I don't know why I need to write this. It's quite obvious that I do not own Kashimashi – Girl Meets Girl or have any copyright claims to the books at all. However, I am writing this disclaimer to say that you may not sue me for any injuries caused by reading this fan fiction, whether it be having a heart attack because I killed off one of your favorite characters in some sort of cruel and horrible way, it being that you got so pissed that I decided to make fun of people by 'riting in bad grammer & spellig', 'us1ng numb3rs 1n my s70r13s', '0r evn us1ng a c0mb. 0f b0th' , or it being that you actually found something I wrote funny and fell out of your chair/choked on your own tears. Anyways, enjoy the story.

One night, I was walking through the woods. I love walking there because it is one of the few places that everything is quiet. Suddenly, BAM! I get hit by an alien space ship and die.

The alien that hit me came out and took my body. My spirit followed him into the space ship.

I asked, "What the hell is going on?"

The alien replied, "I am very sorry that I ran you over with my spaceship. To make amends, I am attempting to fix your body so that you can go back to normal life on Earth."

I was cool with that. So I let the alien do his work. I sat in one of the back corners and attempted to play the drums on a chair, but I couldn't pick up the sticks. So I counted stars. I was somewhere around 13,395,345 when the alien said a very audible "Uh-oh."

"Uh oh what?" I asked.

"I can't put you back into the body of a male. However, I think I might be able to put you into a female body."

"So… I'd be my normal self."

The alien nodded.

"But a girl."

The alien nodded again.

"Is there another option?"

The alien sighed. "Well, you could go to hell. But there the devil would probably torment you by putting you into a female body anyways."

I sighed. "Get me into that body."