zeke Baylor spent a little time out in the sun this past weekend," the female reporter went onto explain, flashing to pictures of Troy, Chad, and Zeke on the beach, some of them surfing, some of them laying out or simply swimming in the water, "it looked to be a guys day out, no signs of Chad's fiancé, high profile attorney Taylor McKessie, whom he is to wed this weekend, nor Zeke's wife, actress/singer Sharpay Evans-Baylor. The boys were in town for a game in which the Lakers beat the Miami Heat 112-98."

"And Troy Bolton's long time girlfriend," Gabriella continued, mocking the reporter's voice, "was in Baltimore working her ass off at a two year internship her boyfriend forced her to take because he didn't want to hold her back." Gabriella rolled her eyes, continuing on her pursuit for something to watch, "Or marry her."

Gabriella jumped as a loud thump sounded through the house, her head snapping over in the direction it sounded from, her eyes widening when she realized it was Troy's bedroom. Gabriella was up in an instant, rushing over towards his closed bedroom door and throwing it open, expecting to find someone trying to kidnap her incapacitated boyfriend and freezing when she found something completely different. Troy was on the floor, his boxers halfway up his legs, a mixture of agitation and anger on his face when he found Gabriella standing in the doorway. Maybe she should've given him a stronger sedative.

Still, Gabriella smiled, "Troy, you're…"

"You drugged me!" Troy interrupted her roughly, his tone harsh with an undertone of disbelief, "You drugged me!" he repeated slowly as he pushed up from the ground, Gabriella snorting as she caught sight of how white his butt appeared in relation to the rest of his skin. He finished pulling up his boxers and began walking towards her, "This isn't funny. What is funny?"

Troy stopped in front of her and Gabriella reached around to pull down the side of his boxers, "How white were you?"

Troy smacked away her hand and pointed his finger in her face, "You drugged me!"

Gabriella nodded, "I drugged you."

Troy's eyebrows shot up and his face was overtaken in surprise, as though he had some partial doubt to whether it had been her before, "I cannot believe you!" he almost yelled, his voice reaching a higher octave, "I have drug tests I have to pass every week, you know what this could do to me?"

Gabriella held up her hand, "Troy, it won't show up on tox screens, it's natural."

"That's not the point," Troy continued quickly, "you forced something onto me without giving me the facts, you lied to me and told me it was a pain killer, you gave it to me against my will!" Troy took a step back and placed his hands on his hips, "You practically raped me with this medicine."

Gabriella sent him a look, "Troy, I didn't…"

"No, Gabriella, you violated me!"

Gabriella rolled her eyes, "Okay, Troy, first off, I didn't force it on you, you were a willing participant and were glad to take it."

"That's because I thought it was a painkiller!" Troy yelled, and Gabriella momentarily wondered if Jack or Lucille could hear them, "What kind of girlfriend sedates her boyfriend?"

Gabriella bit her lip, "The kind that doesn't want to see him in pain." She glanced down, taking note of how freely he was moving, "Which you no longer seem to be in." Troy looked down, his attention momentarily diverted from their fight to take in the fact that he didn't hurt. He lifted up his hand and squeezed it into a fist, something he hadn't been able to do earlier without pain. Gabriella reached out and rested her hand on his arm, caressing the skin softly, "You're cool now," she moved her hand up to the side of his face, "I bet you don't even have a fever anymore."

She almost won him over, his brain filled with the fact that he was no longer in pain and forgetting that it was Gabriella's deception that led to it. Almost. Troy jerked away from her hand and stuck his finger back in her face, reminding Gabriella of little kid who was accusing someone of a crime, "No, okay? No! That doesn't matter, you still drugged me!"

Gabriella groaned, "Troy, it was for your own good."

"Oh, really?" Troy asked sarcastically, "What else did you do to me for my own good?" he asked rhetorically, "Should I check to make sure I have both of my kidneys?"

Gabriella looked up to the ceiling, a smile gracing her lips at how ridiculous he was being, "No, Troy, you're…"

"I'm going for a swim." Troy said defiantly, "And you better put on something fucking sexy and get your ass out there, because you have a lot of making up to do."

Gabriella opened her mouth to retort but was cut off as Troy turned and stormed over to his ensuite bathroom and slammed the door. Gabriella pursed her lips for a moment before turning and walking over to her duffle bag, "You give a person one little sedative…"

He had stormed out into the bedroom, rummaged around the drawers as though she wasn't even in the room, and practically ran out of the bedroom a good fifteen minutes earlier, and Gabriella was biding her time, giving him a chance to cool down in the water. Both figuratively and literally. Making a pit stop to snag one of the cupcakes Lucille had bought from the store, Gabriella pulled the Scooby Doo shaped plastic ring off of the top and licked the part covered in icing before sliding it onto her pinkie. The cupcake would serve as a good icebreaker, Troy had a soft spot for sweets, and since her mother's brownies weren't available, she'd settle for cupcakes.

Gabriella pushed open the door, making her way out into the backyard, tugging at the straps of her white bikini, already feeling uncomfortable, despite that it was midnight and the only person seeing her in it would be her boyfriend. Gabriella was not a swimsuit kind of girl. She liked to swim, but she hated showing off her body. At the gym, she'd wear the most unflattering one piece when she'd swim laps and only at Jack and Lucille's house, or Troy's house, would she ever be caught in a bikini. It wasn't particularly revealing, a typical halter style top with a low cut bottom that tied at her hips, but for Gabriella she was pretty much naked. Something she would only ever be in front of Troy.

He was enjoying the cool of the water, evident from the content look covering his face as he floated in the pool, his entire body submerged with only his head above water. The pool was a new addition to the Bolton house. A few years ago, Troy had pulled his hamstring in some off season games, and instead of recuperating in LA where the paparazzi followed his every move, he had chosen to come home and do it. He was planning on getting his own apartment, but his mother had had the pool installed so that he had no excuse to not live with them where she could watch over him at all times. Needless to say, Gabriella had gotten a whole lot of extended visits from Troy during that time.

Reaching the pool, Gabriella began ascending the steps, catching the twitch in Troy's smile, indicating that he knew she was there. "I brought a peace offering." Gabriella said, reaching the end of the steps and inhaling sharply as her lower half became immersed in the cool water, "Oh, god, it's freezing!"

"Hmm," Troy started, still not opening his eyes, "maybe you should sedate yourself so you can't feel it."

Gabriella groaned, continuing to near him, "I'm sorry, okay? I know it was wrong, but I just didn't want to have to see you in pain, especially not pain that I caused." Gabriella stopped in front of him and held out the cupcake, "Forgive me?" Troy opened his eyes and studied the cupcake in front of his face, keeping his mouth shut, "For Chad and Taylor?" Troy moved his gaze onto her, "You know that they'd be really pissed if the maid of honor and best man were mad at each other."

"Each other?" Troy asked, "Why would you be mad at me?"

Gabriella sent him a look, "Because you're getting mad at me for doing something that I literally do every day, heal people."

"No, I'm mad at you for sedating me," Troy reached up and snatched the cupcake from her, "what's this laced with, tranquilizers?"

Gabriella scoffed, tilting her head slightly as she stared at him, "You know what, forget it, I'm going to bed."

Gabriella turned and began making her way back to the steps, but Troy reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her to a stop, "No, you promised to make it up to me."

"Yeah, well you're acting like a jackass," Gabriella told him, and it was easy to see the tears swimming in her eyes, "and I don't much feel like making it up to you."

"Gabriella, you sedated me," Troy told her, as if she didn't already know, "if I sedated you, I wouldn't be walking right now and you know it."

"I just didn't want you to be in pain," Gabriella told him, "is it such a bad thing that I'd choose to watch the guy I love sleep peacefully rather then writhe in pain?"

Troy sighed, he rarely could stay mad at her, "Well, you could've asked or warned me."

"If I'd have asked you, you would've said no." Gabriella pointed out, "And if I'd have warned you, you'd still be mad." She pursed her lips and her face took on a very familiar puppy dog look that he knew she knew he couldn't resist, "I'm sorry Troy, I really am."

Troy sighed and glanced down at the cupcake in his hand, "I suppose it is a pretty nice cupcake."

Gabriella felt a smile split onto her features and she took a step forward to hug him, but quickly retracted when she remembered his sunburn, "Oh, I probably shoul…"

"Its fine," Troy said cutting her off, "I'm sure a hug won't hurt." Gabriella quickly resumed her actions and wrapped her arms around his torso, resting her head on his chest while he snaked his arms around her. "This is not really the way I pictured our reunion."

Gabriella turned her head up to look at him, "Well, maybe if you and Chad wouldn't provoke each other, things like this wouldn't happen."

Troy nodded his head, as though he was agreeing with her, "True. But if he didn't do things like this, I couldn't pretend to be really drunk during my best man speech." He grinned, "Or show pictures from college."

Gabriella rolled her eyes, "Chad's gonna hit you."

Troy pulled back and moved to the side of the pool, setting the cupcake on the concrete, "Actually, I'm anticipating that Taylor will be the one to hit me, Chad will just laugh."

Troy took her hands under the water and yanked her down a little ways into the pool, Gabriella gasping as the cool water attacked the skin that had yet to be submerged, "You don't want your cupcake?" she asked, trying to divert her mind from her shivering body.

Troy picked up on how cold she was and instantly pulled her into him, "I do, but chlorine and cupcakes don't really mix, trust me."

Gabriella's brow furrowed and she sent him a curious look, "Do I really want to know?"


Gabriella laughed and shook her head before lifting up her left hand to reveal the ring on her pinkie finger, "But it came with this cool ring?"

Troy inspected the ring, "It is pretty cool. Scooby Doo's pretty much the coolest talking dog ever. Maybe even the coolest dog ever."

"Because I sedated you," Gabriella started, pulling the ring off of her finger, "even though I did it to heal you and it turned out better in the long run for you," Troy rolled his eyes, "I'll let you have this awesome ring."

Gabriella reached for Troy's right hand under water, beginning to pull it up, only to have Troy yank it back down, "Not that one." Troy said quickly, Gabriella looking up at him suspiciously, "My right hand got pretty badly burned," he held up his left hand, "here."

Gabriella nodded and moved to slide the ring onto his pinkie, "I hope it gets better quickly, how long do you guys have to take off?"

"Coach gave me and Zeke a week off," Troy told her, watching as Gabriella tried to push the ring past his knuckle to no avail, "Chad gets an additional week off for his Honeymoon, but we have to be back next Monday."

Gabriella sighed, "Me too, but in a few weeks I'm going to be flying to LA, I have an interview at Cedars Sinai, and while the job doesn't start until summer, they are starting interview super early." She bit her lip, "I think they're really interested in me."

"Of course they are," Troy said with a smile, "you graduated in six years from Yale with a medical degree, you did a two year residency at Johns Hopkins, and you have bangs that make you look older, how could they not be interested in you."

Gabriella grinned sheepishly as she tried to hide the blush on her cheeks, "Troy…"

"So what's the deal with these bangs," Troy started, switching the subject, "is it something you got on impulse and are now just waiting for it to grow out? Or is it something you want to maintain? Something you'd want pictures of yourself with?"

Gabriella shrugged, "I don't know. I don't really have the time to maintain them, so I'll most likely let them grow out, why?"

"I don't know." Troy said quickly looking down before holding up his left hand, "I don't think it's going to fit." Gabriella pouted as she watched him yank it off of his finger, "But you can wear it for me."

Gabriella smiled as he grabbed her hand to replace the ring, "I'll protect it with my life," Troy smirked at her mocking tone, "when the doctors tell me to take it off because I need to scrub in, I'll refuse."

He lifted her hands up and wrapped them around his neck once he replaced the ring on her third finger, moving his hands to rest on her lower back, "I expect nothing less." He lifted up his finger to reveal the plastic Scooby ring, "But not with this one," he moved his head backwards, as if pointing to her hands, "that one."

Gabriella tilted her head, unlatching her hands to reveal her left hand, causing her eyes to nearly bug out of her head when she spotted the ring now adorning her third finger. The ring was white gold with a one and a half caret princess cut diamond sitting in the middle of the antique style diamond encrusted band. Despite that it was dark and only the pool and porch lights were fighting that darkness, the way the light was hitting it made it look gorgeous. Oh god, this was an engagement ring.

"Gabriella Montez," Troy started off softly, "the moment I…"

"YES!" Troy stumbled backwards as Gabriella flung herself at him, her arms tightening around his neck, her legs locking around his waist, and her lips pressing firmly to his, stopping any further conversation from happening between the pair.

Troy didn't really know what to do, his eyes still open as Gabriella continued to kiss him, "Um…" he murmured out between kisses, "I, um, had a long speech…"

"Save it for later." Gabriella cut him off again, "Save it for when I'm mad at you, or something."

Troy cracked a smile, "Okay, but I do really want to actually ask you." Gabriella pursed her lips, trying to suppress her smile, and nodded approvingly, "I'd get down on one knee, but I'd drown and take you with me."

"Understandable. It's too corny anyways," she laughed, "but you do love corny." She glanced down, "Oh god, I'm not hurting you, am I?"

"Gabriella Montez," Troy started, ignoring her question, "I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

Gabriella was smiling so widely she thought her face might split in half, "My head is really telling me that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to mess with you and say no, but I'm too excited to say anything but yes." Gabriella leaned in quickly and seized his lips, "Yes." She mumbled, "Yes, yes, yes…" she resolved into giggles as Troy deepened the kiss, parting her lips with his tongue.

"I love you." Troy whispered between kisses.

Gabriella pulled back, licking her lips instinctively, "I love you, too." she laughed quietly, "Who would have thought we'd go from me sedating you to you proposing to me?"

Troy smiled, "I don't remember if I said it, but I do forgive you." Gabriella grinned before leaning in for another kiss, "But just because I forgive you," she paused as he continued talking, "doesn't mean payback isn't coming."

Gabriella tilted her head, "What are you…" Gabriella stopped when she felt herself falling backwards, "No, Troy, no…" Troy, however, silenced her by pressing his lips to hers, swallowing her squeals as the pair fell back into the cool water.