I don't know why I need to write this. It's quite obvious that I do not own Animusic or have any copyright claims to these videos at all. However, I am writing this disclaimer to say that you may not sue me for any injuries caused by reading this fan fiction, whether it be having a heart attack because I killed off one of your favorite characters in some sort of cruel and horrible way, it being that you got so pissed that I decided to make fun of people by 'riting in bad grammer & spellig', 'us1ng numb3rs 1n my s70r13s', '0r evn us1ng a c0mb. 0f b0th' , or it being that you actually found something I wrote funny and fell out of your chair/choked on your own tears. Anyways, enjoy the story.

"That's impossible," he said.

"So?" I said.

"Then what's the point in watching it?"

"It looks cool."

"It's totally bogus!"


"You just don't get it."

"Yeah. I don't get what's wrong with it."

"The drumsticks are floating. That's impossible!"


"Plus you can't have lasers be playing music."

"Actually, you can."


"If you have there be light sensors that play a certain note when light hits it, and you organize them perfectly, then when you move the laser, than you could play a song."

"That would be a total waste of time!"

"So? It'd be cool."

"It'd be ridiculous!"

"That's why it would be so cool."

"You know this is totally animated."

"Yeah. That's why they call it ANIMUSIC. It's animated music. Animusic. Get it?"


"I still think it's kinda dorky."